Her Daughter DISAPPEARED while they were FLYING in an AIRPLANE!

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RECAP OF : “Flight Plan (2005)”
Enjoy this movie recap.

Aviation engineer Kyle is flying back to New York with Julia, her six-year-old daughter, and the coffin of her husband. During the flight, Kyle wakes up from a nap and discovers that Julia is missing.

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Avatar of @roobee-doo
This movie is flight plan, it's a very good movie. I reccomend
Avatar of @megroll113
Bruh just put pet two under the video wtf is this
Avatar of @ceemaricruz
I have watched this movie before I even have the CD, the child was kidnapped, and the air hostess is part of the hijackers 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Avatar of @brandydavis5107
What's the name of the movie
Avatar of @eddieroman4298
Jackie Jr. always up to something
Avatar of @garrettgold
10th sub goes crazy
Avatar of @JustKittylicious
Why cant these channels just put part 2 directly after part 1?? I dont get why peoples brains dont immediately think that as common sense!!!!

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