Knock at the Cabin #1 over Avatar 2 Box Office, 80 for Brady, Valentine’s Day Movies & Shows

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Avatar The Way of Water Box Office today! Beyond The Trailer breakdown! Opening weekend Knock at the Cabin, 80 for Brady discount tickets!

Avatar 2 Box Office today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and breakdown to the 8th weekend box office for Avatar The Way of Water! Finally unseated by Knock at the Cabin and 80 for Brady! What does Tom Brady have to do with all this? And the top ten shows on streaming! Nielsen Ratings aka viewership! Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV and more! Also Valentine’s Day 2023 movies and shows to watch! Share your own reaction to the latest box office & streaming charts! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Intro – 00:00
80 for Brady – 00:23
Super Bowl 2023 – 3:41
Knock at the Cabin – 4:30
Dave Bautista – 6:14
Why Demographics Matter – 9:10
Avatar 2 Update – 9:56
Overall Top Ten – 11:37
Nielsen Ratings – 13:14
Netflix – 15:16
iTunes – 16:48
This Coming Weekend & Valentine’s Day – 17:36

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

#BoxOffice #TomBrady #ValentinesDay

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Avatar of @JCC40
So Knock at the cabin is another "Knock" on gay representation.
Avatar of @brentmaxey20100
I’m not a sports person, so I was excited for the Super Bowl trailers, especially The Marvels, but now Grace you tell me I must wait seven more days😢
Avatar of @TheSongwritingCat
Happy birthday, Grace!
Avatar of West Coast Chicano
West Coast Chicano
Hispanics have a long history in Hollywood. Ever since Ramon Novarro was the lead in Ben-Hur, one of the first Hollywood blockbusters from the 1920s. There's a long list of stars that had Hispanic, mostly of Mexican descent, leading men and women. Greta Garbo, Lana Turner, Jane Powell, Esther Williams, John Wayne and Gary Cooper just to name a few. Then, with a few exceptions, we dropped off the face of Hollywood and still haven't fully recovered. Why we're the 2nd largest movie going audience I'll never know. Speaking for myself I love going to the movies and I'll never stop. By the way, Dave Bautista is excellent in Knock. Gr8 Movie Math, my Gracie! 📽️ 🍿 🌭 🌺 😘
Avatar of Faisal
You should watch Pathaan. True Bollywood experience
Avatar of Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus
I was hooked on Kaleidoscope but completely lost interest once I was forced to watch the episode after the heist, before the heist itself. And the ending is so sad that I never cared to watch the missing episodes.
Avatar of Carlos Millán Castillo
Carlos Millán Castillo
I find hilarious that Tar is always on the top ten on iTunes every week for a while and Grace never says a word about the movie that she will never see but denies that is successful at least on that chart jajaja. Im really interested on watching Titanic in theaters since when it came out I was 3 but still think they wont show that movie down here.
Avatar of Rachel Wolfe
Rachel Wolfe
Brady already signed a mega deal with Fox to be a broadcaster
Avatar of ratatataraxia
Nobody puts Batista in a corner
Avatar of Vas Co
Vas Co
I still haven't seen Avatar 2. I'm good.
Avatar of logan castleman
logan castleman
I think I am literally going to see 80 for Brady during the Super Bowl lol
Avatar of white paint
white paint
Shotgun wedding should of stayed on prime. The movie was awful.
Avatar of trayNTP
Mahomes will never pass Brady’s 7 Super Bowl rings, lol. Be surprising if any QB ever does.
Avatar of ringgold1212
I know you're a Kansas City fan but as a lifelong Eagles fan I hope they blow the doors off of Kansas City and slide into your DMs and say how you like us now😂🤣
Avatar of Barry Murphy
Barry Murphy
That photo-shopped 80 for Brady poster is hilarious! What's going on wth lily tomlin? lol 😆
Avatar of Carolina Casalaspro
Carolina Casalaspro
I am from Argentina. We do not pick which shows we watch based on the ethnicity of the cast. We like The last of Us because here, we also play the game and it was as much of a success as it was all over the world. It is simple, if the show is good, we watch it. Plus we are in summer, schools will be on summer break until March so it is obvious there will be more people with free time to watch HBO.
Avatar of Robert Mercado
Robert Mercado
Listening to Movie Math in car trip back from Atlantic City to Brooklyn in NY.
Avatar of iOnRX9
Avatar of colin pugh
colin pugh
Hi Grace. Will the last of us, like HOtD have it's figure split between two service once nielsen catches up to those weeks?
Avatar of Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground
Just looked up tickets to see Avatar in Auckland NZ. $26 per adult, plus booking fees, plus 3D glasses. And then you have parking, food, drinks. Streaming sounds better all the time
Avatar of J.
Watching Poker Face on peacock, Godfather of Harlem and Abbott Elementary. Haven’t been to Theater since Wakakanda. If Ant-Man has good word of mouth I will go.
Avatar of Ronnie Y
Ronnie Y
“Mahommes quickly catching Brady”😂😂. Stick to movies grace.

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