Craziest Moments from Knock at the Cabin

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Avatar of @tonylusa9951
What a hilariously dumb movie
Avatar of @Evelynmakesedits
I love this movie so much
Avatar of @howlpendragon26
The movie is great! But yea the four horsemen didn’t have a choice of doing this since god gave them this premonition of the future if any of the parents die as sacrifice to save the world, or if not decided one of the horsemen will die and one of the plagues will begin and the world will soon be destroyed
Avatar of perezsan1
So glad I didn’t watch this movie.
Avatar of tony cuellar solis
tony cuellar solis
Avatar of S. B.
S. B.
Who keeps financing Shyamalan movies.....guhhh
Avatar of Tony Leidy III
Tony Leidy III
Bautista needs to be kratos
Avatar of Hunt3r Boy
Hunt3r Boy
Woke movie
Avatar of Helios
O'Bannon's death was so crazy, shit made me flinch
Avatar of miracleNwonder
I always thought that the tide receded a considerable amount just before a tsunami hit.
Avatar of Cool Dude
Cool Dude
1:00 I never bothered to actually watch the movie but jumped around with clips but honestly hearing his character say that made me wanna spit on him with disgust. That is never the right or ok answer and it’s not just selfish to the million other fathers out their with their own children, it’s selfish to your daughter in that you would take away a normal and happy life for her just so you could keep her and your husband around for a little longer in a desolate world.
Avatar of Kourosh Kabir
Kourosh Kabir
Super bullshit movie.
Avatar of Peter Danior
Peter Danior
How did they get the footage from the tsunami? That made no sense
Avatar of ♱𝔐𝔛𝔑𝔛𝔜𝔎𝔛𝔏𝔗♱
I really appreciate that you make these videos so i don't have to watch these crappy films.
Avatar of RingoAlFahker
The first thought i had watching the tsunami scene was: how did they get the footage? But the second thought i had was how fucking terrifying that would be
Avatar of timothy packer
timothy packer
Craziest moment was when they decided to make this Woke trash trainwreck. Please retire Shyamalan. It's over. 😞
Avatar of Divine Revelation
Divine Revelation
Why does Hollywood always portray that men can alter the prophecies of God? The four angels bound in the Euphrates have already been loosed.
Avatar of Santhosh
i really liked the film, i read the reviews and thought well its going to suck so better be ready for it, but the whole time i was glued to the screen as to know what will happen next, i knew how the movie will end from the start but didnt knew how it will get to that, and i kept guessing and then at last it hits on my face, that was enough suspense from the legendary Night shyamalan for me!
Avatar of David Cagle
David Cagle
Something was off with the tsunami scene. Shyamalan delivers really great viral footage (remember Signs?). But this one required a complete suspension of belief. The camera person looks at the wave, then (wife?), then the wave—not showing any fear. Then proceeds to drown, and somehow the news got a hold of it from underwater? The others great. This felt forced.
Avatar of Revealer of Now
Revealer of Now
Camping on a beach near Cannon Beach this summer. The Tsunami scene will be on my mind. Strangely enough, I had a dream about that happening last summer when we camped at the same site.
I would choose to end the world.Humans are a pathetic species and a plague,that deserve to be vanquished and terminated.
Avatar of k
awful movie 🍪🙄
Avatar of Fanof MediaStuff
Fanof MediaStuff
Just gonna say it, I think it should’ve been a short film or an episode on Love Death & Robots
Avatar of Vickyy Silva
Vickyy Silva
It's one of those movies that you just don't understand what happening in the end. I thought it was going to be in a cool movie turn out it wasn't that great....
Avatar of Visible
The tsunami scene was so surreal to me because i was in that exact beach next to those rocks not much before the movie airred
Avatar of R S2002
R S2002
Great movie really enjoyed it. The end and new scene and flash scene was very Nolan-esque
Avatar of Red Coat
Red Coat
Woke trash and cringe, this movie is just another Hollywood load of crap
Avatar of CB
Well this movie look similar to Bible prophecy about 4 horseman and lost hope humanity end times there will be killing and betraying.
Avatar of ESC Cyprus
ESC Cyprus
Great movie
Avatar of Natilie E. S.
Natilie E. S.
I don't think that I could ever make that decision.
The world would probably end if it were up to me.
Oh Shit!I have been to Canon Beach.
Avatar of jon sill
jon sill
Don't need your stupid commentary
Avatar of Matt Fayne
Matt Fayne
HONEST REVIEW:PROBEM #1: WOKE AS HELL!This movie was another WOKE nightmare from the political pushing left, in Holly-WOKE. Starts off with a gay male couple. Then uses the four morons who eventually knock on the door, to push the second half of the ideology. Which is, this lifestyle should be accepted by all. As the spokesperson for the four morons, proceeds to tell them that he has no ill towards them for being gay. In fact, goes clear out of his way to hammer this point home.The gay population only make up about 2% of the total nationwide population. So why would a studio go out of their way to cater to 2%, and make the 98% uncomfortable. POLITICS! There is no reason for it. It should have been a straight married couple. PROBLEM #2: BLASPHEMOUS AGAINST THE CHRISTIAN FAITH!Movie plot is basically this. Someone has to willfully sacrifice their life in order to save the world from the end times. According to the Bible 1. the end times cannot be stopped and 2. Jesus has already sacrificed himself for the world. But the movie spits on the Lords sacrifice and instead has mortal man being the savior of the world. This makes the movie occultic and evil in nature. FINAL SCORE: 0 out of 10
Avatar of Marty Martin
Marty Martin
it was an ok film.... not really what was expected. the trailers showed the best parts for sure
Avatar of Ty Ron
Ty Ron
Movie sucked

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