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HUGE episode this week. Special guest Michelle Brasier (Aunty Donna, Average Bear, stunt work) drops by to talk about Fast X plus M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie, Knock At The Cabin. But before that we get into the James Gunn and Peter Safran reveal of the first chapter in the DCU, Gods & Monsters. From Superman Legacy to Batman: The Brave & The Bold, from Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow to The Authority. We break it all down in addition to some more dumb sh!t Netflix is doing. Thanks for listening!

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00:00 The Start

02:24 Netflix Are Cowards

08:22 Squid Game in Real Life Disaster

12:46 Pennyworth Cancelled

16:44 DCU TV Shows & Batgirl Movie Details

20:13 New DCU Slate Reveal Breakdown

01:06:06 The Fast & Furious Franchise with Michelle Brasier

01:24:58 Knock at the Cabin Review (spoilers 01:41:19 to 01:50:46)

01:50:46 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

02:02:38 Letters, It’s Time For Letters


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Avatar of @TherealHazlett
Bring back the butthole song
Avatar of @twobirds01
Crazy how well she fits into the show😂 she sounds like there’s a 2nd James with them😂
Avatar of Joshua K
Joshua K
18:10 Batgirl situation
Avatar of Testimentsnow
He is such a hit and miss director it's either good or complete crap
Avatar of Javi
Helluva way to start my morning. Woo!
Avatar of William Jessop
William Jessop
11 seconds on the clock! This is the earliest I've ever been !!
Avatar of Geso 098
Geso 098
Surely a album of the weekly planet segment songs
Avatar of Smacksalad Productions
Smacksalad Productions
Avatar of Jadon Hartman
Jadon Hartman
I love Michelle Brasier holyshit!, she's just one of the Boys!
Avatar of Matt Mosley
Matt Mosley
Calling Netflix 'cowards' (a word you clearly don't understand) for taking a step to stop people stealing their content. 🤦
Avatar of Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold
As someone who grew up in Tottenham. If a nuclear bomb went off there, no one would notice.
Avatar of David Berko
David Berko
Gunn also confirmed that the Blue Beetle movie is isolated enough from the DCEU for it to be a part of the new DCU.
Given the people working on it, the Waller show is the most exciting thing out of the whole slate for me and all of this gives me real hope that Gunn and Safran can make this work even better than the MCU but I'm still a little worried if Zaslav and the other suits will interfere too much. Can't wait to watch a hopeful and optimistic Superman film.
Avatar of Philip Jay
Philip Jay
DC should of embraced the Milestone and ran with it as a cinematic universe.
Avatar of Joseph Bloch
Joseph Bloch
It was indeed Len Wein who said he got more for Lucius Fox than for Wolverine, and similarly Jim Starlin got more for KGBeast (who kinda appeared in BvS) than for Thanos.
Avatar of Samuel Stannard
Samuel Stannard
Wasn't expecting my beloved Tottenham Hotspur to get a mention this week.
Avatar of Matt
Was James asking who is the top between Midnighter and Apollo?
Avatar of 17 Absolut
17 Absolut
Boston Batm'n : " GET IN THE CAAAAAHHHHHHRR !!! "😭😭😭😂😂 James, I hate you !!!
Avatar of Haysey Draws
Haysey Draws
What i like about Gunn's approach is it's pulling away slightly from DC's obsession with the core Batman/Superman films and going into the vault of stuff so out there almost nobody has heard of them, which also gives the film makers creative freedom to do something different and not just follow the comic's. It's the right call honestly!
Avatar of n quisitor
n quisitor
“I’ll happily do that for $10,000 a week”
“That’s a $120,000 a year!”

That would be $520,000 a year, boys… 😁
Avatar of andy mcclure
andy mcclure
I think for fast 10 we will get more young Dom doing his first heist.
Avatar of Adam Santos
Adam Santos
Defenders of the earth is much better than blue harvest 👌🏾
Avatar of Goofs Guild
Goofs Guild
Please do more H8 mail but the hate has an 8 in it
Avatar of JD Glad
JD Glad
theres a moment when james says "where is it 'else places'? thats not correct. the correct phrasing would be how can i find it 'otherwhere'
Avatar of Dennis Stevenson
Dennis Stevenson
Check out Batman vs Aliens vs Predator. It’s a short film that does the blue and grey suit very well
Avatar of Robert Tully
Robert Tully
What the actual fuck is that song. Nope I'm out guys. Lol
Avatar of Joe el Jalapeño
Joe el Jalapeño
I'm not sure if doing a hole rebote whit the flash movie is like the Best move , or Even a bed move if anything is a terrible one, and i Say this like someone how hates the snyderverse and the dcau as a hole, idk
Not sure if this is gona work, i could eat My words but i don't see it hapend
Avatar of Teddy Bearington III
Teddy Bearington III
Avatar of David Blank
David Blank
We can see the fan base, love then hate then love Jimmy Pew Pew in real time.

When the first project comes out under Gunn the suck off session will begin.
Avatar of Figgity Jones
Figgity Jones
Fantastic guest! Always love her in Aunty Donna!
Avatar of antzpantz
They should get Nic Cage to be Batman. Just like Kick-Ass 😹
Avatar of SaulG
Can’t believe that after 464 episodes, the boys are finally confirmed straight. What a moment for the weekly planet lore.
Avatar of Russell Michaels
Russell Michaels
Average Bear is not available in America?
Avatar of bunnz83
Ngl I just was reminded by this episode to cancel my Netflix and did it
Avatar of Danger One Studio
Danger One Studio
Michelle? She was great. The Mr Beast talk? That shit can go.
Avatar of Andrzej J
Andrzej J
Gotta say, most of the stuff in the new DC slate seems pretty niche and therefore risky. Doing 'Creature Commandos' and 'The Authority', but no Justice League, only seems to make sense as a reflection of Gunn's personal taste - might be cool, but will it pull in the non-nerd punters? Is WB going to try to minimize the risk of these weirder projects by making these movies on a shoestring budget? I remain sceptical, especially of Gunn as the writer/director for a Superman movie. Gunn's good at anti-heroes, loser-heroes, gross-outs and transgressive humour. Not convinced he can do justice to an earnest, clean-cut, competent superhero - and his involvement in 'Brightburn', by the way, only serves to show that he can do the opposite of that. Don't understand why you'd think that's in any way a good sign.

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