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Knock at the Cabin – Killing Adriane: Adriane (Abby Quinn) accepts her fate.

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While vacationing at a remote cabin, a young girl and her parents are taken hostage by four armed strangers who demand that the family make an unthinkable choice to avert the apocalypse. With limited access to the outside world, the family must decide what they believe before all is lost.

TM & © Universal Pictures (2023)
Cast: Abby Quinn, Ben Aldridge, Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Kristen Cui, Nikki Amuka-Bird
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Producer: M. Night Shyamalan
Screenwriter: M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Sherman, Steve Desmond
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Avatar of @videosrandomyocurrencias4673
Most sad death of the movie
Avatar of @joewhitehead3
She didn’t seem as scared as Redmond did
Avatar of @ultragoku8210
0:19why bother
Avatar of @karmahadid
I believe shes a real psychopath. Shes really good at acting
Avatar of @yadiralozano953
Avatar of @roygarza2770
Love how the Bible puts false statements in people's mind can you say gullible
Avatar of @MagnaRads
Dumbest movie ever
Avatar of @williamchollick959
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Our very own on-site orphanage. A child should never be left unloved. Never without a hand to hold when they see a monster in their closet.

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Avatar of @andygarcia8009
Like I said before I hate death, but I decided to watch this movie, so I can know what this is really about
Avatar of @firecriss1392
2006--"Lady in Water" was a poor follow up to "The Village"--which was a great, thought provoking film.
2023--"Knock at the Cabin" is a poor follow up to "Old"---which was a great, thought provoking film.
Avatar of @Ikenaliya
Why she put a white bag on her head???
Avatar of @queenterri23
They represent 4 type of people in the world and Adrienne represents the Autistic people

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