Jonathan Groff & Ben Aldridge Talk Knock at the Cabin & Film’s Queer Representation

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Though well-known for his time on Broadway and providing the vocal talent for Kristoff in Disney’s Frozen films, Jonathan Groff has more than proved his mettle in a much darker role with Netflix’s phenomenal series, Mindhunter, and now again, alongside Ben Aldridge (Fleabag, Spoiler Alert). In addition to Dave Bautista and Rupert Grint, the two star in Academy Award-nominee M. Night Shyamalan’s latest psychological horror, Knock at the Cabin.

The book-to-screen adaptation sees Groff and Aldridge as Eric and Andrew, a couple taking their daughter, Wen (Kristen Cui), on a family vacation. They’re a tight-knit unit, singing songs together, acting silly, and spending time in their secluded cabin on a lake, but in an instant, everything they hold dear hangs in the balance. When a stranger by the name of Leonard (Bautista) approaches Wen, their happy getaway becomes a nightmare. Leonard is accompanied by three others armed with weapons, with a message for Eric and Andrew: choose someone to sacrifice or bring about the apocalypse.

While promoting Knock at the Cabin, Groff and Aldridge sat down with Collider’s Steve Weintraub to talk about the movie. During their interview, Groff and Aldridge discuss portraying a gay couple onscreen as openly gay actors and talk about the way the queer narrative is “deftly” handled by Shyamalan, with “family is universal” being a central theme. They both share why they think the end of the world plot device has such a chokehold on society, and Aldridge gets existential about Nostradamus and Revelations. They speak on working with Shyamalan as a director, his meticulous storyboarding and particular vision, and the challenges of “humanizing and connecting.”

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Avatar of @troygaspard6732
What an annoying interviewer.
Avatar of @cmillward1119
00:45 Bens leather pants so attractive.❤❤
Avatar of @johnmorley8812
Avatar of @stephenraynes2148
Ah this makes sense. His films feel so controlled and completely lacking in personality. This explains it. He needs to let go.
Avatar of @mimi_charya
I love Groff's voice.I like Ben too.They did great
Avatar of Jeff Hayes
Jeff Hayes
I will not see this movie, I can't handle the dark, scary stuff anymore. Real life in America is scary enough currently. However, I love Ben Aldrich and saw him in Spoiler Alert. I will happily watch Bens career continue to flourish. Thanks for sharing this interview.
Avatar of Fariz Rahadian Iswoyo
Fariz Rahadian Iswoyo
Happy pride
Avatar of Truthseeker
Its been so long seeing Groff's sweet face.
Avatar of libraryspice
Great interview and fantastic Mindhunter exchange. Thank you.
Avatar of Geronimo Jehoshaphat
Geronimo Jehoshaphat
Wait... they put what where¿?
And they're PROUD of THAT¿?¡!
Avatar of Emma
Fantastic interview
Avatar of Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson
Excellent interview! I’m so excited to see what Ben and Jonathan do next.
Avatar of Sharp Design
Sharp Design
When you think about it, it does add to this story. Two people that had to fight for what they had and then asked to sacrifice to save the world.
Avatar of mymy
I will forever hold a grudge against Fincher for not doing Mindhunter 3.
Avatar of Chaz Harris
Chaz Harris
Ben's favourite M Night movie is The Village and he's a fan of Deep Impact? Same! Kindred spirits! lol

"To quote Harry Styles, he makes MOVIE movies!" LMAO I love you Ben! 🤣🤣🤣
Avatar of Ping M
Ping M
Ben quoting the Harry Styles meme had me rolling… Jonathan should’ve done the Chris Pine deadpan 😅
Avatar of Spencer McFarland
Spencer McFarland
He says And Just Like That but not Glee????,,
Avatar of Sharri Garvin
Sharri Garvin
They are great Looking forward to future projects but the movie is awful
Avatar of The Witch
The Witch
Too bad this is the 2nd LGBT movie that flops after Bros - it's the worst run for a M. Night Shyamalan movie so far. :(
Avatar of David Rosenbaum
David Rosenbaum
Alphabet people ruin everything.

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