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If you idiotically acquired an exotic animal that began slashing through your friend group like a serial killer disguised as a kids’ toy, what would you do? I’m going to break down the mistakes made, what you should do, and how to beat the KILLER SLOTH in SLOTHERHOUSE.

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Credit Notes: We took all Sympathetic Victim member names on 11/25 in the morning to add to this video. If you signed up afterward, you might be missing on the credit scroll, but we’ll add you in the next video.

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Avatar of @capnificent
@NerdExplains please do a video on how to beat "Attack The Block"
Avatar of @dropdeadoctane541
Uhhh this doesn’t even look good
Avatar of @sumitsingh-ng7dp
Loved the always sunny references.
Avatar of @orppro7100
By capable staff members who then look the other way as she walks out and drives herself home
Avatar of @Cheeseburgerq
innersloth has alot of explaining to do on how their mascot escaped the digital world
Avatar of @Pyrisk
What you forgot about is that college kids these days are truly the bottom of the barrel for intelligence let alone survival instincts
Avatar of @marvinhubregtse5776
13:05 did ... did the sloth catch the Katana ... with its palms?

ah yes the palm famous for its ability to .... stop katana's
some how that feels the most unrealistic of all
Avatar of @hella816
4h late
Avatar of @taiylarr_
This kind of reminds me of Zoombies (not really) but I would love to see you cover that movie!
Avatar of @Oggystein
Ahh the mighty sloth...God's middle finger to nature
Avatar of @KevinSmink
I am pretty sure you just decided to do this movie because emma used an toilet tank lid at 9:00
Avatar of @tupera1
As a hospital stayer multiple times I can tell you that spamming the nurse button has the chance of succeeding somewhere between a baby sea turtle and a liberal arts major...
Avatar of @emilyhorror5294
I honestly loved this movie lol
Avatar of @tiggynv214
The next time you do any movie with an animal killer, bring casual geographic cuz this is a duo I have to see
Avatar of @alexpayne5914
Should have been a turtle, and titled Slow Death.
Avatar of @santawithaflamethrower2758
while he said that the hunters hit him with a tranq an ad came in making it sound like

"Meanwhile the worlds laziest hunters hit it with a GMC SIERA THE CAR."
Avatar of @harlowviv2968
Panamanian wargod in a tiny stuffed animal sums up this thing wellv😂
Avatar of @MrNickPresley
"..So the sloths can bathe."

Sloths bathe like my bathmat does. They get wet, grow mold and mildew in their fur, and stink up the place.
Avatar of @miguellilly8859
Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them... only you. Rip and tear, until it is done.

- Alpha
Avatar of @Thatoneguy77559
Really a slot come on man
Avatar of @14catsand1human
What did I just watch?
Avatar of @Isaac-ph5co
Man, I should start making movies, it is this easy
Avatar of @persismedina288
Great, I’m in Panama 😅😂💀
Avatar of @nna1u39
Wretched bubble gum pink hive of scum and villainy😂😂😂 that’s quite a lot of damage 😂
Avatar of @evilgenius97
I read it as Slaughter several times
Avatar of @IWrenfitness
10:26 😂😂😂 that laugh
Avatar of @I3igI3adW0lf
How to survive a killer sloth attack? Walk. They're slow as hell.
Avatar of @speedyrogue6844
this entire movie consists of everyone who dies first in regular horror movies 💀
Avatar of @spitfireblaziken3663
Horror movies keep getting weirder, y’all.
Avatar of @roidgaming1928
Day 47 of asking for a how to survive the crazy family in house of a thousand corpses
Avatar of @joshuar5394
Loved it. So much better than human centipede I just can’t lol thanks for the better alternative this week
Avatar of @DR-hc4vz
Say it with me people " Exotic animals do not make good pets!"
Avatar of @ALL4ONE5288
That sloth is like koba in the planet of the apes.😮
Avatar of @bleakautomaton4808
"Bubblegum pink hive of scum and villainy," love it. An opossum may or may not be worse, there've been people just adopting "tame" raccoons out near where I am anyway. Although, some keep skunks as if they're cats (with or without the stink gland removed). And idiots need to stop "rescuing" fawns left out in the open, usually the doe is nearby watching you run off with Bambi.
But yeah overall, exotic pet ownership is wrong.
Avatar of @robertrose81
I loved this film. Unironically
Avatar of @a_bizarreboiz6239
Step 1: Don’t have 10 grand laying around to spend on a random exotic animal
Avatar of @epicforger12345
Where do you find these movies lol
Avatar of @faithruckdeschel1294
Wow, and here the only things I've ever heard about sloths are that they're sweet, only poop once a year(which, really disturbed me)and that was from this lady who had a boy and girl brother and sister baby sloths that wore blue and pink diapers. I had no idea they could whoop a grown man's behind, and crap all over place......PARTY!!!!
Avatar of @espion2KX
Uh... Walk away?😂
Avatar of @EzBreezy750

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