best LEGO sets under $100

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These are my favourite LEGO sets under $100.
Maybe some cool gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

*LEGO sets in this video:*
Darth Vader Helmet ❯
Starlord Helmet ❯
T-Rex Breakout ❯
Orchid ❯
Piranha Plant ❯
Tallneck ❯
Disney Camera ❯
Vespa ❯
Star Wars Executor ❯
Galaxy Explorer ❯
Tales of the Space Age ❯
Alpine Lodge ❯
The Great Wave ❯
Up-Scaled Minifigure ❯

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Thank you LEGO for sending some of these sets.
Views and opinions are my own.


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Avatar of @TiagoCatarino
LEGO sets in this video:Darth Vader Helmet ❯ Helmet ❯ Breakout ❯ ❯ Plant ❯ ❯ Camera ❯ ❯ Wars Executor ❯ Explorer ❯ of the Space Age ❯ Lodge ❯ Great Wave ❯ Minifigure ❯
Avatar of @egburtburt3049
Avatar of @mkeen4393
The posing on the Tallneck looks so funny compared to the box art
Avatar of @robstarox1049
great video
Avatar of @justhaku9240
Yesss this came at the perfect time for me, Thank you tiago ur the best <3
Avatar of @liamboyd3705
Don't forget the best way to get lego sets for free, grandparents!
Avatar of @misterfister15
Sometimes I hate living in Australia, with the conversion rate to AUD, most of these sets are over $100 AUD, only 4 or so sets listed in this video are actually less.
Avatar of @chrisstokholm
Amazing video, and great idea! Keep videos like these comming!
Avatar of @briandain8432
Last Year the Galaxy Explorer was $75, but around last Spring rose to $100... It is a great build and the huge Arrowhead platform with landing gear has made me a great Star Destroyer looking LAAT with room for troops & 2 speeder bikes!
Avatar of @briandain8432
I love Your have to buy new furniture jab. Made me giggle!
Avatar of @nikolascagefreeeggs307
Great vid again! But you still work for Lego, right? 😉
Avatar of @briandain8432
We need a Tiago Catarino Custom/moc channel brother. I'm sure you have some great fun models just sitting around deserving of views. Let Your creativity shine and inspire us because of it.
Avatar of @TillerMicroSkiffs
The mini defender is just in the image at the start... 😮 got excited but nothing in the video??? 😢 did I miss it? I watched it 3 times...
Avatar of @chance1774
think i’ll definitely end up grabbing the tallneck and eventually the big mini figure and space post cards; thanks tiago!
Avatar of @ilcavaliereoscusa6758
Very surprised there is no mention of the jazz quartet. That set made me fall in love with lego again
Avatar of @konan102102
Maybe it's not under 100$, but I've completely fallen in love with the Himeji Castle set
Avatar of @HookedonBricks
Your videos are always so fun to watch. Thank you!
Avatar of @JPOG7TV
It’s a shame that the Tall Neck is getting retired so soon. Hope they make more sets of this franchise.
Avatar of @Lapince78
I like your vidéos
Avatar of @jordibarguno
Currently building the Santa Visit and Alpine lodge with my 6 year old daughter. They are absolutely awesome sets, and I am having a blast with some father/ daughter time.
I do have the Disney 100 Camera set on my wish list. It looks amazing and filled with nostalgia.

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