How Knock At The Cabin Leaves Out The REAL Horrific Ending

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An ending so scary it was left on the page! Today we’re discussing how “Knock at the Cabin” leaves out the REAL horrific ending. For this video, we’ll be looking at how M. Night Shyamalan’s 2023 film adaptation of Paul G. Tremblay’s 2018 novel, “The Cabin at the End of the World,” deviates from its source material. Are you glad or frustrated that “Knock at the Cabin” changed the ending? Let us know in the comments.

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Avatar of @JusticeOuinn420
Actually, not to be mean but dude your channel sucks because they do reveal that Redmond was O'Bannon...more than once at that lol like what were you doing? ...because you clearly was not watching the movie obviously lol but then you try to do a video on it hahaha like maybe watch the movie again then make an accurate video lol
Avatar of @sinical1031
Poor girl, she's doomed without a mother.
Avatar of @marcoantoniomarquezperez2652
This movie''s twist is a lot like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. We all edpected a horrific ending, but instead....Tarrantino changed everything to satisfy everyone. I liked this movie. Dave Bautista kicked another kind of butt in the film. Super underted actor if you ask me. Don't miss with the Mist. That ending had to happen.
Avatar of @britishpatriot7386
This is cringe woke trash 🗑️
Avatar of @Clee-os6pv
Just saw this movie it was just bad and terrible movie. That's not even the worst part it's made by the same guy who murder and butcher my favorite TV show with a bald headed airbender.
Avatar of @jjeverson2269
This movie was dumb as shit
Avatar of @scorch4299
They already made this movie a few years ago. It was called Killing of a Sacred Deer. And it was waaaay better than Knock at the Cabin :P
Avatar of @tracidavis3565
I just watched this last night. It was pretty good. I could feel the tension. Dave Bautista was amazing in it.
Avatar of @otnielcabrera5229
Horrible movie,
Avatar of @jabroni359
The comments calling the movie horrible because it had a gay couple, get over it. The only thing bad about the movie was anticipating a twist. I was all like watch it be revealed it was an experiment. That the family was like wen’s grasshoppers, that some how this was all just experiment to see how far you could push people. But the real twist is that you waited for a twist for it to be revealed that there is no twist 😂. Genius.
Avatar of @jasonmanguno8171
It’s not biblical events Great movie
Avatar of @crazyasiandyo
this movie was an absolute waste of time. Mid Night Shyamalan at it again
Avatar of @bryce253
Here's the thing. By changing the ending you strip the thought-provoking impact from the base. I know some people just want to be entertained and don't want to be triggered. They want to watch something as pure escapism and then walk away into whatever their reality looks like. But when artists of books (writers are artists) create these works, they do so with a particular point of reflection and meaning. I always find it insulting when works are adapted into film and very key elements are changed that completely change the tone and meaning behind the original book.

We live in such a soft and privileged society. I just wished that studios made the commitment when adapting art into film to keep it art in a different mindset than things that are just meant purely for entertainment sake. Yes it does mean that it may not appeal to everyone. But everything is not supposed to appeal to everyone. The goal should be to make something of high value and worth like the art it is adapting and stands the test of time for people to discuss and reflect on and not something watered down and stripped to be forgotten in an hour. There is a big enough market already for those types of movies and they have their own place.
Avatar of @kabutoyakushi6618
The movie was absolute trash.
Avatar of @Evilmindy12
I enjoyed the cast 100%. In a movie soup all I feel I got was a few noodles and chicken broth, there wasn't any veggies, meat or bread for dipping. I was able to predict the whole movie within the first 20 minutes, maybe show us the visions so we understand what they see. Although they couldn't get a signal the TV sure did work... Maybe leave that on the news channel so we can see the disaster in real time.
Avatar of @iulixMAXgames
Batista was amazing in the role but this is just a WOKE 🗑️💩🤷‍♂️👎
Avatar of @joewhitehead3
I never read the book, but I looked up the ending, & I did not like. I’m glad Night changed it
Avatar of @not4113
I just watch the movie my thing is ..if you wasn’t comfortable making the ending like the book because you have 3 daughters why even make the movie would of been more impactful if they killed the lil girl then walk out side and seen planes falling out the sky and people dying . It would of been on the list of rewatch anytime was good but I don’t need to rewatch it to understand anything it was pretty cut dry
Avatar of @trasegorsuch5140
This might be M. Night Shyamalans best movie in a long time.
Avatar of @conspiracykill
I hate M knight. he really sucks.
Avatar of @asmokingp3005
they deserved a bad ending for doubting them. Was hoping the cabin was empy and it was too late so they can suffer the consequences
Avatar of @jvd3339
Loved the movie. Batista was impressive.
Avatar of @MG-oj7rr
Gey cant kill kids in movies, they r kissers, not killers.
Avatar of @masquerader101
I wanted to see the family turn into some weird cosmic entities as the world fell apart around them.
Something about this movie reminds me of Devilman Crybaby
Avatar of @masquerader101
This is what happens when a director looks back on his previous mistakes to grow instead of letting the judgement ruin them. cough cough george lucas
Avatar of @lauren9004
The movie confirms that redmon is the bar attacker
Avatar of @V1124az
It DOES!! He tossed the drivers license and it showed his name as Obannon!!
Avatar of @mikedegeorge3470
I can see why they didn’t want to unalive Wen, but the whole ending in the diner was just…ugh. Too much. Show the sky clearing and planes flying if you want, but the news stories conveniently confirming everything was horrible. I would have preferred a mix - end it with the two driving down the road into an uncertain future.
Avatar of @andrearaul2411
#DaveBautista IS HOLLYWOOD!!✌🏽👑🔥🇵🇭🇬🇷🇺🇸
Avatar of @chefpizza4677
Book ending would of been better.
Avatar of @ImperialEarthEmpire
I believe the movie ending still lead to apocalypse becoz the family took too long to sacrifice, all those stopped disasters just calm before the storm...
Avatar of @matthartrum2196
Wanted fake tough guy andrew to not make it
Avatar of @WatchMojo
Are you glad or frustrated that “Knock at the Cabin” changed the ending? Let us know in the comments.
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