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Let’s head into the woods for a nice family getaway! We both check out the latest thriller from M. Night Shyamalan, Knock at the Cabin (2023). Here’s our reaction to our first time watching.

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Avatar of @thomaspasqualone9379
I can't believe you guys are really discussing how do you explain 5 dead bodies and what the authorities will think.

There are planes falling out of the sky and you think authorities will be worried about 5 burnt up bodies in the cabin?
Avatar of @OrderOfTheGash
Her reactions are always like she's forced to watch him play with his train set 😆
Avatar of @alistairclifton1286
those sacks are spit hoods...used on prisoners lol
Avatar of @No1Knows
This reaction brought a few things to mind. First, the Mrs. really doesn't handle slow-burn suspense very well, does she?
Second, the Mr. really needs to consider buying her a nice comfy robe.
Avatar of @paulchaisson8301
I like the vague implication that sacrificing a family member to save the world is a semi-regular occurrence, to kind of explain when people do kill family.
Avatar of @kevmodee1866
Movie sucked honestly.
And the overwhelming outreach to accomidate this ridiculous DEI agenda has become beyond disgusting!
Avatar of @marquisdesade3025
This was frustrating to watch tbh.
Why are you so upset that the movie didn’t spell out what was happening immediately?
And what’s your problem with making a sacrifice for humanity? That’s the basis of a lot of religions, which this movie clearly takes inspiration from.
Like… movies are for watching.
Avatar of @ariesmarie4677
I thought this movie was so dumb. I am just saying. lmao Batista was the best part of this movie imo. He really stole the show. Rupert Grint did great with his character too.
Avatar of @chrisbell9075
Not gonna lie ya'll.. When I heard that doorbell sound, I first thought Dave Bautista was at MY door, then I was pretty sure this was the last reaction of ya'll's I would ever see bc I was then certain he was at YOUR door & had convinced one of them babies to open it..🤣🤣 Talk about adding something ominous to a reaction!! Sheesh! 😬🤣🤣☠🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
The word you said, had more syllables that his last name. Really can’t pronounce his last name?
Creepy couple untruthfully answered question….

so what would you do?
Avatar of @plnkfloydian7814
The applause as your little one opened the curtain was hilarious, nice touch 👌
Avatar of @mamagucci85
I really liked this movie . The Mrs. was right, it felt very real and scary and sad. I did think that when Redmond/Rory said that he was from Medford , Massachusetts was a little funny ... because that's literally 10 mins down the road from my house lol
Avatar of @watcherx2592
I had to stop watching this reaction. She looked COMPLETELY uninterested and like she was being forced to sit through this. I don't know if that's unique to this film or if that's just her personality, but yeah watching someone so obviously disinterested in what they're doing, is absolutely pointless.
Avatar of @jaamgirl
Awww, you guys.

I cried too. Right along with you.

And felt just as stupid.
Avatar of @BeefyBeanBurrito
I had to stop watching about 10 minutes in because you seemed so bored with the story, and wanted it to “hurry up” and kept saying “get to it” as if to say “I don’t care about the story, I just want action”
Avatar of @thatjasonwalsh
i don't like pancakes
Avatar of @deadsetondreams1988
Rupert Grint when he was terrified gave me chills and goosebumps!
Avatar of @tonyjolley832
I didn't really like this movie either. Who the hell wants to live under the rule of a god who demands such things? Apparently the book makes that exact point.
Avatar of @user-ye4ft2fl5w
Am I the only one surprised that it took Dave like ten years to break inside the Cabin?😂
Avatar of @mavielor7394
this movie really does suck
Avatar of @cassolmedia
I hate that dave battista did such a good job in this dumb movie. the premise is dumb. They could just NOT kill each other to unleash the plagues. Also, wasn't wen supposed to be a part of the decision? Also, this is dumb.... good reaction though!
Avatar of @geoffjoffy
I enjoyed it but I was disappointed with the ending. I wish they had come up with something more inventive. Sadly they decided on the 'obvious' ending. That lost the movie a couple of points in my view.
Avatar of @mikeross641
Eh, the charm has finally wore off this channel for me. I'd watch a channel with just the husband's reactions, but the wife annoys the bejesus out of me.....
Avatar of @Xervello
Airplanes are falling out of the sky, lightning is setting the world on fire, children are dying from a virus and people are being swallowed by the seas, but the Mrs. is fixated on what the cops will think if they discover dead bodies in a cabin. I just can't with her, lol.
Avatar of @xXturbo86Xx
If any of you think that homosexuals should be able to have kids, think again. There's a HUGE market for kids out there. And by huge i mean global. They actually hire women to act as breeders. The give birth to children which are being sold to homosexuals. It's beyond sinister.
By the way, how terrifying is the thought that one day you might be chosen to be one of the horsemen, and you're forced to do this? It's crazy to me.
Avatar of @tylerthompson1842
I wasn't crazy about the movie but that was a very tender moment between you two at the end there.
Avatar of @user-fs5sx2uh2h
I hate that Shyamalan changed the ending from what's in the book. good reactions. this is what's needed for the End Times. I've got good news. God is good because He gives His blessings to everyone, whether they be good or bad. but everyone has at least, told a lie, or stolen something in their life. and that makes them sinners, and God will not allow sinners in heaven; in His presence, because He is holy. so, God has to punish the sinners in hell, because God is severe and just. but God is also love and He made a way for some to be saved from His wrath. here are the steps:
1. admit that you're a sinner and are lost.
2. realize that the penalty of sin is death (hell).
3. believe that Jesus (who is God) died on the cross, was buried, then rose from the grave, to pay the penalty for man's past, present, and future sins.
4. trust Christ alone as your Savior, and not on your own good deeds to get you to heaven (nor a combination of faith and your self-righteous works).
5. pray to God NOW that you're accepting Christ's free gift of salvation because if you die before making this decision, it's too late, and you'll 🔥🥵😈
6. and to be a disciple, tell people about Jesus, read the bible, go to church regularly to know God's will for your life.
Avatar of @SGz_Eliminated
Mrs Movies did a really good job of summing up this movie at the end "I didn't like this movie it felt too real" followed by a wholesome emotional moment. It is by no means a bad thing for a movie to do, in fact a movie than can illicit such emotions has done a great job, but it does make it hard to stomach.
Avatar of @nicholasflores254
You're wife is insufferable when she's scared

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