Finally a PREFAB HOME Offering a DIY Option!!

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A new prefab home builder is offering a DIY options at an affordable price. There have been a lot of new modular home builders entering the market lately and it’s exciting to see all the new options available. In this video I look at Salty Builds, a new prefab home builder with structures at a variety of price points and completion. Watch and learn more about salty builds, a company offering a new line of offsite constructed homes and cabins.

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Avatar of @thepunadude
was watching the USC/WS highlights .. you know .., real 'football'!
Avatar of @johncummings9494
Australia? It’s wonderful the Australians have this option. Thanks.
Avatar of @williggg
There’s a word for “walking around and looking at stuff in the mountains.” It’s “hiking”. 😉
Avatar of @waltw9818
It's: "Gooday Mate!"
Avatar of @papermoontarot4219
Love your videos. One suggestion: put the name of the company that builds them in the video title so I can find one I liked again (among all those that start with a heading "Finally a prefab home that....").
Avatar of @aislynn001
Any chance I can convince you to tour MintTinyHomes "Orca" (the 12 x 44)? I know they're in Canada, but it's not exactly a small country ;) Still, I'd love a walkthrough from someone who knows what's what
Avatar of @ElwoodPDowd-ed7pc
…. And its springtime now down under
Avatar of @user-vd5nk1ib3r
Kerry, I always have a blast watching your videos. Your poker face to your jokes are priceless! 😂 😂 😂 If you do not know how something you say may not contextualize with your video …Man, no worries! We got you. We understand that awesomeness and logic do not exactly go together, but it is highly appreciated as it is created as an entertainment tool to get viewership! 😉 So, keep sending those videos out. You. Are. The. Coolest. 😊 👍
Avatar of @shaunhall6834
Hello Australia! Very impressive builder!
Avatar of @alexanderpowell1528
Thank you, Kerry. There are plenty of modular or prebuilt home companies here in Aus and I'm glad you're reporting on them. The variety is intriguing to see so keep up the good work.
Avatar of @julierahn6932
Is the insulation DIY?
Avatar of @kmichaelp4508
Ooops! And there’s another I won’t watch.
Avatar of shawn bailey
shawn bailey
Ahh...Thank you Kerry....I asked for a product that the build abled could appreciate and you delivered. ...Kinda . How 'bout something a bit more substantial.
Avatar of Richard Avery
Richard Avery
Hey, this is a good fit for affordable prefabricated homes, since I am a retired Customs Officer, I would tell you viewers to don’t panic , you can import these along with other prefabricated homes from nearly anywhere in the world! Using a Customs broker, however you need to do your due diligence in terms of local laws concerning building permits, foundation requirements and hookup of sewage, water and electricity! Once you have done that, then you start the design, size and options offered by the prefabricated manufacturer, arrange delivery times and site preparation! Excellent prices, however Kerry what would a 2&2 700 sqft unit cost?😮😮😮
Avatar of Feng
I'm just salty that it's too far away
Avatar of Lord  Inquis8r
Lord Inquis8r
Lost me at Australia.
Avatar of Dolores Reynolds
Dolores Reynolds
Kerry, I get the feeling that what you are describing as a kitchen island is actually more of a peninsula. These Salty Builds are great designs - I hope they start shipping internationally.
Avatar of Gma
Different designs. Like them but, guess I will have to wait.👍🥴
Avatar of Leo Tatem
Leo Tatem
Kerry, I really like the larger unit. Is there someone in eastern Canada or the United States? That has an equivalent option? Thanks so much. Cheers!
Avatar of Jenn Doe
Jenn Doe
Ooh wee me likey!
Avatar of Kerri Grandmaison
Kerri Grandmaison
Avatar of Dale Gereaux
Dale Gereaux
Very cool houses ! 👍
Once again I always like the biggest ones.
It did seem like an awful lot of steps from the bedroom to the bathroom especially if it's the middle of the night.
I guess you could always stop by the kitchen for a snack on the way.
Thanks for the info, Kerry 👍
Avatar of RealBillyGarcia
Salty Builds may have won prefab company name of the year. 🏆

Leftovers 🤤

17 years ago I was on the reality show Survivor. We had a composing toilet. It was called a hole in the ground. I didn’t like it. But I’m a city guy. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Loved the update Kerry. Until the next one. 😎
Avatar of Dona Paulen
Dona Paulen
Kerry, I have been watching your channel for several months now, and I am curious how your fascination with prefab homes came to be? Are they as popular in Canada as in the U.S?
Avatar of Nevy’s Adventures LLC
Nevy’s Adventures LLC
Kerry have you seen capsule houses yet?
Avatar of Sally D
Sally D
"Serious eye candy"...hey, that's our nickname for Kerry:). He's our Canadian poster stud (after Ryan Reynolds). Love that you're covering our Aussie cousins, too.
Avatar of Kate Koger
Kate Koger
Yay!!! Another brilliant Australian company making gorgeous prefab homes. Another one to add to the list for when we move back next year!! Thanks Kerry!!! 🇦🇺🐨🪃🦘😊
Avatar of Gmac
Avatar of K G
No-fold patio doors and island, I like !
The small long window in the Swedish designed cabin is genius at that eye level. Let’s the sun in, less chill and long enough for a view
Avatar of Joseph Piskac
Joseph Piskac
The space under the house will be a tremendous problem with animal and insect infestation.
Avatar of Jules W
Jules W
G’Day! 😄
Avatar of Gail Haugen
Gail Haugen
Kerry, could you do a video on shell homes that allow a buyer to diy on different levels i.e. build a home with only purchasing the framing and roof, building with that plus plumbing and electrical, then building turn-key? It would be nice to have options depending on your budget and skill level.
Avatar of Charle Anastasia
Charle Anastasia
One thing about the Aussies, they do eco-wise really well... bring it to North America

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