5-year-old boy abducted by schizophrenic “Father” | Law & Order SVU

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Will Detective Stabler & Detective Benson be able to find the missing child in time?

Season 5, Episode 6 ‘Coerced’: In resolving the kidnapping case of a little boy by a schizophrenic, Stabler uncovers further crimes at an adult group home with Huang’s help.

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Show Synopsis: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. From Emmy-winning creator Dick Wolf, with its groundbreaking “ripped-from-the-headlines” format, comes the highly-acclaimed, longest-running crime series in television history.

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Avatar of @cziegle3794
Yay first comment and second like. Love this show.
Avatar of @prayingwarrioressaminah9798
Thank you for the upload, guys! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Avatar of @ishikawagoemon4397
Sheesh that was intense
Avatar of @JackiePhillipsTheSocialPet
How do they film this???
Avatar of @bored1ca
Christopher and Mariska looked like they both hurt themselves doing this episode - pretty intense to say the least.
Avatar of @sarahhejab6596
In my opinion, I feel that this show helps kids because I feel for them when I watch all of SVU scenes it breaks my heart this show resonates who I am because I grew up throughout the series I am a literally 23 and I am about to be 24 next month December 12 which is crazy. Can you believe I was a newborn baby, wearing the show released
Avatar of @micahfranklin4560
Which episode is this in ?
Avatar of @ihatecheese623
I despise the SVU team, they treat everyone like a criminal even when they have no standing or proof
Avatar of @terminator3768
"Elliot! Elliot! Elli-" "you know Olivia, maybe we should invest in some nicknames"
Avatar of @MixerrReviewsATXN
My favorite SVU episode due to the explosive drama and emotional scenes.
Avatar of @SirChickenMacNugget
"It'll take about 10 minutes to kick in". I love that they didn't just have it work instantly like it does in most of TV
Avatar of @grant8653
Calmest, most helpful and coherent kidnap child ever and he is a ginger of course. Lil BADA$$
Avatar of @bennywark3103
Why did Kevin kidnap a kid that's not his? Spoil me
Avatar of @CristySpud
I'd go crazy too if I just helped a few time traveling reptilians develop a bio weapon

Anyone who watches star trek will get the reference
Avatar of @MsWiccanpriestess
I feel for people who feel tortured within their own minds with schizophrenia. I watched a documentary a long time ago about 5 people who are living with schizophrenia and 2 of them were against taking antipsychotic drugs and the other 3 were on antipsychotic drugs.
Avatar of @teodorusdikypermadi
Schizopherina is one mental health issue crime are medicated
Avatar of @dustinsova4937
Schizophrenia or not, the guy was a psycho
Avatar of @fruitpunch-mouth
i love how they try the front door once and it's not opening and give up. Then they say i cant get in. and like four seconds later after they hear a banging. Olivia becomes she hulk and rips it down after asking for a crowbar, that she didn't need. It's as if the first time never mattered.
Avatar of @dannythomas417
0:40 It's Max Payne!
Avatar of @freetowhat
Ahh, vintage SVU ❤
Avatar of @matildauebel7599
Why didnt they just follow him and let him lead them to "Tate"?
Avatar of @ghost_rick_the_ghostian
This guy makes me remember that episode were a crazy guy kidnap a girl screaming her name through the car window
Avatar of @blairpittams9380
Madness lurks in the corners of this FD world
Is it a social condition instead of a personal issue
In my schizophrenia I have madding obsession with love.
Avatar of @blairpittams9380
For schizophrenia in America I hear they get released with 3 weeks of meds and it takes 6 weeks to see a doctor for more.
It's a never ending revolving door
Avatar of Seth Courtemanche
Seth Courtemanche
Schizophrenia is one of the most dangerous diseases ever especially if guns are present
Avatar of Seth Courtemanche
Seth Courtemanche
This is an extremely violent case of schizophrenia
Avatar of Seth Courtemanche
Seth Courtemanche
Are schizophrenics usually this violent or does it vary from case to case?

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