Bigfoot Ran Them Off Their Land!

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Their Dream Property Became A Nightmare – Because Of Bigfoot

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**********WARNING********** Buckeye Bigfoot is NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur from a Sasquatch deciding to take the shiny mug away from you.


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Avatar of @stevemeurer1436
Nance, thank you for sharing our story. Your story telling is exemplary! My lovely Wife struggled to get this all written out, trying to keep as many details as possible, she is a gifted artist and VERY detail oriented. I was not only a witness, but a participant, in many of the goings on. I think it is important to iterate that we had “no horse” in the Bigfoot race, prior to our experiences on this property. Sure we had seen a few shows years ago, but we were not on a side, so to speak. The story as you read it, is 100% true, she even left out a few encounters/events, that she was worried to add, in fear of losing all of her already typed, e-mail.I would like to reiterate, we rented this property, with FULL DISCLOSURE, we had never had any real aggressiveness shown towards, our dogs, but we also did not leave them tied up while we were away, they usually go with us wherever we go. I do not care that people choose not to believe our experiences, or laugh them off, but folks are told when they arrive, if they plan on any type of extended stay. We are In a bit of a quandary with the property, as I would not sell it without full disclosure…. Not even sure we want to sell it, but I do not believe it could ever be called HOME either. Thank you again Nance and all the listeners, it does feel good that my Wife decided to share our story, somehow a bit of weight does seem lifted. All my best, Steve
Avatar of cheri sapp
cheri sapp
Thanks Nance-enjoyed 😊❤
Avatar of Brandi Wisen
Brandi Wisen
I love these stories. Nothing better than to pop in some buds ,and drift of to sleep while listening to these personal accounts of the at least to me elusive Bigoot. Thank you from an aggravation insomniac. It helps tremendously!!
Avatar of Julia Montoya
Julia Montoya
Hi Nance & Sasquad, Another good story. Thank you and many blessings over the holidays 🎊.
Avatar of Barbara McDonough
Barbara McDonough
That was a wonderful email. Very detailed and descriptive. You did a great job writing out everything that happened. What I find very intriguing and interesting is the fact that both you and your husband experienced the same type of sleeplessness, the same type of dreams, the same type of feelings of evil. And I can’t believe, although I do believe, But it’s horrible to imagine that the pitbull was actually squeezed to death. Not many things do that. Most predators would leave bite marks and scratches and would tear apart the body. But this poor dog was just squeezed to death. That is horrible. Anyway, if both you and your husband experienced the sensation and the feelings of evil, then there must’ve been something evil around there. Some sort of entity or some sort of spirit, but whatever you call it… It was something that was evil. That is when I always call on the name of Jesus! If you ever encounter those feelings of evil again, try calling the name of Jesus. It definitely could never hurt, but I am certain it will help. There have been far too many people who have said that after they call on the name of Jesus, the evil entity, the evil feelings, the evil presence immediately leaves them! It is definitely something to keep in the back of your heart and mind and use if needed. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you and your husband have such a close-knit bond and relationship that you both sense and feel the exact same things, and you experience the exact same things. That to me means that you guys truly are one. You are knitted together unit! How amazing is that! Not too many couples out there can say the same thing! You guys have something very very special! Thank you for sharing, and good luck in your future. Be blessed, and enjoy your family and your lives together! Sincerely. Sent with love.😊💕💐
Avatar of Dart Mart
Dart Mart
“Sweet, joyful dreams”
Grown people really have those?

This was definitely written by a lady. Very nice, but extremely detailed. It could have just been a quarter the length, hitting the high points, and I would have been fine.

The paranormal, supernatural, fantastical, magical stuff? That goes into File-13
Avatar of Miss Linda Lou Flowers
Miss Linda Lou Flowers
Hi Nance, wow! What an experience. Lesson learned—NEVER BUY PROPERTY SIGHT UNSEEN. You need to be there and feel the energy. Follow your gut feelings. Above all, pray for guidance.

When they first arrived, and the woman had some unsettling feelings of being watched, I myself, would have not gone to closing on that property!! No matter the loss. I would have packed up and went right back home to Michigan with or without my husband. He would have followed.

I’ve heard enough stories and weird crap about Bigfoot, orbs, the rake, Dogman, the Wendigo, moth man, lizard man, and the newest one, the T-Rex 🦖 dinosaur encounters to make me never go into the woods alone again.

I myself have experienced enough first hand encounters with ghosts to know when it’s time to get out. I could write a book! I’m thankful to be a child of God and protected.

As Brooke Whipple, Girl in the Woods channel says at the end of her YouTube videos, SHE GONE! That’d be me.

God bless everyone out there and be careful and mindful of your surroundings. Ask God’s blessing every day. 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻

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