Dark Coast, Hunt for the Alaskan Bigfoot: Rainforest Frontier

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Join Aleks Petakov in Alaska for this limited series focusing on the remote corner of the Kenai Peninsula known as “Area A”, featured previously in the Bigfoot Beyond the Trail: The Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch Part’s I & II. Episode four titled “Rainforest Frontier” covers days seven, eight and nine of the two week long expedition into the area. The crew switches up continues exploring the area, expanding into the wider Alaskan coastal rainforest environment.

Watch all previous Dark Coast episodes here:
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Watch the Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch here:
Part I:
Part II:

Researchers featured in this episode:
-Larry “Beans” Baxter of the Alasquatch Podcast:

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Avatar of @user-kd2ve7hk1f
Great work as usual STM ! Rebecca seems to be a kind soul .
Avatar of @AmericanClass1776
Have you guys heard of White Hall New York they got some shanagins going on up there!
Avatar of @donmurray2551
The vocalizations of what sounded like a baby crying.....think about this.....a young sasquatch. I haven't heard anyone yet, of all videos i've watched so far....say anything about this being that.
Avatar of @tomtalker2000
Those ending sky shots are just breathtaking. So vast and remote it's nice to see man hasn't ruined what nature created and has remained so after all this time.
Avatar of @richardmacphee2367
I grew up in the Maine woods, I’m a Penobscot tribal member, I’ve seen and heard a lot in the woods, but thanks to YouTube I’ve learned alot of the things I’ve heard and seen that we’ve always gave excuses of the sounds we’d hear growing up, moving to Connecticut for work I heard stories of a swamp monster in occum ct, after years of hearing stories from people that didn’t know each other I think there’s a family of them in about a 20 mile area along the river there, we had a camp in vermont for years, one night I saw one, it was looking in the window at me about ten pm one night, it wasn’t scary looking or intimidating me, just looking like it was wanting to say something, when I made eye contact it stepped back a step and still watched me, after about 5 minutes it backed up and disappeared into the darkness, never saw tracks up there before that, the next morning me and my brother saw tracks, I put my size 17 4e chow in it and it was massive to my foot, the window it was looking into is 7’6” of the ground, and it’s two feet tall, I was 6’7” at that time, and it was at least two feet taller than me, his head filled up the whole window, it’s a 2’x3’ window, never saw him again, the Penobscot name for them is gwackoo, never believed in them till I was in by and saw one, seams to be in the fall when there moving south, glad I was inside, it was at least two and a half times my size, I was about 360 lbs at the time, I was 17 years old, I’m 64 now, and I still believe there real now
Avatar of @wht-rabt-obj
i’m telling you it sounds like that jam block, because the Sasquatch are making mouth pops, not wood knocking. In my opinion. It just sounds more like mouth pops.
Avatar of @ErikHafer
The baby crying sounds like a killer whale ?
Avatar of @skletke7543
Avatar of @garry-ago-go
Still watching but already another great video,
Have you ever thought about putting cameras recording equipment etc in a faraday cage incase they really do feel frequency and magnetic fields from electrical devices, just a thought
Avatar of @The_Ronin1
Breathtaking world. Thank you.
Avatar of @Zinger3030
Too many theatrics on these docs and hardly any time in the field. I'm glad that your subscribership has grown but these lead to nothing. I hear a lot of fox vocalizations. I also don't know why you insist on sasquatch being apes. They are human.
Avatar of @allengarrow6295
Beautiful scenery, very well done video.
Avatar of @queenlish1549
When y'all were hiking up behind the out houses and found those trees were scrapped off go bk thru the video I believe I see hair on the tree as your looking at it but it looked the color og the hair sample u got from the hair on that abandoned cabin check it out
Avatar of @TomMichael5678
My kinda woman, beautiful, outdoorsy and down to earth.
Two 👍👍 up for Rebecca.
Avatar of @River5190-Actual
Some of the best videography of the hunt for Sasquatch, Take it to the next level Seth, Get funding to drop in unmanned surveillance pods that can shoot video 24/7 and on movement in regular, IR and other modes. I think this is what its going to take to finally identify and prove Sasquatch exists. Money, serious money. But hey, until that happens, keep these great video's coming! On a side note, Les Stroud had a few video's where he would double mark trees (front & back) when moving through the woods. He explained that making one side was kind of worthless when you are back tracking and can't see the marks. I would suspect a hunter or trapper made those double marks. Lastly, I and I bet others would be really intrigued with a video explaining the tech used to track Sasquatch, and not a basic explanation but an in-depth video of devices, brands, which drone does better than others, why you are using Baofeng radios for such a serious expedition. Tech goes well with Squatching especially for some of those who might not know the gear to use.
Avatar of @slumking112
Your otter man bigfoot theory is absolutely compelling... stm is becoming the source for us believers... thank you for the great videos...your hard work on this subject is greatly appreciated and enjoyed
Avatar of @Sduell60
Try listening to lynx.
Avatar of @hippiecuster4366
Nobody takes MREs and camo and pretends to be a tree stump for like a week?
Avatar of @Cya-bebetter
Love the photography but the snarfing is gross.
Avatar of @rusty9679
What cameras do you use for the night shots? Great video once again thanks.
Avatar of @rudybriskar5267
There's evidence of sasquatch on Prince of Wales Island. They've "marked their territory" by uprooting trees and jamming them upside down into the ground.
Avatar of @anthonyrubio1891
how about Port lock
Avatar of @hangfire5005
What if wood knocks aren't from wood but a tongue click from a big ass head
Avatar of @johnattitude
Miguel , it's John that baby crying sounds just like a Peacock, I grew up with them on my family's ranch outside Jackson CA, just not sure there is a big ass bird like that up where this was taken? Maybe someone's pet?
Avatar of @bigmassa1314
There are always haters i love this channel and all the hard work that you do keep on squatchin
Avatar of @charlesputman8766
The marks on the trees is trail markers where your going or keep you from not getting lost. Manny survival expert is that technique
Avatar of @w.MichiganLassie72
Beans Baxter👍😎
Avatar of @170ozzman
Coyotes and Wolfs are know to wine like that also
Avatar of @markmaier1846
plz forgive me , but this one was a little off.
Avatar of @anthonywhitney634
The 'baby' sound strikes me as somewhat dog like. Like a dog whimpering. Are there wolves in the area?
Avatar of @Oregoncoast30
Well, I like the way they research things. It’s organized and they explain findings. Plus the videos have awesome footage of the area. Makes me want to go camping.
Avatar of @trentblackwell6203
Why don’t they go somewhere better
Avatar of @chefsalty9316
It almost feels like watching a movie... I really hope you guys find the elusive rock thrower some day, but I gotta say, that hollow tree with the huge rock slab inside it and weird trail leading to it feels like its worth keeping an eye on; something about it looks off.
Avatar of @Andy-zj3dc
Fox are not rare on kenai peninsula at all.. I even saw a coyote running across the road near ptarmagin campground close to seward and trail lakes.
Avatar of @davidzemotel4122
If you’ve watched 70s-80s TV, there’s always a flashback/recap episode, to save on the budget. This is the second in a row man. Sorry but nothing new. What’s in the extra member content? More drone footage? I hope the host gets over his illness.
Avatar of @waynemcmillan5970
Stunning cinematography and excellent research. Keep up the good work Aleks.
Avatar of @Wood-In-My-Eye
It is multiple women. Just talking and going about their business. It’s not a good thing to hear that baby sound. Unfortunately. So mommas with babies are curious about human women. Yet they never encourage their children to be loud and bring attention to them. It’s a male that can’t find a mate. And they turn to humans for it. Obviously unwillingly. You have to understand that Sasquatch are highly intelligent highly social. And they are amazing at going unseen and unheard. On purpose, their entire existence relies on being hidden. Why why would a baby just cry out. They wouldn’t. The sound is meant to attract a female human and then search for it. And well we know the rest. Not all are this way. And they have permission from the alpha which is usually approved if the humans are not violent towards them. Sasquatch they fill me with joy most of them. They have such love for each other. Obviously they still have social structures like us. They fight get mad angry and forgive. The cool thing is what they can do. The abilities they have and know how to use. They are still very scary yes. Yet when a family allows you to enter the group and see and experience who they really are. It’s life changing! Just know that they have one goal. Go undetected survive and build a family. They will do everything in their power to protect you as well as long as you don’t take what is theirs and if you hunt and feel something watching you they are. And leave part of whatever you get for them. I watch a lot of these videos all over different channels. It brings me to a time of a family that I was so lucky to experience and be one with them. It pains me to see how some people want to kill one. It actually very much aggravates me. They are a family the alpha shows himself to people being aggressive towards the clan. Without the alpha they are in big trouble. Please don’t hunt them, live with them. Know that they can see ir light. They know what your trying to do. If you live in harmony with them they will live in harmony with you. They are truly good to have around. They fear nothing other than humans. For you guys at STM good job on all you do! I love your videos and the respect you have for the forest. They are nomads you will encounter some of the same ones all over. Just know they are super cool and they love their families!
Avatar of @YouNoy
10:09 was just a fart in the middle of the night 🌙
Avatar of @YouNoy
13:13 The fact sound travels like this means those recordings could've been literally anything from afar....
Avatar of @jasonprfrost1
Spent a lot of time in the woods in the UK and people say a Fox screaming sounds like a young girl being horribly raped never hear it myself though.

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