Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie REACTION!!

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While vacationing, a girl and her parents are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse.

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0:00 – INTRO
41:47 – RECAP

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Avatar of @4Kandlez
Good acting but not a movie for me, just more not so subtle woke Hollywood influencing
Avatar of @jennasoik5728
You guys should watch outer banks its a really good show
Avatar of @roryasrorri701
this movie gave me the impression that Dave is ready for a major, major role in a near future
Avatar of @maggc2420
Scream 6 next?
Avatar of @lorilindsley7411
Nikki you would really hate spider crickets!😊
Avatar of @stevoug
What I love about this movie is it could easily be adapted as a live play, it's a great achievement by the director too captivate the audience with not too many set pieces and scenery, And the slightly off feeling from the start carries all the way through, very good use of the actors notably bautista who excelled in this role, he really is fast becoming a well all round actor with a lot of range, kudos,
Overall it is an interesting project by the director, not his best but certainly an improvement over his last project,
All in all I give it a very respectable 7 out of 10.
Avatar of @Heathen9
Humanity would’ve been sh*t outta luck with me. I would not care one bit. Not at all. If this was the end, so be it. I’m not gonna kill the person I love for a society I have no interest in.
Avatar of @UncleBurt72
Hey Nikki, I know that you get emotional. But look for the positives. The house fire took care of all of the evidence. 😊
Avatar of @likelywill
Nikki: They jump, it's so gross
Steven: 🤔🤔🤔

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love yall
Avatar of @marywalker5348
You guys have got to watch the show "From". It just started it's second season. You'll love it. It's like 30 Days of Darkness meets The Shining, meets.... something else. It's really good.
Avatar of @swayjaayy7631
I went into this movie without knowing a single thing about it. Never even heard of it. Just saw it on Peacock and decided to watch it. It was sooooo much better going into it not knowing anything about it. Everyone that I told to watch it, they had seen the trailers for it or heard about it and when they finally watched it, didn’t think think it was that good. I thought it was a great movie, original concept and well shot. I agree with you Steve every time you say that about not knowing anything about a movie or show makes it way more enjoyable.
Avatar of @elbenlord4620
Hi, do you possibly over the Series All of Us are Dead a Reaction Video ? Greetings from Germany 😊
Avatar of @nicolekerester1385
Sorry I didn't care for this movie the acting was good but storywise no
Avatar of @TheBlueberryMonkey
You guys should definitely watch Banshee! It’s the sickest show to ever be aired 🔥 full of action and drama! You will be hooked
Avatar of @mchllwoods
U should see Jonathan Groff (Eric) in Hamilton. he has an amazing singing voice!
Avatar of @perustc9158
.... "be the one who prevented the end of the world"- He already has! Thank you for the great reaction!
Avatar of @Alejandroram01
18:05 “this is f weird” i felt that but right after you said in a cool way THAT’S NOT COOL LMAO🤣
Avatar of @thegtaguyhere
Hey guys! I would love if you would watch KGF which is a movie about a gangster I would love you to watch that an interesting thing about the movie is that for the second part of the movie has on of most viewed teaser in the world!
I hope y'all read my comment and watch that movie I'm sure u'll enjoy it. Much 💕
Avatar of @noobofalltrades9766
A funny thing happened when I was watching this at a theater. When the part of the film where it was being announced that an earthquake hit in the film an actual earthquake rocked the theater and city where I was watching it for a few seconds to a minute. Made the film so immersive I tell ya. Lol.
Avatar of @user-oq9bw5mj7i
would love to see Dave in a jordan peele movie
Avatar of @UncleAnaesthesia
If you look at the IMDb user rating, it's barely a six... which is astounding given how well made it is on several fronts. Probably my favourite M. Night movie since Split.
I think a lot of immature-ass people review-bombed it over the two dads being able to adopt a child - which has so many levels of irony, I think I may explode.
Avatar of @John-ru4iz
I was lukewarm on this movie myself, but it's always a joy to watch you two react!
Avatar of @Awsnap21
Bushwick is another great dramatic/thriller he’s in. Brittany Snow is in it, too.
Avatar of @AntonioGee
Agree about Dave, I liked the Rock early on with movies like Walking Tall, Gridiron Gang and The Rundown. Not like he was Daniel Day Lewis but seemed like he was trying more before he became an actual super star.
Avatar of @AntonioGee
17:36 my Dad saw the light in the mirror , he knew it was real from there. Great little detail from M.Night
Avatar of @roseoftheday582
My opinion has always been that while our four “killers” are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Eric and Andrew stand for forgiveness and anger/resentment. Andrew has a forgiving heart. He’s willing to move forward and move on. Eric however, holds onto his anger. He can’t move past it. He trusts no one and believes that people are without goodness. I think in the end, Andrew is able to give Eric the comfort of knowing that while they must sacrifice their own love for the world, it will result in others to experience the love and growth needed to live happily and move forward.

Edit: sorry I got Eric and andrews names backwards. Eric is love and forgiveness while Andrew is anger and resentment.
Avatar of @punkstarsx
are u guys planning on reacting to the new scream?
Avatar of @nanossquad1706
Batista has become an Amazing Actor, he has truly grown. John Cena has grown in his comedy range
Avatar of @joshevans7882
Heya guys been watching you for a long time now wanna say I love watching your reactions to tv series and movies you both are funny and great
Avatar of @shawnjohnson2837
I freaking love this movie
Avatar of @faithbaker3463
They shot the end diner scene in my town in tabernacle New Jersey it was pretty cool! The actual place is called evergreen lol
Avatar of @megstarshep
I prefer this ending to how the book ends.
Avatar of @Damien.......
Started following yall line 5 plus years ago . Yall have come so far and give us great content . I find you guys extremely wholesome , my favorite react channel hands down .. love yall
Avatar of @doug3691
Prophesy, doubt, catastrophe, acceptance, redemption.
Or, just a different kind of love story.
Might it become more common?
Avatar of @LegendOfTee
Agreed, Batista is the best at it 😉
Avatar of @MrJSauce12
please watch killing of a sacred deer!
Avatar of @Tater4200
If you wouldn't sacrifice yourself for the WORLD...your an extreme narcissist. I would gladly die to save the earth and all the people man. Because I KNOW there are allot of good people on it..there are more good than bad...and my daughters would grow up knowing their father died for them..and the world :)
Avatar of @kimberlyjeanne9456
Movie Recommendation: THE RENTAL. When Nikki mentioned Air BNB I recalled that movie. It was really good and I hadn't even heard of it when I watched it so it was a pleasant surprise! Eerie and creepy like this.
Avatar of @kimberlyjeanne9456
Hello!?! ROWDY RODDY PIPER is the best wrestler turned actor! Roddy in They Live was oscar worthy ok?
Avatar of @Survivor2002
Watching this AGAIN while you watch, my blood pressure is STILL going through the ROOF!!!
Avatar of @brettwerner7128
The four horseman of the apocalypse did amazing
Avatar of @Jpetersson
There cant be a best pro wrestler, its like saying one dog turd is better than another...
Avatar of @Jpetersson
What a piece of crap movie!
Avatar of @goldensuzaku
Operation Smile is a charily/non-profit that does clef lip/ clef palate surgery. Just for those interested.
Avatar of @WastedPo
Shyamalan always films his movie in intriguing and beautiful ways. That's why even his worse movies are usually worth a watch (for me, anyway).
Avatar of @Joker42540
I mean, this isn't emotional like everything everywhere all at once. Who cried?
Avatar of @kevine9474
Avatar of @LetsGetitBoah
So you’re lefties……big surprise.
Avatar of @amandamcwatt3540
Nikki at 33:55 had me rolling LOL "How did his big ass...?" HAHAHA

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