First Time Car Camping in New Zealand

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First Time Car Camping in New Zealand (4×4 small car camping)

Join us on an adventure as we embark on our first-time car camping experience as a couple in the mesmerizing landscapes of New Zealand. We’re kicking it back to capture that essence of van life, capturing our FIRST journey in our 1996 Land Rover 4×4 Discovery. Experience the freedom of waking up in breathtaking locations, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature while indulging in the joys of car-camping. In this series, we’ll navigate through New Zealand’s wilderness, embracing the spontaneity that comes with van life. This week, the Twelve Mile Delta Campsite becomes our home away from home throughout this unforgettable adventure. It’s time to immerse ourselves in the stunning landscapes, epic road trips, and the ultimate bliss of living off-grid in our Land Rover 4×4 Discovery – so let’s go. #landrover #4×4 #offgrid #newzealand


Converting our 4×4 into a micro camper:
First impressions living in New Zealand:
Living in a tiny cabin in the woods:

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➤ ABOUT US: Hi! We’re Nick & Raychel, the couple behind the blog Not Luxe – where we write travel guides & help people open their eyes to alternative living, whether that be teaching English online, moving to Cambodia, taking advantage of working holiday visas or building a DIY stealthy camper van to live & work on the road. For three years, we did full-time van life travelling throughout Canada, Mexico and the USA. Now, we’re car camping in our 4×4 Land Rover Discovery throughout New Zealand.

Our goal here is to bring you weekly content where we hope to inspire you to break free & live the life you desire. On this channel, we talk everything from finances to minimalism to working online to mindset and post a weekly vlog of our daily lives. We hope you join us on our journey to see the world, save money, live minimally, and most importantly, have fun.

So if you’re looking for a channel about van life and budget travel, you’re in the right place.

That couple that lives in an ambulance

#vanlife #alternativeliving #budgettravel

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Avatar of @shushu_ray
뉴질랜드 풍경 너무 좋네요👍
멋진 영상 한국에서 잘 봤습니다😊
Avatar of @joshe3713
cant wait for your guys journey through new zealand summer
Avatar of @user-vn6xo2tc9r
This was amazing!!! Loved this vlog!! 🫶✨🧡
Avatar of @garynarborough
I really enjoyed this. I'm an expat Kiwi. The freedom camper thing from what I understand has been abused and that may be why the rules have been tightened. I went back for a month in September. NZ has changed but it's still a lovely country. Don't be to trusting. I'm glad you are having a good time. I'm looking forward to seeing your further videos as well. Take care.
Avatar of @flamencojondotoday
Amazing views and beautiful people! 🙌Keep the great adventures coming!
Avatar of @nikkichandler8946
In keeping with LOTR call him Frodo or Gandalf 😁
Avatar of Dewasqa Hupokte
Dewasqa Hupokte
I love how real and true you are! Loved this vlog!
Avatar of KRH007
You need to make a drop table on the inside of the rear tailgate door. They are common here in Aust. You can make it out of MDF wood. Pivots at the bottom & couple of nylon rope hangers each side & a bungee clip on the top centre to hold it up when closed. It allows a full bench width off rear for putting you food stuff etc when you are cooking. A rear shade attached to the 4wd when you a parked up is a must (very common on 4wd's & available at all 4wd Auto/camping shops where they attached to the side of a roof rack and swing out to shade the side & rear.
Also the camping floor matt is also a must. You guys will soon work it all out as lots of brilliant products available now to add to you 4wd to make your camping experience so much more cosy & comfi. Yeah that is the problem with NZ south island is it rains a lot & gets damn cold. You need to venture over to the Western Auistralia - you two would love it as perfect for 4wd campers. Jump onto "Kendall and Glenn" YT channel (Aussie & his Cali girlfriend in their old land Rover having the time of their life - 3yrs on the road cruising all of Aust) they are DIY fitting out their old 4wd and some very handy tips for you for sure. Their latest vlog is epic
Avatar of Looking
You should get a awning to hang on the roof they are pretty handy a company called kings make them the batwing ones are the best
Avatar of Mike B
Mike B
Might I suggest that you get yourselves a phone charger adapter that goes into your phone / battery bank and plugs straight into the Cigarette Plug in the dashboard or in the central console between the 2 front seats, so whilst you're driving around the phone can be recharged whilst on the move, or at least run your engine for 10mins, and it'll give you about 25% Charge to your phone as a temporary short term boost.
Alternatively, you can get a USB Adapter that plugs straight into the Cigarette Socket - either of those would recharge your phone (& too your battery bank) through the Accessories/Cigarette Lighter Socket.
Stores that you could probably get either of those at would be I'd suggest The Warehouse, Noel Lemmings or Repco possibly too.
You know how to find The Warehouse :) , Noel Lemmings is an Electrical Appliance Store - nationwide, Repco is a car accessories chain nationwide.
3degC in Queenstown at this time of year quite the norm, you are afterall in the deep south, closer to Antarctica - Yes it's cold down there this time of year. Up here in the North Island where I am, tonight now at 2am in the morning as I write this - is 16degC. Don't be in rush to come north yet though - if temps are why you come. The Sth Is is a wonderful piece of real estate. lol. A good training ground too on our roads (other side to what you know for driving) where the traffic is so much less. The (edit:) whole country is stunning wherever you go.
Take yourselves for a drive to the top of The Remarkables while you're there.
The Views are outstanding - you'll see far.
Catch you in the next vid. 🇳🇿 😎M

edit: typo - 'hole' shd read 'whole'.
Avatar of Richard DeVaottien
Richard DeVaottien
A shame how the Fakedemic completely destroyed New Zealand's economy and the "Juice" their health 😮
Avatar of LoveHolistic&Repeat
hi, love your videos. but wondering how do you freedom camp without a self-contained car in nz?
Avatar of Rex
One of my greatest regrets from my 3 years in NZ was not hiking the Heaphy Track. Enjoy your travels!
Avatar of Gavin Hooper
Gavin Hooper
It might pay to lift up the carpet in the Discovery where your feet are to check if there's any rust or signs of moisture.. they tend to leak in the sunroof and down the front A pillars. Takes a long time to show signs of rust as carpet hides it all 👍 otherwise what a awesome camper
Avatar of jonma95p
The birds were Tui. A native bird found only in NZ.
Avatar of Rachel McInnes
Rachel McInnes
Welcome to Aotearoa NZ! You are gonna love it, your attitude is just perfedt for here!
Avatar of dennis te riini
dennis te riini
Hi u2 welcome
Avatar of Nick & Raychel
Nick & Raychel
I can't believe we're finally doing it!! Just a few months ago, we were visualizing what it would be like once we finally moved to New Zealand, bought our mystery truck and started car camping in it - and here we are. We can't wait for this entire chapter, and of course, we're going to take you along. x

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