Half in the Bag: Cocaine Bear, Knock at the Cabin, and The Whale

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Cocaine Bear! It’s that movie that everyone was joking about for about a week and then completely forgot. Jay and Mike talk about it. They also talk about Knock at the Cabin, the latest film from N. Night Shyamalan. It’s about a cabin that has a knock at the cabin. They also talk about The Whale, starring Cocaine Bear!

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Avatar of @E_Chap
I actually enjoyed Cocaine Bear. The audience I saw it with made it really fun. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and it elevated the movie. I probably wouldn't have liked it as much if I watched it at home alone.
Avatar of @mrcat3493
I enjoyed Cocaine Bear like a "best of the Worst" film
Avatar of @larsickenroth7169
Funny thing: it's probably not even the sound itself, but the reverb used on those dramatic noises, that make them absolutely laughable.
Avatar of @arasandthevolodkas
Wish you were my neighbor
Avatar of @squidracerX
Its always weird to me when pretty intelligent people you like to listen to - all of a sudden reveal they are into ghosts, angels, fairies, bigfoots, UFO, or super religious etc... i love how Jay makes fun of the ghost cameras filming cold blobs at the end of the skit, but its so weird Mike thinks that stuffs real.
I know hes said before he finds it more "fun" than fact, I think that stuffs all fun as well. But he describes the cameras like he believes they are valid science. And those ghost hunter shows are so obviously fiction entertainment.
Avatar of @TSINIproductions
Rupert Grint, of Thunderpants fame?
Avatar of @johnhicks22
I can’t be the only one who thought of Little Bigfoot when Brendan Fraser fell over
Avatar of @yuuneeq9494
I didn't expect anything out of cocaine bear, and I still managed to be dissapointed.
Avatar of @kevcatnip7589
love the hair its very felching
Avatar of @williamjensen5683
39:26 Im dying LOL
Avatar of @jocelynastheart2732
cocaine bear! you must have cocaine to watch this movie! it was so lame dumb I should have had paint on my wall! it would have been more entertaining.
Avatar of @sorenkair
still no timestamps??
Avatar of @TeatroGrotesco
It Knock is different than the book, good. The book didn't have enough for a short story and didn't have an ending.
Avatar of @tylermiller5904
I thought it was entertaining but shallow.
Avatar of @PlatonistAstronaut
If you wanted to do horror for Cocaine Bear, making it like the bear level in Condemned 2 would work. That was intense.
Avatar of @sorenkair
knock at the cabin is just an elaborate trolley problem
Avatar of @ryankelly7957
Would love to hear you guys talking about Shyamalan's Old.
Avatar of @vandiemen8266
Jay's professionalism really shows at 7:34, when Mike obviously has a stroke and Jay just continues like nothing happened. You have to keep your viewers happy. The show must go on
Avatar of @thethinkingcatakaneonormie3527
Oh 😂😂😂 this again so the fact that a global recession is effecting the freedom people have for cash cinema visits has effected viewing bu no can't deal with Reality the Critical Drinker is like MTG that a drought dried out the Forrest floor caused Forrest fires in California as party of global warming something NASA and 97% of all the global science, but no must be Jewish space lazers like a bond movie from the 1970's , really it's not The "Woke" it's because of a lack of money dude still when all you have is crowing about how women are bad from a single guy with this scratched record of the same me not actually a person who's produced actual movies but somehow knows everything. And in a multiverse story Ironman was always going to come back and No Way Home showed people can accept old actors redoing rolls, still this is the first drinker video I've watched in months and dude this more boring shit you sir who crow about tired repetitive shows are that you're tired and boring buddy
Avatar of @phonecallsarejustoverquali1556
"It's got a comedy tone with no jokes in it. It's bad." - Yes, but we love you all the same. Never change!
Avatar of @YayapLives
I Wonder if the whip sounds in glory were all that realistic. I have no idea if whipping people is a quieter affair but whipping whips is loud as shit irl. You're breaking the sound barrier. It's like a gunshot.
Avatar of @Game-Djinn
Mike you're so right about the whip sounds and the table breaking sound.
Avatar of @PabloHenrique92
Regarding dark endings when you guys were talking about Fever Knocks In Cabin The Woods, well, I read Berserk and play most of Fromsoftware games, also had my time of testing my limits regarding shocking value movies, and the movie that reached my limit and made me quit that stupidity was no other than A Serbian Film(after that abomination of "content" I was like "nope, fuck this shit, fuck whoever thought of this sick fuckery and fuck everyone involved in this cesspit of horrors, i'm done submitting myself to watching this kind of depravity just to get thicker skin") so I kinda became numb to these Hollywood "dark" endings(not that its a good thing, on the contrary, I think i'm broken beyond repair, not by those things I cited above, but I don't like to share my personal life), on a lighter note, now i'd really like to see a realistic Cocaine Bear "content", it showing the cocaine being thrown off a plane, getting eaten by a bear, it ODing and dying, cutting to black and a text appearing on screen "The bear fucking died, what do you think would happen, genius? And some idiots snort this shit for fun" and credits roll while "Stupid MF" by Mindless Self Indulgence plays
Avatar of @milton7763
Finally just watched this. First 90% was way better than expected. The ending very ‘mew’.

Anyway, came here to say Rubert Griffindor was not ‘fine’ in this Jay!: he suuuuuucked
Avatar of @helmutschmitt4504
The Whale was a great film. Be cynical if you want but I was bawling my eyes out.
Avatar of @nicholasbintner4677
Frisky are we???
Avatar of @imissimeem
I actually watched Cocaine Bear recently. I never thought a movie would make me appreciate Sloltherhouse so much.
Avatar of @talesfromthehoodtv503
John standa by his guns,he also said avengers 3 wouldn't be split into two parts
Avatar of @sirtorchington
dead baby: the show .... rubber baby show LMFAO
Avatar of @taker68
The Oscars usually didn't ever nominate sequels so it wasn't such a thing until now.

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