Is KNOCK AT THE CABIN Shyamalan’s BIG Comeback?

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M. Night Shyamalan is back with a new thriller, and we have our first big release of 2023, so today I’m reviewing “Knock at the Cabin”. Did you enjoy the movie? Are you planning to watch it? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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Avatar of @martinmacklan3398
Dave bautista geting very well in acting any new movies coming up for him 🤔
Avatar of @Argeaux2
The problem here is that this a different kind of Shyamalan film, that doesn’t FEEL like a different Shyamalan film. I think a lot of people feel disappointed by its lack of a twist. If you just enjoy it for what it is, I think it’s a great film. Beautiful performances, lovely cinematography, and an interesting, gentle story about the love within one family.
Avatar of @justafractionoftime1984
Due to your review, I’ll see the film. I’ve lost faith in his films, pretty much completely. Old was, for me, personally, the WORST movie I’ve ever seen. And that hurts, because I do tend to like this films. And I’m a very forgiving film watcher, and I try to go off of, “did I have a fun time?” And the answer for Old, was, no. I couldn’t suspend disbelief, the acting was stale. I liked the twist, but everything else was just awful to me. After Old, I’ve sworn off of his movies. But I guess I’ll see this 😊 thanks for your great reviews!
Avatar of Jason Raschen
Jason Raschen
I love “Signs” too. But my favorite is “The Sixth Sense”. Enjoyed your review.
Avatar of The Film Drunk
The Film Drunk
Ever since you told me about the ending of the book I’ve been wishing that they would’ve just stuck with it😪 sad
Avatar of West Coast Chicano
West Coast Chicano
Just seen it today. It was better than I thought it would be. Gr8 review as usual. 🎥 🍿 🌭 🌺
Avatar of Josh Knoll
Josh Knoll
I saw this movie this afternoon, and I loved it. I thought it was intense and anxiety-provoking. It's rare to see a horror film featuring LGBTQ+ characters right smack in the center of the story/action. I now need to read the novel.
Avatar of Photo Trekr
Photo Trekr
I doubt I'm "going to be there with those characters".
Avatar of The Anadromist
The Anadromist
Thanks for helping me decide whether to see this or not. (Just saw Banshees of Inissherin yesterday, Babylon two weeks ago.)

By the way I just noticed, and not for the first time, that were are STILL waiting for Movies That Changed My Life Part 2. I hope this delay isn't being caused by algorithmic concerns. That was my favorite video of yours. And I was waiting with baited breath for the next one. But what exactly is 'baited breath'? Does it mean my breath smells like dead fish? To prevent this condition from persisting please give us the main course Marianna.
Avatar of leonthesleepy
I really like signs so hoping this is good! (i did like Glass even tho its super flawed lol)
Avatar of Smile4mypride
The movie was enjoyable. I was entertained from beginning to end.
Avatar of Chris Williams
Chris Williams
I’m not a big M Night Shyamalan fan, but personally, I enjoyed The Visit and the Unbreakable trilogy a lot. If I had to pick a favorite M Night movie, it would either be Signs or Sixth Sense! Cannot wait to see Knock on the Cabin!
Avatar of Troy Orourke
Troy Orourke
feel bad you have to deal with woke vomit week in week out.
Avatar of Matt Mendoza
Matt Mendoza
I read the book a few years ago and thought it would have been much better to keep the answers ambiguous.
Avatar of The Viewer
The Viewer
It’s just crazy, most people seem to not want the “M. Night Twist” anymore but still be missing it when it’s not there 😂

Thanks for another professional review ! 🎉
Avatar of samer hittini
samer hittini
thank you
Avatar of David B Jacobs
David B Jacobs
This really needed a twist. I still liked it... but prefer Old. (I kinda loved Old.)
Avatar of Diego M
Diego M
Why are you assuming the daughter is adopted?
Avatar of Mauricio Ramirez
Mauricio Ramirez
He makes way too many disappointing films, I would admit I only enjoyed 4 of his films. I also must admit flop or not he always puts out thought provoking stories
Avatar of Omar Hadji
Omar Hadji
Are you going to review Lukas Dhont’s Close?
Avatar of timothy benn
timothy benn
i want the visit notvillage
Avatar of Albert Chehade
Albert Chehade
too hypothetical....not for me....
Avatar of Michael Ray
Michael Ray
For some reason your channel reminds of Chris Stuckmann's channel. ☺
Avatar of bruh_haha
All build up, ZERO payoff. The first act was great. The second act was a repetitive mess. The third act fizzled out and ended like a limp noodle. Bautista is awesome though.
My first big disappointment of 2023.
Avatar of Gavin Henderson
Gavin Henderson
Was not for me. What turns out to be the main threat, that’s just not scary to me. Had it came out in the 90s, different result perhaps. But I was disappointed.
Avatar of Brabbel93
Does Shyamalan really need a comeback anymore? His last flop was 10 years ago, everything else since then was a financial hit with and while GLASS (which I absolutely love) and OLD weren't universally acclaimed, the reaction was IMO not bad enough to warrant the need for a comeback

I'm stoked for this one. Granted, as a Shyamalan fan I am biased but I love his odd choices. Even that dutch angle dialogue you mentioned makes me more excited. I might not like it either, but considering how stagnated mainstream movies are currently, I am happy when a director, who is not from A24 experiments a bit, even if it doesn't pay off.

I take a weird, off-putting dutch-angle extravaganca over 180 minutes of plain shot/reverse shot any day!

Only thing that bothers me is that Shyamalan stopped working with James Newton Howard. Ever since they parted ways after AFTER EARTH, the music in Shyamalan's films has been severely lacking, with GLASS's score being outright terrible

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