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Hey y’all, it’s Charli👋🏾💕

Thanks for watching!

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Avatar of @CharliEdwards
Ultimately, I felt really disrespected that they bid for positions without me. Especially since I wasnt late. They chose my position for the whole rotation for me when in actuality me being the most senior person, I should’ve been the one to bid first,everyone at my airline knows this. Just wanted to explain my initial annoyance. Obviously the trip only got worse from there with the issues mentioned and some that I chose not to share. At the end of the day these are my coworkers and we are all working to achieve the same goal. Sometimes we don’t get along with all of our coworkers, and that is completely normal. That’s what the no-fly list is for.✨
Avatar of Lawrence Akini
Lawrence Akini
Hang in there. You have an amazing day! Fly safe. Get well.
Avatar of Chelsea Rene
Chelsea Rene
I love the Galley I use it has a break from coworkers and passengers especially the Aft Galley 😊❤ you probably should write a report about the trip to inflight. If you don’t speak up things won’t change. Hope you have a good day 😊
Avatar of Charli Edwards
Charli Edwards
Still on medical leave. This video is from July😕
Avatar of Brook Stevens
Brook Stevens
I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself. Your videos have inspired me to have courage and change my career. Can't wait for the next one ❤️
Avatar of Nene🥰
Im 17 and I wanna be a flight attendant but my mom said it’s hard getting the job
Avatar of A. J. Singleton
A. J. Singleton
Srry the flights weren’t too good Charli…But most of all,feel better,stay safe and healthy on your flights ok🤗🌹☺️☺️🤗
Avatar of D. Williams
D. Williams
Hey love, I’m a flight attendant for a regional airline in Florida and I swear you are inspirational for me. I know you have been going through tough times with family and work associates but I literally love everything about you. I will forever be a supporter and hopefully I will get to meet you one day. You are loved, you are great, you’re making my day and I hope that means something. ❤❤❤
Avatar of Fly Doll Ronda
Fly Doll Ronda
When I have trips like this it’s sooo draining. I only fly flight leader and it’s so hit or miss with the crews sometimes. On one 3 day, I had a crew with all newbies and a lazyyy assist, who wanted to second guess and questioned about everything, and wasn’t open to learning or feedback at all, you can tell with their energy, and I will literally help people who are nice, sweet, and kind hearted, and I had meals every flight, so it was alot of work and alot of slack to pick up. I never keep my assist, I’m literally almost always ready to let them go as soon as the carts comes up, but then I worked a trip right after with another brand new fa as my assist and he was Amazing extremely hard working and I taught him so much in such a short amount of time. The way it weighs on you mentally is something people don’t talk about enough, but we get through it 😢
Avatar of Vernell Levingston
Vernell Levingston
Talk to your supervisor so she or he can talk to the instructor of that class because people life is at risk Get well soon praying for you
Avatar of Kevin Heard
Kevin Heard
Hoping all is "resolving itself' for you. As always, thoroughly enjoyable video.
Avatar of Avery Foster
Avery Foster
I feel so bad for you I would have just prayed to god for the rest of this trip to be over
Avatar of Lisa Rahman
Lisa Rahman
what hotel do you stay in BOS? I'm B6 BOS based
Avatar of realpristine
I rarely work with new flight attendants but when I do and I see some of the things I do… I’m like what’s going on in training these days? I feel like they are rushing through training just to hire people. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ ✈️
Avatar of realpristine
You can work while on Covid?!?!😵😵😵😵 wow
Avatar of monique hook
monique hook
I do my F2F Tuesday and this is scaring me lol if I get my cjo and your on a flight with me just show me the way lol

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