Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie REACTION!!

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While vacationing, a girl and her parents are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse.

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0:00 – INTRO
41:47 – RECAP

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Avatar of @uktechnoob
Have to agree with you guys, Bautista was amazing in this movie and has SO much depth to himself. Everyone in this movie was so good and it was so well directed. Loved watching your reaction.
Avatar of @CombustibleLint
This is the only way I can watch scary movies 🤣
Avatar of @lamoravicious2519
Guess the twist was there was no twist.
Avatar of @Liminal99444
I just finished this movie but I did not except or even put together that they were the 4 horsemen of Apocalypse.

That was a twist for me.
Avatar of @olanaowen7320
Having known the whole story because I read the book and recommended. My viewing experience was different. I really enjoyed watching people who were not aware of the story and the ending react. Thank you.
Avatar of @olanaowen7320
The violence was totally toned down for the film. The book was much more gory.
Avatar of @elliebelliewatermellie155
Just watched this last night now I’m going for the e reaction !!!
Avatar of @SandraSealySeawomanBDS
This movie is emotional and horrific and deep with some biblical allusions. Poor Nikki will NOT like this. At all.
Avatar of @allenarmstrong7080
The book is worth a read. The ending is different. Both are great.
Avatar of @RobertMorgan
The creepiest thing to me would be if someone stood in front of a TV with a live newscast and started saying exactly what they're going to say a second before they do...
Avatar of @JoeLerma-hr6bn
Love watching your reactions above all else by far❤️
Avatar of @alib6615
Guys - great reaction as always. I did not cry watching this by myself, but seeing Nikki cry....I started crying.
Avatar of @Doverkin
im all for horror films, ive loved friday 13ths, freddys, halloween, the thing, evil dead and so many more, but i do find home invasions types hard to watch. maybe cus i know someones grandpa who had gone though it and not survived, so it tainted me with these stories maybe. but it does look a good film and them angles at the start was well made to intense the 1 on 1 connection dave had with her, so creepy. I will go watch the film as i do enjoy dave in other things he has done. but i might need to look away at some things like in saw films. theres good horror and there scaring why did i see that lol
Avatar of @mrdavman13
Once you know it’s real, no real father, husband, wife or mother could doom their family to wandering a devastated and desolate planet for all eternity. Also if I didn’t choose the rest of all my loved ones would die horrible and painful deaths. Protecting your family means sacrifice sometimes.
Avatar of @Armariontackett.24
I just love you guys reaction…
Avatar of @MagicAmmo
Bautista absolutely killed this role and knocked it out the park! What a massive range he has. This story line was amazing and if you watch it again, you'll see there's so much tell tale signs as well (the way they were dressed and the colours and you actually see the figure in the mirror for a split second when the light hits it).
Avatar of @joemacdonald6312
8:59 Me too! I'm 6'1" and 350lbs and I would be scared shitless until the moment they came through that door and then I would fight my ass off, especially if I had my kids with me I would fight dirty and brutal!
Avatar of @NikkiStevenReact
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