Alt TikTok Compilation #132

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Our new channel is here:

We would love to have you there so please come join us over there! We will start posting short stories daily and could even feature your submitted story.

Alt TikTok

Hey Everyone!!! As you know I make all of these videos completely free for two channels for you all and I wanted to give you more value!! I finally made the link for Patreon for you all!! The first one is Basic and will be $5. This has discord access to an alt community of all of us, early access, and so many other cool features!! The Elite one is $10 and features everything on basic but even more such as links to some of the clothes in the videos, etc!! Which one will you be choosing? Like always I love you all so much and you all are my everything. The money will definitely help do cool and new things for the channel. Here’s the link:

Excited for this everyday with you all and thank you for your support🥹 Please like, comment, and sub so we can get the reach we used to. Love you all🩸

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Avatar of @TheAndyGravesArchives
I dress kidcore but sometimes scenecore and listen to all sorts of alt music from first wave to Gen z alt also my name is Ray
Avatar of Lulu
Avatar of Skylar dircz
Skylar dircz
second comment
Avatar of Ani isreallycool
Ani isreallycool
Avatar of cooloboist
beatles one is so real
Avatar of Chris Mata
Chris Mata
I need a emo wife 🖤
Avatar of Nylas
im in love with the scene styleeeeee
Avatar of Shawty Bae
Shawty Bae
I live for these
Avatar of Ushijima wakatoshi
Ushijima wakatoshi
The first one hit with the nostalgia so hard 😃😃

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