I just Had to go and Break Something on the Last Day of the Trip!!

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0:00 intro
2:50 turbo track
8:31 chain issues
13:38 back to the cabin
14:02 trying to fix the sprocket
20:54 one wheel peel at the GP track
24:01 outro

#fabrication #buggy #machine

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Avatar of @jdmcrazy87
Man I know you feel comfortable with the chains but man get away from them you will be better off
Avatar of @TheGabobonilla
You should to start think in differentials in both axels.
Avatar of @geezermaxamus
What project have you not broke?
Avatar of @mrutherford8590
Use two dirt bike swing arms and wheels would be better for the rear. Use the complete rear with shock and brakes.
Avatar of @hrsey71
you need a chain slide that keeps the chain in place. theres too much side to side play
Avatar of @NoLifeRC
Could of put the sprocket between the bottle jack and Frame of the truck that's what I would of done
Avatar of @DirtGearTv
Congrats on this build bro!! You really knocked it outa the park on this one. And It's SO comfortable to ride passenger
Avatar of @hf7410
In the long run, think of it as an intentional weak point. An aluminum sprocket is easier to change out than to rebuild that bit if the swingarm everytime a rock gets caught if you were to switch to steel sprocket. There is a pro to the situation!
Avatar of @bigbusdriver4782
Overall I say you had a giant success, performance was great! Good job! As for the chain, seen that before, inside a machine indoors with no rocks around. it wasn’t a rock, the chain came off the sprocket and wedged between the sprocket and the arm, the power and speed of the engine jerked the chain out so fast and hard you probably didn’t even hardly feel it, but the damage was done. You might be getting some flex that need’s attention but the biggest issue is you don’t have enough idler sprocket for that length of chain at that speed while bouncing around on a trail. The speed and weight of the chain causes the slack side of the chain to sway, add mud, sticks and pebbles…you gonna get slack and side load…add a little flex and it peels the chain off the sprocket. Add idlers closer to the sprocket, buy better chain and the problem should go away.
Avatar of @CowboyzCustoms
Shocks are set way too soft, looks like for both high & low speed compression, you should hit this bump stops only a few times a ride on the biggest jumps, not every little bump or little ass jump. You need 2-3 degrees of negative camber to improve corner stability and will feel and be less tippy and less prone to roll over. Those long ass chains will be nothing but a nightmare, that much rpm going through that much chain will bend, break, stretch, and be unreliable unless constantly bathed in oil/lube, it's why chain cases are full of lube on all types of vehicles, they won't be experiencing the deflection when coming on power, off power, braking, down & up shifting, every change in any power sent through drivetrain will be torture on the length of chain.
Avatar of @darthgbc363
Looks like the sprockets are hitting the road while leaning. Move the sprocket next to the tire. Almost like a rotor setup.
Avatar of @ctvxl
Honestly, none of that is surprising, but really not too bad. I think with some strengthening and tweaking, this concept can work well and be quite robust. You might have to invest in some high quality chain though...
Avatar of @lXxXsoulXxXl
Why not do a full on rear axel setup so u dont have to worry about the trailing arms flexing, and maybe get some high end chain
Avatar of @DetroitMicroSound
Soon it'll be a proven rally raid buggy...
Avatar of @fuggnut
Beef it up, those tires look great on it and seem to perform well.
Avatar of @carpenter751
Looking at where the weight of the entire vehicle hits when those bump stops hit that is what would twist those trailing arms on a high impact corner plus add to that the power of that engine. What an amazing machine. The next season is the re engineering of the rear end. Maybe add another shift half way down the arm and move the sproket next to the wheel where the twist won't affect it. And the brakes can go where the sprocket is now. Probably not easy but a great winter /spring project content.

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