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Avatar of @katyrye
Okay I just saw it. And I have to say I prefer the book ending over this. The book already had a m night shyamalan plot twist but he had the kind of make it a sentimental plot twist. And it's pretty tight to the book up until the end
Avatar of @existenz001
I'm curious to learn why this cult believes the family is so 'adequate' for sacrifice... Really curious...
Avatar of @laverdadescatolica5
Avatar of @midnick2159
this is the happening side of Shyamalan. would not recommend or rewatch. she said there were no plot holes lol ma'am there were plot craters. Old was so much better, imo.
Avatar of @adamcarnie2160
what does fustrate mean?
Avatar of @El1989_
Not matter what he does, I always stick by M. Night. 🤣
Avatar of @blinddog1212
Thanks for the review and so glad you enjoyed the movie! Definitely hoped this one wouldn't feel like a "return to the beach." :D
Avatar of @thatshot8
It made me sleepy.
Avatar of @danielsweet858
Got to see it last night & think it's a very interesting, well made movie.
Never been a M. Night fan at all but enjoyed it very much. Excellent acting & didn't depend on an insipid 'twist' at the end.
The first of his movies to make me want to go back to the cinema & watch again. Will buy the Blu-ray too. Always bought a ticket for his movies due to the hype but walked out disappointed.
Didn't know he had it in him.
Avatar of @stevecash9312
I thought it was boring and had no twist
Avatar of @truthandreality8465
Another bad British garbage junk propatainment movie impossibly reset into an American setting, like the phony British author of the bad British book, that NO real existing person will ever see or hear of. It doesn't work and it doesn't make sense, especially impossibly set into an American setting of all places, but the movie "industry", propatainment, is famously and notoriously empty and dead so this kind of British transplant fiction doesn't come as a surprise to anyone!!!!!!!!
Avatar of @isabellamorris7902

I wonder if the movie she's referring to that's similar is The Killing Of A Sacred Deer? Though tbh that wouldn't be too too much of a spoiler
Avatar of @mr3465
Avatar of @sunnygreenings4840
I don't read horror--and I never have! It hits my buttons in a more real way than movies.

And I'm eager to see this movie. In general, I've liked cabin movies in the past but it's been a while so bring it on!
Avatar of @Ninzumecha
Sorry Emma, but it’s frustrated, not fustrated 🙏❤️
Avatar of @katwebbxo
Just saw it last night and I enjoyed it. I can understand the mixed reviews but I like that it leaves you with so many questions.
Avatar of @flaviospadavecchia5126
I liked it quite a bit!
But what was the twist that you mention? There was no twist.
Avatar of @FreshsoCleanYep
It was a good watch, but forgettable and I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. Bautistas acting was probably the best thing of this movie.
Avatar of @dejanrakic77
good movie
Avatar of @johnnybananas4622
I thought this was the best horror movie I've seen since Hereditary. I thought it was perfect and would give it a 10 out 10. I also think that M Night's ending was better than the book and am happy he gave it a conclusive ending, rather than leaving it ambiguous. I'm glad I have a bad movie memory and look forward to forgetting it so I can watch it again in a year or 2!!
Avatar of @michaelkaniecki1998
the plot twist is that there is not plot twist - it´s a movie about belief vs disbelief in a religious context - lame!!!
Avatar of @lesleyrussell8200
?stephen king still get paid to put his name in nobels and movies giving hes good opinion?....when this guy copied and plagiarized authors and filmmakers,....the best example is hes shining copied from robert marasco,s burnt offerings 1976.
Avatar of @lesleyrussell8200
¿and this is not copied from the base of the end of the killing of a sacred deer???????????
Avatar of @darkdemonqueen
I liked the movie. But this review confuses me. I feel like Emma and I must’ve watched two entirely different movies because I don’t think ANYTHING was left ambiguous or open to interpretation in the movie. M. night straight spells it out “yes, this was a real apocalypse!” “Yes, Eric’s sacrifice did matter!” “No the four strangers weren’t nuts!!”
So um yeah I guess I don’t understand what’s she’s talking about.
Still love ya Emma ❤❤
Avatar of @ahmedtaher6363
This movie Totally disappointing ☹️
Avatar of @mrs.ericalaurenhornmason3825
Knock at the cabin love ❤️ the movie 🎥 💖💜💘💋👼🏻👼🏿😎🤗🫶🏻❤️‍🔥
Avatar of @NocturnalHorrors
Ugh....this was such a letdown for me. I did read the book first so maybe that has something to do with it, but I thought this adaptation had no guts. The acting was great though. I'll give it that.
Avatar of @Iamandrey
I’m so sad that horror industry is dying. This one is 1/10, boring af.
Avatar of @Lovayn
This movie is classified as horror. How scary is it? I want to see it but I'm such a wimp when it comes to horror :D
Avatar of @webguy943
The biggest twist here is it was 100% predictable n no twist.
Avatar of @JamJim
P 9/10
O 6/10
S 2/10
Avatar of @gvt4024
The empty man drama movie
Avatar of @dondehetre2029
Yeah the only thing wrong with this movie is there's no such thing as two dads
Avatar of @dondehetre2029
Daddy Andrew and daddy Eric what a joke😂
Avatar of @dondehetre2029
And it's not some religious fanatic who believes 2 men can't be married. It's just called normal
Avatar of @HelenS.739
It's like the four horsemen but with two women instead of four men and it does have amazing casts too 👍👍👍👍

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