Every M. Night Shyamalan Twist Ranked

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Some of these twists shocked the world. Others simply left viewers shaking their heads. For this list, we’ll be looking at the films from this prolific director and ranking each of his signature twists based on shock factor, and how much they recontextualize the plots. Our countdown includes “Split”, “The Visit”, “The Sixth Sense”, and more! Which of these twists prompted a rewatch for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Avatar of @hankeng6375
Since the Sixth Sense was one of the first movies with a twist, it was definitely not expected. I think the big twist in The Happening is that Wahlberg is playing a science teacher. Come on!
Avatar of @issacwhaley5720
M Night. Shamlalamala
Avatar of @pvala
I liked the movie The Happening
Avatar of @AFoxInFlames
I love signs and the village idc what anyone says lol
Avatar of @iloveAT1800
I feel like watching an M Night movie is always a hit or miss
Avatar of @1000000man1
Can we learn the difference between a Twist and a development..

The Happening, Signs and Lady in the Water Do Not have Twists.

The fact that the aliens are 'allergic' to water and the trees caused 'the happening' are Not Twists. They're reveals sure, but they don't flip the story on its head. They Don't contradict what you believed was true. They simply give you more information.

Btw, the reveal in Signs makes more sense than you think..

Firstly, think about the implications of going to another planet in a different solar system and encountering elements that you've Never been exposed to before.

And secondly, consider the portrayal of the aliens in the film.

The aliens in the film are desperate and possibly on the brink of extinction.

And they've never encountered water before.
This is perfectly possible if they are Not a carbon based lifeform.

When they get to Earth and are exposed to the atmosphere, they start to get weak and sick and when they are directly exposed to liquid water, they die.
That's why they leave earth so quickly, because of the conditions on the planet that we are adapted to and they are not.
It's like how disease kills the aliens in War of the Worlds.
Avatar of @PASTY06
im telling you, that alien on the news clip gave me NIGHTMARES as a kid
Avatar of @guillermorodriguezdomingue274
Split is more of a standalone spin-off than being a secret sequel.
Avatar of @stoneage8236
A lot of good twists.
The visit twist gave me a panic attack tbh lol.
Avatar of @lindawade4ok639
If you don't think a tree can wage chemical warfare, crawl up a sycamore tree and cut off a limb. Trust me it will try to kill you
Avatar of @sizzlechest1110
When i saw in the village that it was modern day i was blown away what a moment
Avatar of @tinytim2263
I’m sure is glad that The Last Airbender wasn’t mentioned 😂.
Avatar of @HeatherJSN
I think the twist of Signs was that everything happens for a reason, and Mel Gibson's wife wasn't hallucinating when she told his brother, "Swing Away."
Avatar of @coletrainhetrick
The twist in signs is not they are allergic to water!!! The twist is that miracles are real and God was giving them signs on how to survive
Avatar of @kevinatwell3454
The Beast Horde is Scarier than Wolverine
Avatar of @kevinatwell3454
David Dunn fictional Superhero movie is the most interesting
Avatar of @nyllabrasileiro7044
Drom december 2023 .... the movie knock in the cabing.... they were right.😅
Avatar of @nyllabrasileiro7044
The Sign. That brazilian birthday shot wit rhe brazilian young kid speaking in english in a home video was just ..... superb. Hahahhahahahha
Avatar of @sarahmoviereviewer4109
11:36 i feel so sorry for Bruce Willis & his family
Avatar of @rifqiadiono753
The biggest and horrible that ever done : the last Airbender
Avatar of @com1c28
I more so considered the twist of Glass to be that Split’s dad was on the train.
Avatar of @TheADAM445
M. Night Shyamalan mind goes places when coming up with films.. Love it ❤
#SixthSence for me 🤯
Avatar of @danlee8008
After the ending to Glass, I vowed to never pay to see another M. Night movie again
Avatar of @HieuNguyen-qm2yx
honestly i gotta say not everyone work is gonna be turn out perfect, some of his movie which i like but some is just cliche or it just plane dumb and hard to watch
Avatar of @JBLAZALOT
The sixth sense.....BY FAR THE BEST
Avatar of @JollyJeff
There's a cool fan theory for the movie "Signs". The creatures aren't aliens but demons from Hell. They aren't allergic to just water, they're allergic to HOLY water. It turns out that the young daughter is holy person, maybe the next coming of Christ. Without knowing it, she was blessing all the glasses of water that were sitting around the house. So it wasn't stupid of the aliens to come to Earth, it was some kind of end times scenario where Satan was trying to prevent the Rapture.
Avatar of @WatchMojo
For more horror, check out our playlist!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EmCY657OAI&list=PLmZTDWJGfRq2_fzw_GiOxI2UyyurdIHB0

What was the most memorable time you go Shyama-lama-ding-donged? Are you going to see Old?!

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