Knock at the Cabin (2023) / 1 Min Review No Spoiler

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Kill a member of your family or the world would end!
Knock at the cabin tells a story about four intruders who break into a gay couple’s home & tell them they must scarifice one member of the family, otherwise the world would end. Most of the time people either love M Night Shyamalan movies or hate them. And unfortunately this movies falls into the second category.
The premise of the movie is interesting. Also, you can not predict whether they are lying or not untill the last moment. However, there’s no profound or thought provoking meaning at all!
The Movie is boring, it drags and characters development are just terrible. And there is no payoff at the end to make the experience better.
The worst thing about this movie is the fact that it promotes and glorifies religious extremists! Please do not do that! It is just dumb!
I give it C

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