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Knock knock – Hi, it’s me, your responsibilities.

Animator: Teina
Editor: Elias

Knock at the cabin by M. Night Shyamalan explores the concept of greater good. What you are willing to sacrifice to save humanity. The movie itself wasn’t too scary but it was a good concept that we wanted to explore. Daniel takes Elias and Timmy and try to survive Knock at the Cabin.

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Avatar of @Catttttttttttttz
This movie was actually so good
It was different! It gave me a feeling i dont know hoe to explain it had me at the edge off my seat so i recommend it
Avatar of @Midas_men
Ima bring my biological father with me tit his vacation and choose him to die I mean you can’t be sad for offing someone that u don’t really know
Avatar of @justinfreeman3480
If have kill one your family just kill one not like out all
Avatar of @deleted5372
Best solution: marry Leonard then kill him
Avatar of @ntdb0ss
ok..... im gonna be dark..... my greatest fear is legacy. how likely is it that anyone will remember me/remember this comment? how long would that memory last? the only way i could ever be remembered is if i did something so good/evil it would be remembered forever, and its a lot easier to destroy. and if i destroyed the world i wouldnt have to care about legacy, hell eventually if smoothing visits our planet or evolution makes a new human race the scars i left behind would be my legacy.
Avatar of @AtSymbolAtSymbol
Kill some 5th cousin you’ve never heard of
Avatar of @ImperialEarthEmpire
If this happen to me i too will let the world end and watch it burn with smile... with that im definitely not gonna be chosen to sacrifice in the first place...
Avatar of @user-qf7gt8iu4r
nope i dont care about the world my family dont care for us by ourselves means peace
Avatar of @demonprincess
I would off myself
Avatar of @MuichiroWorshipCult
Can I join Elias’s cult?
Avatar of @chadowstar2992
did anyone accept me catch the one punch man referens?
Avatar of @judithvandenberg8551
Avatar of @anxiety1718
You cant kill yourself! They tell that in the movie
Avatar of @irineosstamos3229
Daniel if I kill more then one family member do I get higher in the hierarchy of the cult ?
Avatar of @olgakotleeva1366
This is very creative and very funny I love it! But I have one question. How could they see the events of the 'apocalypse' on the TV if they have no signal? 🤣

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