Knock at the Cabin (2023) HONEST REVIEW

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🍿 Knock at the Cabin (2023) Plot Breakdown & Review by Connor (Conslaught)
🎬 Connor investigates the latest mystery horror thriller from M. Night Shyamalan, based on the Paul G. Tremblay novel ‘The Cabin at the End of the World. In 2023’s Knock at the Cabin, four strangers arrive at the home of two men and their adopted daughter, informing them that one of them must be sacrificed to prevent the apocalypse. Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint & Ben Aldridge are amongst the stars in this latest feature!

🦇 Huge thanks to Karl Casey @White Bat Audio on the music!

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Avatar of @UnleashTheGhouls
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Avatar of 7 Feet Under
7 Feet Under
Haha yeah, Dave Bautista is great, give him all the great roles
Avatar of Da Vidci
Da Vidci
The changes Shyamalan made from the book was really disappointing. It didn't even go all the way with the ambiguity, it just straight up showed that everything that was happening was indeed real.
Avatar of cunning01
well directed for the most part, good cinematography, very good performances by Dave and Ben Aldridge. Diverging from the book for what we got was a terrible choice. Crushing any ambiguity in the end utterly undercut what was the primary issue of the narrative imo. Dropping the thread of was this group pushed by Rupert's character into targeting this family was destroyed by him dying first and then basically forgetting about it even after we see that he was in fact ben's attacker. Take away message would seem to be 'yeah, maybe that group of loons you met online saying you need to do the extreme thing to save the world are absolutely right and god is working through you'. Gross. Appalling waste of bautista's performance and the source material .
Avatar of Robby
Honestly, I enjoyed it mostly because it was more straightforward. Dave carries the movie on his shoulders.

While I appreciate the film not going the route of Wen dying in the book, it lacks suspense or stakes. With how Eric chooses to die, I understand was meant to be commendable, it unfortunately falls on the bury your gays trope.

If it was an isolated incident where the parent makes a sacrifice, while it would have some issues, it would go over better. But by having it be the entire world could end if they do not make a sacrifice, it reinforces the trope.
Avatar of slipHAZARD
Thanks for the review & I couldn't agree more with it. Personally I found the initial setup and premise interesting but unfortunately they just don't do anything with it. I respect Shyamalan for trying to to get back into smaller movies and moving away from his signature "big twists" it just feels like he's going to far in the other direction. His past few movies have felt like he's trying to hard to say "The big twist is.... there is no big twist!" As with his last movie "Old" this movie kinda just plays out scene by scene and then ends. I never really got the sense of a story being crafted and told rather it comes off as "Here's the premise and here's how it played out, the end". For me his movie "The Visit" was a perfect balance of Shyamalan trying to subdue his "Big Twist" instincts while still providing some twists that genuinely surprised the viewer but still kept the film and story grounded. Anyways sorry for the long post, Thanks again for the review, enjoyable as always ✌🏻❤✊🏼
Avatar of JosephDiEgidioIII
I found the initial half hour very good, until it de-evolved into a shouting match of the most of the runtime with one of the most stupid protagonists being the lawyer husband. There's mountains of evidence already on the table to believe that what Batista is saying is fact, and every turn into a speech by this guy is so fucking boring, it took me outta the film by it's climax. As soon as Batista went out, i gave up on the film entirely and didn't care. Also the damn CGI on that "wave footage" was a bit weak there.
Avatar of HitchensImmortal
Can't remember who said it but they described Shyamalan film as 'they look like Spielberg but the scripts are Tommy Wiseau'.
Avatar of CDIII
Terrible, boring film. Pointless.
Avatar of Susan
This movie is so fcking cringe.
Avatar of Maria Radulovic
Maria Radulovic
Religitard, prolife, CRAP movie. 2/10.
Avatar of Keeron Gill
Keeron Gill
Why haveth the algorithm abandoned you! If I hadn't checked my subscriptions I would've totally forgotten about your channel simply because YouTube hasn't recommended it to me in months
Avatar of Truth And Reality
Truth And Reality
Another bad british garbage junk propatainment import movie impossibly reset into an American setting and called an American production, like the phony british author of the bad british book, that NO Real Existing person will ever see or hear of. It doesn't work and it doesn't make sense, especially impossibly set into an American setting of all places, but the movie "industry", propatainment, is famously and notoriously empty and dead so this kind of british transplant fiction doesn't come as a surprise to anyone!!

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