How To Beat The APOCALYPSE In “Knock At The Cabin”

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If you were held hostage by a group of psychos who demanded that you make an impossible sacrifice, what would you do?

Thank you for watching Knock At The Cabin explained and review of how to beat.

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Avatar of @jonvia
Never be caught lackin'
Avatar of @hec53
So you cant beat it
Avatar of @iMaDeMoN2012
If cruel gods threaten to end the world, you let them. There is no point in playing along. You are just encouraging their bad behavior. Now every time they get bored, they are going to threaten to end the world.
Avatar of @chaseanderson6904
Avatar of @thelegacyofgaming2928
5:08 😂😂😂😂
Avatar of @samgreen3571
is that tom ellis aka lucifer morningstar
Avatar of @ZykeeJohnson-fz5qo
one more step and its bye bye birdy
Avatar of @seanbean6893
I think I'd do it. If these people predicted 4 apocalyptic horrors it proves there is a divine being that actually cares about the soul of humanity. Which means there is a point to life as there is a point to death.
Avatar of @legodude54321able
They really doomed that little girl the moment they adopted her. The two goofs couldn’t raise a plant.
Avatar of @Chyllstorm
If a god existed and it demanded such a thing I'd make certain to not comply to deny such a cruel entity the satisfaction of keeping humanity as playthings. Better to not exist as a species than suffer an evil god.
Avatar of @pleme_games3432
i was hoping leonard didnt die
Avatar of @777kerokeropi4
Is no one gonna talk about dave batista's head????
Avatar of @777kerokeropi4
If you want to know what the end of the world will be, read the last book of the Bible, revelations. You are a sinner, i am a sinner, the priest, the guru,the pastor, everybody is a sinner and we are doomed to hell, but there is a way for us to be saved and that is by the Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross, the Bible says if you put your full faith in Him that He died for you on the cross so you can go to heaven then you'll be saved. People overcomplicate salvation saying we need to do goodworks to be saved when in reality our good works doesn't even reach the minimum of God's standard which is perfectnes. but Jesus Lived a perfect Life and died the death we deserved for us to have salvation, He took our sins and gave us His perfection. Have faith God bless y'all
Avatar of @777kerokeropi4
This is so simple if they are the r horse men of the revelation, then just read the revelation bro you'll see there how the world will end and this is not how it goes, also the 4 horse men are most likely political people or basically people with power and not a retired wrestler wondering in the woods
Avatar of @Ldoumont7gmail
It's a connection, not a shared delusional state.thats what the movies about .not a group delusional episode.
It's about the horse man ,"dooms dayer"
Avatar of @kevingoodhope7768
I was 5 running around in a forest, ran face first into a male elk
Avatar of @NikaNikabroski
Bro said hundreds of planes falling at the exact same time us not a convincing enough story
Avatar of @joseiylemonsay506
HAVE A DAMN GOOD DAY. (10X louder than everyone)

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