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There’s a knock at the cabin… will you answer it? In M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin, a family faces an impossible choice that will ultimately determine the fate of humanity. This video details my thoughts on the film, specifically focusing on Dave Bautista’s performance and where this film has some glaring plot holes.

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Avatar of @wormynp1384
You should check out the movie Hair-Trigger!
Avatar of Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez
After this movie. I believe Jonathan Groff deserves every role he gets because he’s great in this film.
Avatar of Jack Benner’s Movie Reviews
Jack Benner’s Movie Reviews
I saw Knock at the Cabin and I enjoyed it, I do think it’s one of Shyamalan’s better and more suspenseful films he’s done. The performances from the cast were great especially Dave Bautista, strong filmmaking with the cinematography and building of tension and I was anxious to see where things were going to go. I was hoping for something more with the ending and didn’t quite wow me. But overall, I thought this was an intense thriller that gives me hope that Shyamalan can continue to make more films like these. Great review as always, Sasha!
Avatar of Paul’s Adventures
Paul’s Adventures
It definitely sounds like an interesting movie! Thanks for the review!
Avatar of Nicolas Alexander Burke
Nicolas Alexander Burke
Thanks for the shout out! Great video as always!!!
Avatar of Ryan's Channel
Ryan's Channel
I honestly didn’t think Knock at the Cabin was half bad.

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