Knock at the Cabin (2023) 4K UHD Blu-ray Review!

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Knock at the cabin is now on 4K Blu-ray, here is my review

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Equipment Used for disc reviews:

TV: LG C9 65 inch (4K, HDR, Dolby Vision)
TV: Sony XBR 850c 55 inch (3D Blu Ray)
Receiver: Denon AVR-x4300h
4K Player: OPPO UDP 203
Apple TV 4K (Streaming Content)
Speakers: Floors: R-625FA
Center: Klipsch R-52C
Surround Klipsch R-14S
Heights: Klipsch Reference R-41SA
Sub: Klipsch R-120SW

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Avatar of @MovieGuy365
Amazon Affiliate Link:
Avatar of @elvisgonzalez3801
I watched Knock at the Cabin on Peacock for free. It would be nice to compare picture quality and sound of the disk vs streaming. I would figure if the disk was a solid "A" the Peacock streaming should be a solid "B" I guess
Avatar of @keepingupwiththejones2933
Really enjoyed this movie. The stream looked and sounded really good. I would imagine the disc would be better
Avatar of @yaxel38
I'm glad I didn't do a blind buy I rented and a complete waste of time what a trash, sorry but that's my opinion
Avatar of @ScruffyWarlord
I don't think the film is that good. This director's first 4 films were great but its been downhill from there with the exception of Split.
Avatar of @Narcisa-800
The book was “Cabin at the End of the World”. By Paul Tremblay. I haven’t seen the movie yet but what immediately strikes me is that the pairing of Tremblay and M. Night Shyamalan is perfect. No one has the same ability to display apocalypse so effectively as the two of them in their respective media. I might get the 4K disk tomorrow or wait until the price drops.
Avatar of @cheekster777
Planning on doing a double-bill of this movie followed by Evil Dead Rise...
Avatar of @gk8573
Please watch RRR movie it's amazing and oscar winner this year epic action with the master of story telling 🤩🍿🤗🏆💥
Avatar of @DIGGERS881
Really liked this film. That little kid was so adorable.
Avatar of @base1b2626
Love Batista. Wasn't a fan of the movie. I love the Village and The sixth Sence. Watched this movie with 6 other people and no one liked it. I'm not buying it. I want The Village on 4K.
Avatar of @floydzepplin2427
Bought and watched just now. I liked the movie and the pic/sound was good. The story was good to me and I did not need a twist ending.

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