Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie Review + SPOILERS

Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie Review + SPOILERS

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is M Night Shyamalan more of a hit or a miss for you?

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Avatar of @walterwright8454
The audience would have crucified him if he killed the kid in the movie.
Avatar of @walterwright8454
I thought they needed to make their decision on who to sacrifice before the 4 Horsemen die.
Avatar of @gokhan4461
10:03 this is the face of somebody who's about to spoil the book
Avatar of Shannon Kahermanes
Shannon Kahermanes
My boyfriend read a joke saying Bautista was dead the whole time and went into the movie thinking that was a spoiler… and we both thought of all these crazy twists. I thought the end would have been similar to Old and he thought Bautista was someone that the husband with the gun killed and that the 4 were ghosts. We still loved this movie. 100% did not have to be R rated. It was my favorite movie of his. No one builds tension like M Night lol.
Avatar of Maya Sixtus
Maya Sixtus
I went into this movie blind of the original story...It didn't work for me. I was not attached to anyone but Wei, and they told us right away that she wouldn't be hurt. The story said there was tension, but since it was utterly straightforward, I was not tense.
Avatar of Brian
Well, just finished. As a gay man, I hated this movie, genuinely. What was the message? I mean even IF the people were right to have them do this, what kind of God is that? Why would we want to appease a sick, evil God like that? I would have respected this movie so much more of it turned out they were wrong; that there was no real threat. I’m actually pissed off after watching that.
Avatar of BettyMakesClub
When we left the theater I said to my boyfriend “there was no twist” 😂 i did like the movie, I hadn’t read the book but hearing what happens now I do agree with you that would have been better. My boyfriend actually predicted that to happen for the movie even though he never read the book.
Avatar of Mrs. Erica Lauren Horn Mason 👼🏻
Mrs. Erica Lauren Horn Mason 👼🏻
Knock at the cabin. Movie 🎥 I love ❤️ it💋💘💖💜👼🏻🙏🏻👼🏿
Avatar of teambarbie4life
I didnt read the book and i didn’t care for this movie. The movie felt like it had no purpose
Avatar of Michael Angst
Michael Angst
I thought the movie was total shit honestly. Would have been ok if it was his original story in terms of creativity at least
Avatar of shineon716
I did not love this movie. The book is great; movie…very meh. I wasn’t super thrilled with the casting decisions either. Dave Bautista didn’t really do it for me as Leonard. I had a moment when I looked away from the tv for a moment when Eric (Jonathan Groff) was speaking and all I heard was Kristoff from Frozen 😂 I think he played Eric really well, I just couldn’t shake the Kristoff thing lol
Avatar of Kelly Corbit
Kelly Corbit
I think that the Shyamalan twist is the total divergence from the book. Hated the excessive exposition. Loved the book, so despite the enjoyable performances from all the actors, i was disappointed.
Avatar of Luke Meister
Luke Meister
Watched the first half of this when you posted it. Stopped when you got to book spoilers. Having JUST finished the book, came immediately back to this. I 100% agree with everything you said. I saw the movie first, loved it, so read the book (mainly because you recommended it) and loved the book even more! You’ve turned me into a reader again. Next up is The Deep by Nick Cutter.
Avatar of MultiParallelGirl
Watched this yesterday and I dunno I thought it was lame 😬 i havent read the book. I was hopeful while watching the beginning credits because I loved the imagery of the drawings on the different papers etc. But i thought the acting was lame for the most part..the story kinda fell flat for me..there was some tension but for me it was overall just eh. When it ended I was like that's it??
Avatar of Marcy Anne
Marcy Anne
From what I understand of the book, haven not read it, if Adriene saw Wen die and decided to stop the mission and killed Leonard and then Sabrina sacrificed herself, it might have been a better movie for me. They tried to keep if vague for the first few minutes of them all introducing each other, I believed them not fully explaining meant that they were lying. We saw the bar in a flashback and Andrew getting stitches, which made me believe that's where they all met. I also think the bar fight scene had both the harry potter actor and another guy to confuse us.
Avatar of Marcy Anne
Marcy Anne
TBH im tired of people who need to make sacrifices for something like the apocolys being random people. Like if the god of the earth told a bunch of humans to sacrifice themselves to save humanity, like for what? Why them? To test their morality and loyalty to god? I would think a god would ask a truly awful person to sacrifice them self. and if they didnt it would be horrible things on the earth. like that makes sense to me.
Avatar of pen91un
I haven't read the book and I really enjoyed the film. I do think the apocalyptic imagery was really haunting and agree that there film would have benefited from more gore.
Avatar of angel Aa
angel Aa
The movie should've ended with Wen and Andrew leaving in the car, the whole diner scene just ruins it, the ambiguity, the tragedy, it all gets ruined by it. I was also very disappointed by the lack of gore, that took away from the intensity of those scenes, I would've sworn this was PG-13 until you said this had an R rating. I totally agree with Tremblay, the whole point was rejecting this horrible god, demanding terrible sacrifice, what kind of god would have Wen die and still not consider it enough?
Avatar of Juan T
Juan T
I expected something more intense and I watched a movie that made me think "if christians had the balls to make a christian horror movie... mayyyyyyybe this could be that movie".
Avatar of Nicole Pisa
Nicole Pisa
I never read the book, but for me it was one of those where the trailer was better and more exciting than the movie. I had high expectations too, and expected some sort of twist! And wow, Wen dying wouldve definitely added more to the film!
Avatar of Topdoggie7
I can't be the only one who feels like the message of killing one mans lover saving the whole world feels a little bury your gays and mean. It just felt like a very cruel version of the book which was about two gay men overcoming everything that was thrown at them. They had been through a lot together and they had managed to adopt a child and have a life. But then the movie goes and says yes killing one gay man saves the World why couldn't it have been him killing one of the other people saving the world instead?

It felt like it was down to one of the gay men dying no matter what just to save the world and it felt very against them. In the book they even say that it was a homophobic driven siege.

So technically in the movie the homophobes win. 🤢
Avatar of Matthew Lovelady
Matthew Lovelady
Just watched the movie but never read the book. The movie was mostly intriguiging in the beginning but seemed kind of predictable as it progressed. Was one of m nights better movies imo but not amazing. I think ending the movie with more suspense would have left me questioning after it was over. Maybe andrew driving away in the end alone and wondering if he had just imagined everything in his head even tho i figured that was going to be eric in the end not knowing if it was the concussion imagining everything and k*lling his own family. I think there couldve been several different storylines that would have left viewers in more of a wtf did i just watch response.
Avatar of George Cadenas
George Cadenas
Book emding sounds lazy.

If it's still showing you news clips of ehe world essentially ending but the book end is vague, then it's being a lazy cop out.
Avatar of Hope Hurley
Hope Hurley
i haven't read the book and i was absolutely confused throughout watching. even with the answer given i was like "what the fuck is happening?"
Avatar of indigo ?
indigo ?
im sorry, but i think this movie was not that interesting. It ended and I went, "that's it?". Like Leonard dying was impactful and he was interesting, but the other three didnt change anything really. And after Eric dying it was sunshine and rainbows, the end.
The questions I wanted answered weren't, and the questions I didn't care to ask were shoved at me multiple times.
flop at the cabin 4/10
Avatar of peep
I actually loved that it was straight forward I hated the ambiguity in the mist
Avatar of Jay Vansickle
Jay Vansickle
I, for one, was glad that the ending wasn't ambiguous. I haven't read the book (so, that probably allowed me to enjoy it more). I thought it was a really good movie, and thought Bautista did a great job.
Avatar of jessicajohn92
Omg super excited for your review!!!!!! 🍿
Avatar of ohhoneytree 1336
ohhoneytree 1336
You look so great! Hope baby is doing good :)
Avatar of Eric Mwanza
Eric Mwanza
Omg so excited for your review have been waiting for this review
Avatar of dawwe 88
dawwe 88
Avatar of Rob K.
Rob K.
Dave Baustista is one of the four armed strangers?

I would've thought he was one of the hostages.
Edit: This puts a different spin on this movie for me now.
Avatar of The Dude
The Dude
Sarah I'm not sure if you saw my comment on your last video, but I really think you were hacked because someone pretending to be you keeps hitting me up on Telegram for money. Keeps saying I won all this stuff from your giveaways but I owe $160.00 for shipping. I even got another message yesterday about it. I ended up having to delete Telegram, but I still wanted to give you a heads up about this.
Avatar of Holly Ann Beauty
Holly Ann Beauty
Love seeing new content from you! And your baby is the most precious girl!
Avatar of Jaybunny
I liked the first half of this movie but it just went off the rails, terrible change from the book and a shit ending. The acting was good though, especially Adrian she carried imo. It’s just a shame Adrian doesn’t get the role she does in the book
Avatar of mind waves
mind waves
Bautista just cant act. Like why does hllywd keep casting this guy?
Avatar of Nala Brown
Nala Brown
I heard this is similar to the 2nd cloverfield movie
Avatar of The Dude
The Dude
Btw great video as always. I saw this movie yesterday and I was a little disappointed for various reasons, but I hadn't read the book. Adding that to my list 😉
Avatar of Heather Casino
Heather Casino
Last movie I saw in the theater before giving birth was Men. Ugh. Lol. I didn't get back out to the theater until she was 5 months, hubby and I saw The Menu. I'm so glad you could get out to the movies!
Avatar of jtru0
This story definitely benefits from ambiguity. I read the book, and decided not to watch the movie. Glad I read it. Yes it is extremely heartbreaking. Poor baby. As soon as the scene played out, I knew that was what they would change. Props to tremblay for going there. I am not surprised they changed wen's fate in the movie. The book overall, I think was a better choice for me.
Avatar of darkninjafirefox
I really really liked it until the near end. I preferred the ambiguity in not knowing if they were really capable of averting the apocalypse
Avatar of Maggie Meyers Makeup
Maggie Meyers Makeup
Lovely review ❤️
Avatar of Joyce Schouten
Joyce Schouten
I loved the movie. Bautista was my favorite (I'm a wrestling fan, so, no surprise there).
Avatar of Rebe Ruth
Rebe Ruth
I’ve not been in the theatre in nearly 3 yrs
Avatar of Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards
I think M was the wrong director for this. He's always going for the gotcha moment, and this story doesn't work that way. The change to the Wen part (trying not to spoiler too much) was just too much for me - it is THE pivotal plot point. I would have loved to see what someone like Ari Aster could have done with it, keeping it as written originally
Avatar of Cyborg Savage
Cyborg Savage
I honestly wouldn't call this movie horror, it seemed way more suspense with thriller vibes but nonetheless, I liked it a lot and I would enjoy watching it again

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