Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie Review + SPOILERS

Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie Review + SPOILERS

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is M Night Shyamalan more of a hit or a miss for you?

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Avatar of Beckywise The Dancing Clown
Beckywise The Dancing Clown
The ending was a bit lacklustre for me but overall I enjoyed it
Avatar of Christy Fielding
Christy Fielding
I love M Night and I have at least liked if not loved every movie he's made. And I'm pretty sure I've seen them all.
Avatar of ElizjahAime
I felt that the story went... nowhere.
The dynamic with the Apocalypse4, their stories, their despair, what must have been going on in their minds... I found that side of the movie very interesting and moving.
I wasn't moved by the daddies. Eric was too 'soft' and Andrew too much of an A-Hole. Impossible to put myself in their shoes, I was very detached from their struggle, no sympathy for them.

The only thing that surprised me and the only reason I'd watch that movie again... Bautista. He is an amazing actor.
Avatar of Josh's Bookish Voyage
Josh's Bookish Voyage
I loved this book, but I've not seen the film bc I fell ill the weekend it opened 😭. But I couldn't resist hearing how it ended. (Spoilers) I can't help but feel they just played it so safe. Plus, I hate the idea of killing a loved one for the good of the world. I liked how, in the book, they challenged the notion whether the world was worth saving if this was the cost, like Tremblay said himself.
I still intend to watch the film as soon as I'm able.
Avatar of Katie Andreas
Katie Andreas
I really enjoyed the movie! Having not read the book, the movie was suspenseful for me.
Some things I wish they'd done differently would be not finding Redman's ID until after Eric dies. Leave out Andrew finding his license in the wallet, the car scene was enough. That combined with maybe learning at some point that Redman first started the chat room would have left the ending more ambiguous. Were they targeted?
Also, I would have preferred they left out the diner scene at the end. Indications of things improving would be good, but the diner with all the people did make it seem very cut and dry.
M. Night's endings are always more positive so really, I didn't expect an ambiguous ending. I like it a lot as is, an ambiguous ending would have been a different kind of take on the story.
Avatar of Maddy Galloway
Maddy Galloway
I liked the movie up until it diverged from the book. I dont think adaptations need to 100% faithful to be good, but the aspects I found most compelling about the novel (religious indoctrination, brainwashing, ecochambers and the ways media can exacerbate these) are lost completely by the changed ending. The movie felt like a watered-down hollywoodified version of the novel.
Avatar of Juan Morales
Juan Morales
Haven’t seen the movie or read the book, although I do want to read the book. But I agree with your thoughts on moviemaking. SIGNS was the last movie I saw, until SPLIT and GLASS. After SIGNS I felt like his movies got too preachy.
Avatar of Kristy Parlor
Kristy Parlor
I just watched this Saturday. I liked how thought provoking it is. The end is vague to me. Like was it all a coincidence or not.
Avatar of Daniela D'Amico
Daniela D'Amico
Some of the things you mentioned are the same things I said after watching it. Especially the fact of it being too straightforward, I felt like after the first twenty minutes I knew everything that was going to happen. Also a 3/5 for me.
Avatar of asteroid11
I thought it was ok. Annoyed that the second trailer (Which was unavoidable if you went to any other movie between December and now) spoiled the fact that the apocalypse was real though. I do not see in any world how this is R-rated, literally everything was off screen, JUST off screen in a lot of cases, but off screen none the less. I think it woulda been more interesting if everything was more vague, not just the ending but throughout. Some ideas were great, like how maybe this isn't the start of the apocalypse, but the end, and its too far gone. I don't wanna sit here and list hypotheticals, cause I thought it was good enough as is, I just felt like nothing quite got there, they were always a step or two short.

It did have my wife and I talking about what we would do, which is always fun to have a conversation stem from a movie.
Avatar of Michelle Middlemiss
Michelle Middlemiss
The book writer of book lucked what chance!
Avatar of Tinamarie Adorno
Tinamarie Adorno
I really enjoyed this movie! I also really loved Bautista in this roll I thought he was great!
Edit: now hearing more about the book I think I would actually have liked that ending a bit more.
Avatar of Vincent
The change in the ending was a pleasant surprise to me! I didn’t like the book ending and wanted some form of resolution and felt like it put a decent but still ambiguous button on the movie!
Avatar of Michelle Middlemiss
Michelle Middlemiss
But your right about seeing the movie first
Avatar of Faisal Iqbal
Faisal Iqbal
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Avatar of Kathy Cobb
Kathy Cobb
I wish you would pronounce his last name correctly. Watch him on the Wired article where he answers the web's most searched questions. He actually pronounces his last name.
Avatar of Kaywireee
I have not read the book, so it's very interesting to hear the changes made to them from someone who has! I may just pick up the book and re-experience it for myself. I feel the same way about the movie, it's decent and I definitely got teary at the peak of the movie, but I may have hyped myself up too much after seeing the cast and the R-Rating, which leaves me desiring just a little more.
Avatar of Lauryn Lumpkins
Lauryn Lumpkins
this movie was sooooo bad
Avatar of Monolithic Fishmonger X
Monolithic Fishmonger X
Thumbnail = full-blown Pearl.
Avatar of Alfred Meneses
Alfred Meneses
I totally agree with you that the the movie was too straightforward in its ending. I didn’t mind the change on Wen and Andrew surviving, but the movie could’ve ended with Wen and Andrew embracing in the treehouse and not have the answer of whether the apocalypse ended or was even real.

And my interpretation of the hopeful ending in the movie is that the hope isn’t so much for humanity but hope for Andrew and Wen. I viewed Eric’s sacrifice as a passing of hope onto Andrew that he’ll break out of his jadedness and raise Wen from a place of love rather than fear-based self-preservation.
Avatar of Aaron
tbh not gonna lie, i gave this movie half a star on letterboxd. I really disliked this movie a lot which I was not expecting at all because I went in with really high hopes. I have never read the book but I found the movie so predictable and the pacing annoying. Love your review!
Avatar of Vicky Wootten
Vicky Wootten
What bothered me most (apart from the ending) was the reasoning behind the four horsemen dying. In the book, they sacrifice themselves because the family won't, in the hope that it will stop the apocalypse. But in the film, they say that the killings will bring about the tragedies. So, just don't do it...
I loved and hated the ambiguity of the book - are they telling the truth, are they just four people taking advantage of events, are they part of a bigger group? Who knows!
And I literally said when we came out that M. Night was just the wrong choice for director so snap!
Hope parenthood is treating you both well and Little Miss is doing ok.
Sending much love and blessings xxx
Avatar of Victoria
Depending on your opinion in this video I might go see this tonight 😅 it’s also my most anticipate movie right now
Avatar of bldrts
Saw it in a completely empty theatre! It was okay :/
Avatar of Michanne Doss
Michanne Doss
I actually thought it was PG-13, I kinda dug the mild take even though gore doesn't really bother me usually.
It has definitely made me want to read the book. I don't regret watching the movie, though I don't think I loved it. I probably wouldn't rewatch. Looking forward to the next video!
Avatar of gay vampire
gay vampire

Yeah totally. Wen not dying completely takes away from what the story is trying to say. We're supposed to see her death as a tragic result of the group's intense belief in their story and the cultlike mentality that drives them to violence. Personally I also felt it really important in the context of school shootings and gun politics.
Avatar of Sarah Schwartz
Sarah Schwartz
Yeah, I honestly thought as soon as I read the book that it was not suited for the Shyamalan treatment. The book works because of the ambiguity, and he just does not do ambiguity.
Avatar of ashley’s little library
ashley’s little library
Totally agree - I liked the ambiguity of the book and the overall direction it took so much more. Still appreciate the movie for what it is, but I was expecting it to feel much more heavy and it lacked that for me compared to the book.
Avatar of Joseph Saltal
Joseph Saltal
I got a DVD copy of "The Tunnel" from the library.
Avatar of Gina Ornelas
Gina Ornelas
What book was this based off of author ?
Avatar of Mrs. Erica Lauren Horn Mason 👼🏻
Mrs. Erica Lauren Horn Mason 👼🏻
Happy Tuesday ❤️💋👼🏻
Avatar of eulalio garcia
eulalio garcia
For me it was a 4/10. And that is just because I liked how the couple was portrait. I dont like how LGBT people are portrait in general but in this movie it was cute and normal. The acting of every actor in the story is also very well directed. The rest is just bad. The story is just not good. There is one thing in the editing that was also bad: the tsunami part where someone was filming it and the footage was broadcasted somehow. I read the comments in searching for a reason to like it but it is just not good. Very easy to anticipate What will happen. Very clichê
Avatar of The Bloodletter
The Bloodletter
I wish that even if they wanted to keep Wren alive that they still had them refuse to do the sacrifice like the book. I liked that ending more than the movie one.
Avatar of Randall Griffith
Randall Griffith
Back in top form!
Avatar of Dark Room Reviews
Dark Room Reviews
I'm in the middle of reading the book! If I go see the film , Id be spoiled. Loving the book so far
Avatar of Sasha Robinson
Sasha Robinson
I love your videos, but that pulsing light on the right side of the screen on this one is distracting!
Avatar of Lindsay Lobotomy
Lindsay Lobotomy
My friend saw the movie but didn't read the book. I asked him if it was super sad and he said no. I can't believe they didn't kill Wen! Less excited to see it but I will eventually.
Avatar of darkraven2116
I agree with everything you had to say! I thought the twist was that Shyamalan didn't include mentally ill people being violent, haha!
Avatar of Monica Merle
Monica Merle
It didn't click with wide audiences in my country I tell you, it ended up 4th place on the weekend behind "M3gan", "Avatar" and "Puss in boots". And people here love low budget horror movies. Last year, the prequel to "The orphan" drew decent box office numbers. In my personal case I dnf'd the book, I don't vibe with Paul Trembley style, so I don't care to see this movie either. 🙄
Avatar of Jinxedangel
I wanted to watch the movie prior to reading the source material (because when is the book NOT better than the movie?) so I am not going to watch the full video so I can enjoy the book with no spoilers BUT I did enjoy the film, I want to see Bautista in more serious roles, my partner doesn't cry often when watching movies and he actually teared up during our after watch discussion. I thought the pacing was great because nothing felt slow or boring, I thought the end was VERY M. Night with the song playing on the radio, felt like Daddy Eric was telling them he was okay 🥺 can't wait to read the book, though!
Avatar of Mona Hanna
Mona Hanna
I also love the book and I have been avoiding any spoilers of the movie but it is killing me!
Avatar of thefitfunlifeofc
I rated it 3 stars overall because I loved the set and I think it was shot beautifully, but it definitely was not my favorite M. Night film for 2 main reasons.
1. I wish that instead of having all the fire and brimstone action in the forest at the end it had just been quiet with birds chirping to really make you question if anything actually happened. Then when the characters go to town you could still have the same ending but I think it would be more ambiguous because they haven’t actually experienced the disaster themselves, have only seen it on TV.
2. Having never read the book, I can say that I also wished that the movie was a bit longer. I would’ve liked more character development not only for the main couple but also for the four horsemen and how they came together. I think the film tried to cover too many plot points in too little time and as a result the characters felt one dimensional.
Avatar of adaml7416
Always appreciate your reviwes🎉
Avatar of xXEmoCupcakesXx
Typing this out before you hit the spoilers. I gave this a 7/10 and still don't know if I like it or not. Haven't read the book but want to now.
Avatar of Angie Wade
Angie Wade
I liked and enjoyed both the book and the movie. I liked getting to see an alternate ending. I prefer the book but I was able to enjoy the movie too.
Avatar of 82Jaster
The first two news reports (the earthquakes and flu outbreak) were really good at making you wonder whether the four intruders were telling the truth or did they see the news earlier and convinced themselves that their visions were true. But the plane report, while obviously visually cool, removed any doubt. There's no way to explain why more than 700 planes would just fall out of the sky other than something otherworldly occurring. So i'm confused as to how the people behind the movie could argue that it's a vague ending.
Avatar of augie
I was so excited in the first half because it felt so faithful and then the ending was a huge letdown! I would have given a pass for the lack of gore/brutality if he went through with the book ending. The story lost a lot of meaning with the decisions the writers made :(
Edit: Bad things aside, I really liked how Shyamalan translated the figure in the light as well as the flashbacks :)
Avatar of Bill E.
Bill E.
A read the book over a year ago. Great you said. Not gonna watch the movie. When a great book gets adapted, why change it. The people that loved the book will not be happy. One of my all time favorite books is The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. AMC bought the rights to the book now a series called The Mayfair Witches. It is terrible. It is so different and getting lambasted by lovers of the book. Getting ones and twos out of ten on IMDB by viewers. Why do screen writers think they can improve on National Bestselling Books. As a book and movie lover it is so disappointing. Great Review though.
Avatar of Amethyst Martinez-Esquivel
Amethyst Martinez-Esquivel
I normally really like M. Night but his movies always kinda leave me let down a bit so I get it
Avatar of VickyScreams
I watched it today and haven't read the book. I didn't interpret the ending as vague at all. It seemed very matter of fact that the apocalypse ended as soon as Eric died. Jeez, the book ending sounds bleak! Don't know how I would have reacted to that if they'd used it in the film. The fact that Eric would be the one to die felt sign-posted very early on as soon as they mentioned his faith a second time.

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