I just Had to go and Break Something on the Last Day of the Trip!!

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0:00 intro
2:50 turbo track
8:31 chain issues
13:38 back to the cabin
14:02 trying to fix the sprocket
20:54 one wheel peel at the GP track
24:01 outro

#fabrication #buggy #machine

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Avatar of @gamerduck3707
Beef up the trailing arm and put some chain alignments close to the back sprocket (so if it ever bends, it'll bend correctly with the sprocket and the chain won't pop off) and this will be the most ultimate mini trophy truck offroader build :D
Avatar of @terminalpsychosis8022
Well, testing successful. If nothing went wrong at all, then the machine is WAY overbuilt. 🙂
Avatar of @silentdeath9237
You should be using Toyota front axle front and rear so you can have rear steer and the transfer case that way you can use driveshafts instead of change the brakes when you have someThing that heavy chain doesn't stand up!
Avatar of @rexhorning7228
Using the truck as a press is a great idea.
Think press setup you could have used sockets or wrenches in the right places to straighten the sprocket.
You were so close to finding your solution.
Great job.
Avatar of @arnicus208
That chain looks like garbage. And gonna have to definitely do crash guards on those sprockets.
Avatar of @timsussenbach5376
If you look closely ... you can also see that your body almost hits he chain in a corner
Avatar of @davidspilman531
Your wheels are leaning out if you get back and look at them you need to get more support on your rear end That Darn thing runs Great
Avatar of @distant4766
Cage the chains.
Avatar of @1jacob23
Awesome machine! I think a trophy truck style adjustable torsion bar would help a lot to keep the rear wheels from twisting in the corners.
Avatar of @xpndblhero5170
Hey that's not that bad of a fail, seeing as how bad it can go when testing.... If it was a rock between the sprocket and frame then you can easily fix that w/ a little mud guard on top of the sprocket. At least you know that's something that can happen now so it's an easy repair and now you know for your next build.... Maybe this is a sign to build more electric vehicles because they have less moving parts. 😉😁👍
Awesome video.... Keep up the great work.
Edit: Should have put a rock under one side of the sprocket so it bent a little more.... Nice work using the weight of the truck to straighten it out, that was smart. 😁
Avatar of @chrisvanhook9239
You need to STOP using chain drives and start using differentials, all your problems will go away. Chain drive nothing but Problems. Differential problems go away. Don't be a hard head and listen.
Avatar of @adythescumbag
Are the front wheel and rear wheel different sprockets then? Could you not have put one from the front to the back or do 3 wheel drive?
Avatar of @JoelArseneaultYouTube
First off, well done, it is a beast and worked really well, all in all.

I don't think it's an issues with swing arm flex. The chain came off when the wheel was unloaded (on the inside of the turn) and not when it was loaded. I'm guessing it is a chain tension / guiding issue. Like someone said in the video... dirt bikes all have chain guides.

The chain pulls from the top and feeds onto the bottom of the rear sprocket, so it would be a good idea to hold it in alignment at the bottom of the rear sprocket.
Avatar of @FullMetalMountainBiker
It made itself a one wheel drive, its almost like it knows what it used to be 😂
Avatar of @MegaRyanskie
Could you make a chain guide like dirt bikes have on the under side of the swing arm? Keep the chain aligned with the sprocket.
Avatar of @robertgee5591
!!!!!!! Simply weld two disks on either side of the sprocket, then it’s impossible for the chain to come off !!!!!!!
Avatar of @scottjones340
Turn the bottle jack up side down
Avatar of @ericlindall8973
How come UR buddy that's so smart didn't just flip the bottle jack up side down 2 push down N the consitrated lil spot y'all wanted 2 bend.
Avatar of lloydnoz
Can’t believe you guys didn’t try flipping the jack upside down 😂, I know it’s jank but it might of worked. Great build though loved watching your build it
Avatar of Simon Legros
Simon Legros
It seem the sprocket touched the ground when the chains fell
A sway bar would help with this issue
Just make it easily removable
There not really many rock on the track sprocket
Avatar of Alex Pometun
Alex Pometun
Навіщо мучати себе і ту нещасну зірку, просто треба купити нову, і ланцюг теж. А покатушки закінчені.
Avatar of Dave Butch
Dave Butch
Keep your thumbs out of the steering wheel!
Avatar of Ian Tarry
Ian Tarry
When you do the body panelling you really should install some mudguards, even something simple would be better than nothing especially if you ever want to actually use your mirrors. Seems from the first couple of minutes they're basically unusable so if you're not going to bother with mudguards then you may as well get rid of the mirrors as well. I'd cover the entire bottom of the truck in sheet metal and I'd say both trailing arms need strengthening up a bit don't change the tyre size they seem perfect and look so good. STRENGTHEN THE ARMS! In fact I'd be tempted to go all out on the sheet metal and basically build it a "body" covering the entire thing other than the windscreen and above the door areas obviously.
Avatar of Travis Steed
Travis Steed
What diameter and thickness of tubing are you using?
Avatar of Eduardo Espinoza
Eduardo Espinoza
I think the trailing arms flexing a ton, I don't see any rocks there =).
Avatar of larry munday
larry munday
You could have used the tongue on the front of the cabin as an anvil with that axe to pound that sprocket back out.
Avatar of larry munday
larry munday
Cheap ass chain stretches immediately when you put horsepower to it.
Avatar of Willy Witzig
Willy Witzig
** spring loaded self adjusting chain tensioner ** whatcha think?
Avatar of Fracus69
One piece of advice. Stop landing jumps under load with a chain drive. I wouldn’t even do it on an axel set up.
Avatar of Brody Scott
Brody Scott
Do you still have the YZ85 go kart if so you should do another video on it definitely my favorite project
Avatar of mlsargent51
It looks like the shifting linkage set up works very well, the way you're grabbing gears!
Avatar of la_Plata
Sand car boxed trailing arm will work
Avatar of Eric
What gear you running it 1,2,3? I’ve been thinking you definitely need to gear it lower, so you can actually crawl in first. And a rear sway bar. And lastly if you’re going to use china chain you should make a block protector for the engine case.

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