Knock At The Cabin (2023) – Movie Review/Rant (Spoilers) – The Cabinning

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Spoilers start at the 14:10 mark

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Avatar of @ZachMilneTalksMovies
I thought it had some things going for it but ultimately it was underwhelming. For a thriller I didn’t find it to be that thrilling and while I thought the performances were great a lot of this fell flat for me. Good review, man 👍
Avatar of beejay27
I actually liked Old and The Happening but NOT because they were good but because they were so laughably bad! I was literally amazed at how awful they were. I found myself ironically enjoying them, lol. Glass I rember liking until the 3rd act and the ending really s**t the bed. I also think Unbreakable is easily his best film👍
Avatar of newpatriot
Glad to hear Batista did well.
Avatar of Dan Curley
Dan Curley
loved a knock on the cabin i like some of his others but they were just ok to good i can see why you don't like his movies

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