Knock At The Cabin (2023) – Blood Splattered Vlog (M. Night Shyamalan Thriller Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru and Count Jackula review KNOCK AT THE CABIN!

KNOCK AT THE CABIN (2023) was written by M. Night Shyamalan, Steve Desmond & Michael Sherman, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Marc Bienstock & Ashwin Rajan, and stars Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Kristen Cui, Abby Quinn & Rupert Grint.

KNOCK AT THE CABIN was based on The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul G. Tremblay.


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Avatar of @TheHorrorGuru
Avatar of GRAPE SHOT
Shyamalan hit or miss with me but you know basically another one of those end of the world apocalyptic events that makes us look deeper inside The Duality of Man. And who deserves to be saved and who doesn't.
Avatar of Dirte Kinte
Dirte Kinte
I liked the book. And enjoyed the movie. But the ending, which I didn't like either, is all M. Night. I hated how heavy-handed it was when the dude says "They're the four horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Avatar of rickshaw0513
Oh this was a great movie. Going into it I was really hesitant because I have no idea what Shyamalan I'm getting and I was worried that Batista wouldn't be able to carry a movie like this. I'm glad we got good Shyamalan and Batista is a freaking fantastic actor.
Avatar of Al Hoyt
Al Hoyt
I love your rant!
Avatar of Lake Morris
Lake Morris
Got a feeling people who love God's Not Dead will fuckin love this. Thanks for the warning, bc I was considering watching this. Not now.
Avatar of Jason Rickerd
Jason Rickerd
Between the reviews for this and the Last Airbender adaptation, I think Shyamalan only wants to "adapt" something to change the story into how he thought it should have gone opposed to honoring the source material.
Avatar of Victor Lambheart
Victor Lambheart
Think ima sit this one out boys. Gonna go read the book instead. Hail Satan. #fukgod
Avatar of Jessica Sheron
Jessica Sheron
Avatar of Kig Felicia
Kig Felicia
#fukgod thanks for the review. Another movie to avoid. Sorry you had to sit through it.
Avatar of Nick Perales
Nick Perales
As someone that’s been through serious religious trauma all I’ve gotta say is #fukgod you guys are killin it like always! Stay awesome!
Avatar of Shaun McComish
Shaun McComish
Never mind guys, I am sure you will have a blast talking about Cocaine Bear at some point.
Avatar of MoonPie
I been waiting on y'alls review for this movie. I will be reading the book instead.
Avatar of rickshaw0513
Okay now that I've seen the whole review I can see why they didn't like this movie. I'm also an atheist and usually hate movies with a heavy-handed Christian message but I guess I just didn't interpret this movie that way regardless of shyamalan's intent. To me the ending was a very somber ending that this man sacrificed the love of his life for a world that he obviously didn't care for and that will never thank him for what he did. At the ending I wasn't seen how good it was that everyone was saved but how devastated and distraught the girl and man were and how now they have to live the rest of their lives knowing what really happened. I didn't know this was a book until after I saw the movie and while I'm at the book ending does sound more interesting I don't hate this movies ending because like I said I interpreted it very differently from the obvious intention.
Avatar of Shaun McComish
Shaun McComish
The Irony with Shymalan is that devotion to having 'Twilight Zone' twists at the end of his films has come to undermine whatever else he tries to accomplish with them. All too often they derail the whole narrative.

Who could forget the end of 'Signs' where the protagonist knew what to do in the event of A LITERAL ALIEN HOUSE INVASION because of calling back to his dying wife's last words SIX MONTHS EARLIER! I could cite other examples but this comment would practically become a dissertation.

Shymalan has talent as a filmmaker, sadly he tends to bend it to chasing the old glory of when his first twist in 'Sixth Sense' made him a household name. #fukgod
Avatar of AlienBoy13
I enjoyed the film. Love the performances and the tension.

Even if there's still some faults that people have with his recent films now, I'm always looking forward to a M Night film.
Avatar of Nicole
Ok I didn’t like the ending of the original story but I really hate this. 😂 I didn’t like the ambiguity of the original but it’s better than the movie.
Avatar of NekkoTheOdd
damn. sorry to hear the treatment this got. I haven't read Cabin at the End of the World but I do love Tremblay's writing so it's kinda fucked they weren't faithful to what he put on paper. I think i'll pass on this. I'd rather not be pissed off by "cause God wants you to" bs. #fukgod
Avatar of arlem525
The book is AMAZING. The Abrahamic god is a dick. Thank you for saving me the price of admission. #FUKGOD
Avatar of brad cha
brad cha
#fukgod Hahahah
Avatar of The Magnus
The Magnus
Fuck God. #FukGod
Avatar of Brian Lawson
Brian Lawson
Count Jackula pretty much reacted to this story the same way I did and I could see him seething in his seat like I did when I heard about the ending. This is why I don't watch M. Night movies. They always suck.
Avatar of LowinBayrod
In Signs, Mel Gibson's family are the true villains of the movie, it shows their twisted religious views and how they interprets signs with fear and violence instead of logic and empathy. The alien they kill isn't invading but saving the son from it's asthma crisis, he doesn't fight even back. There's a reason Grant Wood's art is in the house.
Avatar of Bitter Troll
Bitter Troll
#FuckGod man i was really hoping this would turn out good. love Dave Bautista
Avatar of Ron Villanova
Ron Villanova
You reactions reminds me of a movie you guys reviewed awhile back.
Like with vampires, humans and zombies.
Turns out it was aliens fucking with them, and made them seem the main characters were in the wrong.
Like you put everyoer through this trauma just to prove yourself right
Fuck you
Avatar of Jeremy Jenkins
Jeremy Jenkins
A lot of people had the same reaction you guys did: Great performance, the ending pissed a lot of people off. #fuckgod
Avatar of C. Facci
C. Facci
#fuckgod & fuck Shamalan (sp?) who is financing his films & why?
Avatar of tamoti
I'm glad to see someone else feel the same way I did while watching this movie. I wanted to stop watching but only kept going in anticipation of the 'Shyamalan twist' ... only for this to be the movie where there wasn't one. I thought the reveal was going to be that the 4 people where actually devil worshippers, individual sacrifices can cause 'small' plagues but to start the end of the world they need to trick an innocent loving family into doing the unthinkable. The ending could go wholesome or tragic. But nope no twist, it's a world where god wants good people to just kill themselves and others, and that's apparently a world worth saving.
The book sounds a lot better, I wonder how the author feels about this movie. #fukgod
Avatar of bob gunter
bob gunter
And I thought bone Tomahawk was icky with trying to have a cake and eating it too
Avatar of John O ́neil
John O ́neil
So it was not just me who heard the premise of this and was like "Wait, isn´t this totally fucked up? Why is nobody pointing this out? I am not the only one who has a problem with sacrificing queer people for the sake of god, right?"
Avatar of brad cha
brad cha
to quote Constantine " god is just a kid with an ant farm"

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