Apocalypse Will Occur If They Dont Sacrifice A Family Member

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Movie: KnockAtTheCabin 2023

A young girl and her parents decide to spend the holidays in an isolated cabin in the woods. Their blissful vacation is interrupted, when four armed strangers break into their cabin and try to convince the family that they’ve been chosen to play a vital role in preventing the apocalypse.

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Avatar of @razorshark9320
Books and Movies that are about people trying to prevent the Apocalypse by sacrifice are trash.
Avatar of @TheWaterMagister
Ron really let him self go.
Avatar of @razlem
is this modern family apocalypse au?
Avatar of @kingturk339
Asian girl with two white dads, what kind of sht is that?
Avatar of @darkdestroyer1760
Who would’ve guessed they’re that self centered that they casually let millions of people die
Avatar of @14ognarsie
Sounds like a bay movie
Avatar of @HuskyMN2002
My ex boyfriend, and best friend kinda spoiled the whole movie for me already 😂
Avatar of @longliverussia1594
The rapture will come soon and those who are not saved will be burned.
Avatar of @uhoh8915
I saw this movie at the theater, and wow, it really does make you question their true intentions. Of course, at first, you'd be on the family side and just as confused as them but wow, as the movie goes on, you'd become more and more on the other side. This movie was an amazing experience.
Avatar of @notafish7206
Why is the end of every sentence pitched up its so irritating
Avatar of @jakebanares1834
Is that ed sheeran????
Avatar of @nathantucker8489
Good ol M. Night Shyamalan
Avatar of @TheMasterNumberSeven
♂️two dads♂️
Avatar of @sadshiver
I remember I got chills when I watched Redmond get f'n whamed in the skull by two of them, and all you could see was blood dripping down after a really loud thump and a last breath from him before falling frontwards with both weapons inside his head. That picture lives in my head rent free still
Avatar of @MegaSyeddanish
2 gay guys adopting one little girl is the most horrifying thing I've seen so far.
Avatar of @Galissia_
fun fact! this movie was filmed in my hometown in the new jersey pine barrens, and that streetside diner they visit at the end of the movie, i used to visit all the time as a kid since it's an ice cream bar!!!

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