Dark Coast, Hunt for the Alaskan Bigfoot: Rainforest Frontier

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Join Aleks Petakov in Alaska for this limited series focusing on the remote corner of the Kenai Peninsula known as “Area A”, featured previously in the Bigfoot Beyond the Trail: The Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch Part’s I & II. Episode four titled “Rainforest Frontier” covers days seven, eight and nine of the two week long expedition into the area. The crew switches up continues exploring the area, expanding into the wider Alaskan coastal rainforest environment.

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Watch the Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch here:
Part I:
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Researchers featured in this episode:
-Larry “Beans” Baxter of the Alasquatch Podcast:

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Avatar of @benridge6570
We live close to the Canadian, Montana border, I've had incounters with B.F. Never seen one don't need to. Absolutely intrigued what these creatures are. You guys videos are very well done, Rebecca was awesome . Good job. Never get tired of looking at Alaska. Remember, Fear is the mind killer.
Avatar of @pshereves
Did they even think of something behind that rock 😅
Avatar of @808Cowboy
46:17 top right corner behind those green ferns, there's 2 of em there!
Avatar of @808Cowboy
47:04 top center theres a big black figure peaking behind a tree
Avatar of @user-wt4cy9rr7w
Why don't you use a thermal drone camera?
Avatar of @dontnonowuno9953
Have you guys done an episode in Utah or Colorado yet? Seen some tree structures on some different channels that seem absolutely unexplainable and enormous in those states.Most ppl discredit this as evidence but something so unexplainable in the middle of nowhere needs some more explanation then wind and tree fall
Avatar of @Proudathiest1
I love these documentaries. I never expect them to actually film a Sasquatch w all those people and tech that have out there. It shouldn’t matter but it does. I think you best bet is no tech and one person but that doesn’t make a good show
Avatar of @Proudathiest1
Isn’t that what people do w their hatchet or machetes when out in the woods is blaze both sides of the trees so as to not get lost
Avatar of @GaryBonnell-tl1jp
I don't know why the history channel doesn't give you guys a budget and give you your own show all of you are passionate about what you do one thing I have learned about bigfoot you don't find them they find you go into their territory set up a camp tent bring a recording of children talking and playing set up thermal cameras around camp start playing I know you guys have heard and seen it all time to start thinking outside the box there's sasquatch all up and down the east coast and everywhere in between and no one can get decent footage of them there has to be more to them then meets the eye I have seen something cloaked here in the woods in wva can't say what it was but I'm thinking it was one of these things you guys will figure things out I hope ever wonder what it would be like if these things stop hiding from us there's a lot more of them here in America then even us knowers think I'm guessing in the thousands at least great show people like me don't watch your show for entertainment we want to learn
Avatar of @heybuds1481
My friends I've been a long time subscriber watcher of the small town monsters Channel and my hat's off to every single person that puts forth effort into trying to find proof my only suggestion would be to whistle at night as mundane as that may sound or is that the wrong word to use these things will come to you they're drawn by whistling @ nightfall for some reason I don't know what attracts them from it but all I know is that you may get a Bigfoot you may get something else ( i.e. Dogman rake ect) so be careful out there keep your head on a swivel guys much love keep doing your thing best of luck Happy trails my friends 🙏💪💪💪‼️
Avatar of @maryimber8463
I’m really going to miss these. Love the Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch/Dark Coast series. Please tell me there will be more when the Dark Coast series ends
Avatar of @roberthenderson3208
It's been my experience that you don't have to leave long or even fall asleep long for animals to visit your cabin. Almost as if they have always been watching 👀
Avatar of @user-jw9iw6nk3c
Hi Guys the wired crying, is actually a sea otter 🦦. I heard in before.
Avatar of @chasepirtle8662
Another great episode!
Avatar of @tdog23100
Such a great series really enjoy the research and work done. Could the baby crying sounds be that of a Wolf possibly or subspecies? It's difficult to discern but sounds a bit K-9 to me.
Avatar of alaskankare
dude, if you are cooking bacon on the deck...you dont have to worry about the apple on the hill. that bear will go for that bacon.
Avatar of alaskankare
the shaved area is blazing marks. your strike the bark off on both sides of the tree to mark the trail. thats human marking
Avatar of PankanyaMusic
great work fellas!
Avatar of naketablondie
I’ve watched so much Bigfoot I’m not sure if you’ve covered it, probably have, but have you gone to location - the old canning factory and its many stories. I think you’ve talked about it but unsure if you’ve visited it…
Avatar of Turtle_Island
I couldn't find the episode of the Alaskan in the h7nt of bigfoot, where an elder from the Tlingit territory--) she shared her encounter and how these beings sound like child crying....

Please can STM's download that episode, i can't afford the membership fee.

Our Wetsuwet'en territory have these mystical beings.. .. can't believe it, i used roam the reserve --) up and down along highway 16...😮
Geezes🥶 we have sceptics on our reserve due to religion. ...
Need to interview more Indigenous people, who are willing to share. ...
" Beyond the Trail " are my favourite STM productions....
Ok, aay
Avatar of California NATEive
California NATEive
When are we gunna see a Portlock AK hunt???
Avatar of Marie Sheppard
Marie Sheppard
Hi Aleks & The Gang , Marie from South Wales UK 🇬🇧
It's Awesome like I knew it would be , this Episode was Amazingly Beautiful, and of course "Bring On The Girls" LoL . Thank You for taking Us on Another Great Adventure. Stay Safe Out There. 🐻🐻🐳🌲🌲👣👣👣👣👣❤
Avatar of Theresa Fleer
Theresa Fleer
Hey Beans, I was wondering how that dry bag works for your audio recorder??
Avatar of Julie Dolan
Julie Dolan
Avatar of Chris Sparks
Chris Sparks
They are real when you smell one you will now what I am saying
Avatar of Katy G
Katy G
Said it before but you need to utilise the trees. As in get up high and stay there. Set up a high tree stand. String up a hammock above head height. Mount cameras up high in wires. If you really want to go all in, you need to dig in. Create a hide in natural crevices such as under upturned trees or caves, and stay in it for a few days with no fires, no light and very little sound and movement. That means pissing in a bottle and shitting in a bag. You need to be aware that animals can smell you even after you’ve left the area that goes for everything you’ve touched as well. So always wear gloves when placing equipment. Do t even wash for a few days before going out there. Set up trip flares or early warning bells at different heights. Set up a camera on the backside of the cabin either on the roof or hidden underneath the window somewhere.
Avatar of Big Dog
Big Dog
Avatar of Juanita Turner
Juanita Turner
Welcome aboard Rebecca from the Olympic Project. I've watched some episodes where you primarily do your research in Washington. Alaska is something else. I've not been there but the scenery us viewers are treated to is a treat for sure. That chirping of a bird happening at dusk is not a usual thing birds do, it was odd.
Hope you were beginning to feel better while out there Aleks.
Thank you to all of you for this episode.
Avatar of Jaken Sharke
Jaken Sharke
(Nativa american here of Iroquois and Algonquin ancestors) Sasquatch/Uniqua aren't only human, but they are also an unknown species. Yes, when Uniqua hairs are collected and tested, the results are coming back as homosapien and unknown. The results coming back from endless amounts of studying of the creature in history going back many hundreds of years indicate that the entire species was infact full blooded, but as of just a couple hundred years the males had stolen female humans and have mated with them which would make the hairs that are being found now from thousands of resources and are tested is confirming the studies. Now with that said, and knowing from how smart chimps and or gorilla can be, if something was half human, how smart do ya think they could be? If there are people in tribes that can hide from mankind for thousands of years or simply some animals just now being discovered, why couldn't Sasquatch/Uniqua do the same thing but better considering they live in the wilderness? Take the giant squid for example, for centuries it was considered a fairytale story, but just a few years ago it was shown that they are infact real creatures. Even the silverback gorilla was a myth untill it was found.
Don't listen to these people that have no open mind in science.
Simply follow the evidence collected and you will find what you're looking for. Best of luck to ya.
Avatar of eme nem
eme nem
Yes! I’m open minded on the wildlife calls but interesting is about as far as I’d go unless it’s outside of known range. I only say that because I heard a call that went on for about 5 minutes. Each call about 2-3 seconds in duration. It was loud, way out of the ordinary, and around 2:30 in the morning. Had I recorded it on video it would be more credible…. I understand that. This call sounded like a laughing hyena. Deeper than a Vixen call….which can sound similar (the specific “laughing” call). But the call woke everyone up and it was unnerving. Finally got a flashlight on the caller just as it started the call again and was shocked to see a coyote. It was actually cool not a disappointment. I’m sure there’s a lot of sounds that known animals are capable of. Oh, not saying the upload from the reservation video from maybe 10 years back was click bait but on the video the guy is recording the laughing call and someone in the neighborhood shoots a gun (probably to stop the call)? That video…..same call I heard but I was lucky enough to get an l.e.d. bright light on the coyote in my situation at least. But I’m open minded.

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