41 Smartest Decisions In Horror Movie History

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Because not every character in a horror movie is a total idiot.

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Avatar of @blaze556922
You could have spread this out over four different videos. I guess I shouldn't expect a lot of thinking from the channel that still doesn't know what time stamps are or how not to spoil every single entry on a list.
Avatar of @sandraweilbrenner67
Actually, in the mid 60's there was a slasher film called Peeping Tom. It was the first.
Avatar of @charlesrosales-randle9978
Love The Final Girls!
Wish they'd make a part 2.
Avatar of @DevilsDaughter1864
Why is she calling Amber “Mikey”
Avatar of @bethmelanie455
Anybody else missing Ash Millman?
Avatar of @user-ho4tb5qe7v
You can't really expect the characters to know what genre they're in though, especially in supernatural horror
Avatar of @mariaaguadoball3407
Re The Utah Cabin Murders: it's not "having sex" if it's nonconsensual. Wtf is wrong with you?
Avatar of @matrixswayze
Busta Rhymes engaging in hand to hand combat with Michael Myers is way cooler than people give it credit for
Avatar of @existenz001
Couldn't be more shocked with Jason Goes to Hell being in this list
Avatar of @cppblank
Could this channel be lazier and waste people's time more? If someone doesn't realize this is a mash up of old lists, they could waste nearly an hour. On top of that, they try to call so many action movies horror. I wonder how long it will be before they call Toy Story horror.
Avatar of @flamingmonkeyxii
That's not what "playing possum" means.
Avatar of @robertyee6563
You're Next, you'd think he'd vetted his gf better...
Avatar of @spankywzl
2:37 I enjoyed Jason Goes to Hell, because of how the opening scene subverted expectations by letting Jason try on some corporeal flesh outfits, that opening scene was absolutely brutal and unexpected. I'm not sure that they give awards for things like this, but the scene also contains the most secure and intransigent bath towel ever committed to film. The girl is fighting, jumping from terraces, with a rolling tumble to stick the landing, all while wearing the hastily wrapped garb. She then tears through the densely wooded area, where any number of thickets, or low hanging branches could have impaled her, and almost certainly should have frayed, if not completely destroyed the towel she was wearing, but no! It looks just as snowy white and tautly pulled as it was at the beginning of her ordeal! An R rating with no boobage is just such a waste! Especially when the film sets us up with a shower scene with no real nudity! Kudos to the indestructible bath towel, though...
Stay strong! m/ * * m/
Avatar of @dylanogg347
The curse of Michel Myers is the worst. At least Ressurection gives us the ludicrous joy of Busta Rhymes talking smack to Michael Myers before laying the Smack Down on him.
Avatar of @zachramsay9287
Cant crawl through a vent without cutting your hands and legs to shit on all the screws and sheet metal edges, coming from a former HVAC installer
Avatar of Aaron Gilmore
Aaron Gilmore
Since DVD is still the most bought and sold format even though the lowest quality…at least many of these releases have DVD
Avatar of itsdantaylor
While I would put this as 'not smart' on behalf of the characters but nonetheless smart on the writer's part. In 2015's Howl (AKA werewolves on a train) it seems that many characters do the 'right'/'good' thing IE not immediately execute a bite victim, try to save as many people as they can, etc. and in most movies the story would reward them by letting them live for their 'humanity'. HOWEVER in Howl it seems every such decision they make has consequences and ends up getting most if not all the cast killed. I just thought it was smart of the writers to actually have realistic consequences for doing stuff we always see done in horror movies happen as we realistically expect them to in real life.
Avatar of JamPaulo
I love Searching

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