Bigfoot Sasquatch Attacks On Halloween Night!

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Halloween! Bigfoot Sasquatch! The best of both worlds!
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Avatar of @bunnyb9326
Just about to start one of your books! Look forward to checking out your other ones too!
Avatar of @myssaaquatica9294
That was a perfectly epic Halloween/Sasquatch story. You have a gift, Kevin, and I think Mr. Twain would agree.
Avatar of Frances Hernandez
Frances Hernandez
Hi be safe and be careful and watch your surroundings your friend Ricky hernandez from Northridge California
Avatar of edwina knight
edwina knight
Thanks Kevin!!! Don't ever stop!!
Avatar of The Dogman UK🇬🇧 The Skeptical Researcher
The Dogman UK🇬🇧 The Skeptical Researcher
Oh yeah happy halloween 🎃
Avatar of Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith
Awesome ! Thank you!
Avatar of Dan The Treeman
Dan The Treeman
Good story, while eating Oreos and cheese sticks and two cups of coffee. Happy Holloween to you and Family. Stay positive.
Avatar of Aoife L
Aoife L
Great story Kevin! Happy Halloween to you all.
Greetings from the Emerald Isle.👻☘
Avatar of Claire Bourassa
Claire Bourassa
Wow! I believe in Sasquatch and you Kevin and your friends had an encounter on Halloween night some 20 years back! Pretty amazing! Happy Halloween 🎃
Avatar of Dbear03
Man I would've loved to meet PJ, he sounds like that retro uncle. Very cool. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but I do like a good story. Why would people get triggered for someone drinking coffee. PJ's cabin sounds like a Woodsman's dream. Some girls are just straight mean. I'd so do that, what's Halloween without a little scare? Buttermilk biscuits, man that sounds good, telling you it's hard to beat that good country food. You don't stop play cause you get old you get old cause you stop playing, I've used that quote more times than I can count. The final story of the month is the BEST, no questions asked! I'm telling you all what, when you see or hear something you cant explain, it WILL make a believer out of you. I'm gonna member this for a LONG time.
Kevin, a HUGE thank you for all the stories and tales this October. Hope to hear some more soon. Be safe and take care,
Avatar of Darlene Ricotta
Darlene Ricotta
That was fun! Thanks for the story!
Avatar of journeyman593
Great yarn. There are more things in Heaven and Earth... Charlie in England

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