Half in the Bag: Cocaine Bear, Knock at the Cabin, and The Whale

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Cocaine Bear! It’s that movie that everyone was joking about for about a week and then completely forgot. Jay and Mike talk about it. They also talk about Knock at the Cabin, the latest film from N. Night Shyamalan. It’s about a cabin that has a knock at the cabin. They also talk about The Whale, starring Cocaine Bear!

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Avatar of @chillhour6155
Alot of hypocrisy from Jay in this one, praising one director for doing the same shit and having disdain for the other director..who does the same shit
Avatar of @chillhour6155
Big studio, low budget

-Netflix whistling noises
Avatar of @darrylmars
Liked all 3 of these kind of dumb movies. Fun. Maybe the current disaster at the bloated studios will bring back film makers. They just told the treatment for Cocaine Bear 2
Dude might want to get out in nature sometime.
Avatar of @crystalrowan
I haven't worked up the energy to watch The Whale. Ever since going through chemo I have a pretty sensitive stomach / low gag reflex and just watching clips of him stuffing food in his face kind of grosses me out already. Also, I tend to try and avoid depressing movies. I want to watch it because I love Brendan Fraser, but those two things have kept me from watching it. Maybe one day!
Avatar of @crystalrowan
For real though: Who actually saw Avatar 2? I assumed people saw it but were so "meh" about it that they just never spoke of it again, but I like this theory much better.
Avatar of @SIDEWINDOWDEFLECTORneverdilate
Not bottom of barrel movies can be done for under 1/2 $ 1 M easy. I think Studios/Someone buying up tickets as you say -- basically no1 @ Antman3, Guardians3, Avatar2, Wick4 tho these were week(s) afterwards except FastX 1st day nite) etc. -- CookedBooks?NO1 IS GOING 2 MOVIES
Avatar of @brimple
7:34 stroke moment
Avatar of @pasteghost428
I laughed so hard with every clip Brendan Frasier busting his ass. 🤣
Avatar of @bradensorensen966
Cocaine Bear didn’t have… a point and ended very unsatisfyingly.

Didn’t see the other two, tho I want to see the Whale. Skipping that review.
Avatar of @honeychilerider
Ok, I'm glad to see this about Cocaine Bear.
I am a lover of low-budget movies and I'm fond of Elizabeth Banks and I went into this movie with a really positive attitude and ready to forgive a lot in the spirit of the film.
And it sucked. It is terrible AT WHAT IT IS TRYING TO DO AND BE. It's such a shocking mess that what I actually came up with is that Elizabeth Banks would be fun to hang out and get high with as long as she doesn't try to tell you a long story. That was my one take away. Oh, and that she almost certainly embezzled about $28M if this film had a $35M budget.
The idea that they're making a sequel is more a commentary on how close we are to the Apocalypse (certainly culturally if not outright) than it is on comedy, cocaine, or bears.
Avatar of @osango310
In the end, the real Four Horseman and Cocaine Bear were the friends we made along the way.
The point isn’t for us to guess. Is it real. This movie And the book, is about WILL THEY DO IT.
Avatar of @InaneBlatherPodcast
I never knew that I wanted to watch Piranha 3D so badly
Avatar of @Djjoc76
Why did the writer make them gay? It just looks like it was written by some Fundamentalist Christian i.e. gays have to die otherwise we get an apocalypse? It just made it feel distasteful regardless of how much they deny it.
Avatar of @Moonwizard420
The "Based on a true story" rating is honestly not bad at all.
Avatar of @johnferguson4869
The mom is the mom from Jez Alborough’s kids’ book ‘It’s The Bear!’
Avatar of @connerww1
Would love a Re:View for Wet Hot American Summer. A very underrated absurdist comedy
Avatar of @JesseNo-op2ib
"20 million low budget "

Avatar of @jonmcdaniel8492
Tonight, on a very special Cocaine Bear, Punky Brewster helps Blossom explain friendship to Willis and Arnold when a bully calls them names.
Avatar of @capsjukebox
Th only way I’m watching the Whale is if it ends like the Mr. Creosote segment of Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life
Avatar of @aranjenkins2627
Cocaine Bear still 100 times better than Solo 😂😂😂😂
Avatar of @sherlockfury
6:45 love the ai generated movie posters.
Avatar of @markfaaita2477
Piranha 3d is a true gem
Avatar of @ChronicBreakdown
Cocaine bear was hard to get through tbh
Avatar of @michelkudluk6193
Avatar of @robertmagill6005
The way they say it is like a loved one being killed isn't a dark ending.
Avatar of @tsriftsal3581
I'll have the happy ending.
Avatar of @Jremyisawsome1111
I liked the Willow show. It's not common for a costume designer to go 'F-it you're wearing jean jackets!"

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