Fears to Fathom: Ironbark Lookout – The Story Explained

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Fears to Fathom: Ironbark Lookout – the story explained.

Jack Nelson, a 24-year-old fire lookout, transferred to a new outpost. As he settled into his new home, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, little did he know what was transpiring down in Ironbark State Park.

The game:

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Music by Kevin MacLeod:

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Avatar of @billy._..
12:12 thats just the kkk
Avatar of @agentcodybanx8909
So idk if anyone has hears if the game "do you copy" it's about a oark ranger helping a "lost" hiker. Well the setting and look of the characters of this game us almost the exact same as that game. This game just ripped off the other but made it a different story
Avatar of @overseer8300
What is even more scary about this episode in specific, is that a real city in Roseburg, Oregon had KKK activities over florests and parks during 1920 and 1980. Also, what is more horrifying about that is the fact that more than 28 people went missing, as eight of those people being residents of the city.
Avatar of @wakkaseta8351
Evidently, the Fears to Fathom games take place in a world where guns don't exist.
Avatar of @codexcodexcodex
2:11 That scared me
Avatar of @mholbrook4738
This is based on real life so maybe this person did find a cult in a state park
Avatar of @dxdx6707
The worst bit is that no one believed him. Thats what would mess with me the most if i survived that
Avatar of @Oiriomy
Horrorbro I can't play any of these games but BC of u I actually know the storys of games and they think I have played the game
Avatar of @Rosegoblin
Are you going to play Alan Wake 2? It looks so good and I like your playthroughs and commentary the best. 🌸🙏🏻✨
Avatar of @sboy2044
What happened to the photo?
Avatar of @josecolon395
2:14 my soul left my body 😭
Avatar of @Rodrigo4391
Having a iPhone in 1998 is crazy 😂
Avatar of @davidsmarrt4049
Didn’t jack take a picture?? 😂
Avatar of @SaganTheKhajiit
Look. I'm gonna be real. There's only so much ground beef you can put in a horror before the source of the meat becomes obvious.
Avatar of @evanwu2469
what's the name of the soundtrack that plays in the beginning of the video?
Avatar of @madisonvo2354
Can’t believe no one believe Jack story of him witnessing and escaping a cult. Even with that photo
Avatar of @KaijuGirl
Hey Super Horror Bro! There’s this new horror game that’s starting to get popular that I think you should do a video of! It’s called My eyes deceive. A lot of gamers have already played it and said that it’s pretty dark, I think it’s worth making a video of.
Avatar of @thiccpalpatine
For those who may be confused as to why no one believes Jack even though he had photo evidence of the cult’s activity, though this is admittedly conjecture, I think the idea is he may have dropped the camera in a panic when the cult noticed him through the Camera flash. Given that immediately after this Jack has to hide from one of the cultists before he can book it to his RV and escape, it’s not hard to believe he may have left whatever photo he took behind out of sheer fight or flight instinct. Like I said, this is conjecture but it’s what makes the most logical sense.
Avatar of @AbbieMahan
Umm can we see some criminal cases which is a series of video games on the channel
Avatar of @oroontheheels
“Fears to fantom” created/adapted so many realistic down to Earth horror stories.
But this one is just stupid. Sorry, I can’t take the ending seriously whatsoever. He had PHOTO EVIDENCE but nobody believed him?? Absolute bullshit.
If it was like “I gave them photo they lost it and told me to get out of town or else”. Yeah. That would’ve been realistic.
But as far as I remember there’s nothing like that in the ending? They decided not to trust him just because.
Avatar of @raccoondevil3215
It looks like do you copy sequel
Avatar of @jyslergeraldo1839
i have a question what if you just hide under the bed
Avatar of @wolfpack4364
this reminds me of the White Stag Education series
Avatar of @steelersteve37
Imagine having a picture and no one believes you
Avatar of @jaykorda
I realized FNAF gave me some kind of PTSD thanks to this video, cuz as soon as I heard you say the words "sister location" I literally jumped off my chair
Avatar of @agenda8435
I know you must get this a lot, but I wanna say how much I love your horror game explained videos, I always look forward to them and they always hold my attention and make me so happy to watch. I sincerely hope you never stop making them
Avatar of @hoziersexual
100% Connor was also in on it.

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