Dave Bautista Shines in Knock at the Cabin! 😱 #shorts #davebautista#knockatthecabin#mnightshyamalan

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I knock on the cabin was the number one movie in America. One of the shining lights in this new film by M night Shyamalan is Dave Bautista. I was always a fan of him before but this is easily the best work he’s ever done as an actor. Agree? #DaveBautista #Batista #Review #KnockAtTheCabin.

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Avatar of @Redballoon99
He is a great actor
Avatar of FunkMonk
Dave was great in the role
Avatar of Simon Section
Simon Section
What is it about Cabin movies based on woods that makes me want to see a prequel ( series/movie) about how this all came about. I Can’t contain my excitement I hope to find A Quiet Place soon cause I’m there day one.
Avatar of arkhamcityrulz
Bautista is a far superior actor than The Rock and John Cena.

However, credit to The Rock he’s a much bugger draw than Bautista. The Rock can be a good actor at times, look at at The Rundown or Gridiron Gang, even great in the Fast franchise. But yes he just plays himself a lot. At least Cena does try to break out into the comedy realm and is actually pretty funny, funnier than The Rock tbh.

But yeah, Bautista is the best actor of the three and easily the most versatile.

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