KNOCK AT THE CABIN (2023) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching | Dave Bautista | M. Night Shyamalan

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WE WERE ON THE EDGE OF OUR SEATS!! AND Dave Bautista delivers his most serious and compelling performance yet! PLUS what exactly was the message of this movie?!?! Knock at the Cabin Movie Reaction and Spoiler Review directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring Dave Bautista as Leonard (Batista WWE), Jonathan Groff as Eric (Hamilton), Ben Aldridge as Andrew (Fleabag and Spoiler Alert), Rupert Grint as Redmond (Harry Potter). Let us know what you think of the movie and how you would rate it, a Pop or Flop??

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0:51 Knock at the Cabin Reaction
42:22 Movie Review

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This video is for commentary and criticism only and is not a replacement for watching the original release of Knock at the Cabin.

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Avatar of @FanPops
Become a Super Fan Pop on Patreon for the full length watch along and more! Is there something you would like to see? Leave a request in the comments below! ↓
Avatar of SUCKED
Bautista KILLS it!
Avatar of Miguel Rios
Miguel Rios
Never had strong opinions about the director but I did enjoy this movie
Avatar of Screaming Cupcake
Screaming Cupcake
30:08 Denise chose violence XD
Love your reactions. This movie had me questioning what was gonna happen till the very end and the cinematography was gorgeous
Avatar of Max Gooding
Max Gooding
I didn’t think it was one of the most groundbreaking movies I’ve seen, but you can’t deny there are some good things about it. From the cinematography and a couple of the performances.
Avatar of Mallory Lommel
Mallory Lommel
I love Jonathan Groffs acting in everything! He is so good! Man him as Eric is so good!
Avatar of Stephanie Green
Stephanie Green
oh man. I can't hate M. Night. It's impossible. I'm from Philadelphia, so....I'm geographically predisposed to side with him. I will say, the cinematography was beautiful.
Avatar of Harley
Knock at the Cabin is a brilliantly written, directed and acted movie. To appreciate it, you really have to approach it with an open mind and patience. You can’t keep asking “what?” , “”what” and expect everything explained to you right away. You have to watch the story unfold.
Avatar of R
I like how he’s like RUN and she’s like MEH🤣
Avatar of Emmet Stone
Emmet Stone
Is it wrong to feel bad for the character that's a nurse? I can tell that she doesn't want to do this because she loves helping people, not hurting. The actor's performance got me crying in the theater and made me believe that she is a nurse.
Avatar of Julian
The reason you don’t get the “why” is because the whole point of the movie is that you don’t know if they’re crazy, lying, or actually telling the truth. If you got to see proof of what they were saying (or proof that what they were saying wasn’t true) then you would have no questions and you’d be rooting for the family to just kill them or sacrifice one of themselves. But, since you’re not sure, and the family isn’t sure, you’re stuck in the cabin with them.

The answer is that they were indeed the Four Horsemen. I am not AT ALL a religious person but I know the Bible. The writer assumes most people at least know about Revelations. That’s it. That’s the point. The world was going to end. The four people were chosen for their role in stopping it. What would you do if you had only the information Eric, Andrew, and Wen had?
Avatar of TheBigTamale
I think there should be an alternate ending where the family all live, but when they get near to civilization, everything is destroyed and everyone is "gone."
Avatar of Mëräkï
That wasnt a plane that Andrew seen in the clouds when leonard sacrificed himself, that was a creature.
Avatar of empire of lies
empire of lies
I think I enjoyed Old more than Knock at the Cabin but bother were unique in their own ways! Def recommend checking out Old (2021)
Avatar of Brett Werner
Brett Werner
M knight trolls is every movie. I think I’m out for now on. I rather skip it no matter how good it is to avoid the incomplete feeling I tend to get
Avatar of Lkf
When you're up for it, look up the book ending 😬😔
Avatar of georgene lawson
georgene lawson
There's always a twist in his movies maybe its that none of this is real what they showing them on tv these people freaking with them lol. Or maybe its all a test to see what they do by aliens or angels maybe even God lol. Similar to the day the earth stood still cept this is more of a test to see how self centered or sacrificial humans are are they really going to sacrifice the whole world for them to live or will they save millions so they can die lol.
Avatar of georgene lawson
georgene lawson
Its like in battle star galactica what has happened before will happen again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again lol
Avatar of georgene lawson
georgene lawson
That's what I figured lots of his movies has interesting premises and trailer that's interesting but then you see it and especially the ending and its meh lol. He has trouble with endings too like Stephen King lol.
Avatar of Jason Lawrence
Jason Lawrence
The Seventh Sign already did this plot and did it better. Great movie from the 80s. I’m with you guys. I was very underwhelmed by the movie overall. Acting was top notch though.
Avatar of tori.0214
This is probably one of my favorite books in the last decade. SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT

So, the first half of the movie is very loyal to the book. It starts off fast and only accelerates. The shirts on the horsemen resemble the color of horses the Four Horsemen actually ride in the myth. Leonard: Conquest, Redmond: War, Adriane: Famine and Sabrina: Death.
Where it starts to differ is when there are two of the horsemen left. In the book, Andrew manages to get free and get his gun from the car. Once back inside, he ends up wrestling with Leonard and with them both holding the gun, it fires and accidentally kills Wen. Leonard knows it wasn't a willing sacrifice and tells the husbands that it won't work and they have to choose again.
Leonard ends up feeling so guilty that he lets Eric and Andrew tie him to a chair and accepts whatever they want to do with him. Sabina tells the husbands that she is starting to question it all and wants to help them escape. She told them where the car keys would be in the forest and she would lead him there. Sabrina is the last of the horseman to survive, and she unalives herself.
Eric and Andrew walk through the forest, holding Wen's dead body in their arms. Eric starts to discuss being the sacrifice to save the world but Andrew talks him out of it. They end up leaving just the two of them , completely alone and no knowledge if it was all true or a lie.

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