Knock at the Cabin (2023) | Sacrifice Scene | Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint |

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Dave Bautista as Leonard
Jonathan Groff as Andrew
Ben Aldridge as Eric
Nikki Amuka-Bird as Adriane
Kristen Cui as Wen
Abby Quinn as Sabrina
Rupert Grint as Redmond

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Avatar of @supernerd2333
I really liked the film's ending. The book's ending was just stupid.
Avatar of Kinky Katie Klassen
Kinky Katie Klassen
It's scary how well shamylan wrote gods servants and humanity.
Avatar of Brandon Gainer
Brandon Gainer
Ok Ron Weasley
Avatar of DrimMaddex
great movie but it made me cry it was sad
Avatar of infiniti __alex
infiniti __alex
Savage movie
Avatar of Noyllopa
Great sound recording and ambience, but otherwise a disappointing movie
Avatar of skully70
Dave Bautista is really upping his acting game. I love Cena and the rock. But Batista just might be pulling ahead of them in acting skill.
Avatar of Bose Dkbhag
Bose Dkbhag
I really liked the book ending..... It wld b adark ending I guess but it has more appeal thn d movie ending.... V human r selfish n flawed... N tht is represented in d book where wen dies but it didn't stop anything cos it was not by their free will n both husband didn't sacrifice each other n let the Armageddon happn...n the story ends thr.....
Avatar of God Shed His Blood to Pay for your Sins
God Shed His Blood to Pay for your Sins
Now they are making movies of their everyday lives..sacrificing children
Avatar of Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez
Dog shit movie but Batista was pretty good
Avatar of Mike Hogan
Mike Hogan
Dave can’t act at all. Also stupid movie
Avatar of Incivilis
Holy fuck Eugene levy got Hella swoll
Avatar of Josh
Bautista is a good actor but outside of movies he doesn't know wtf he's talking about. he's a emotional gun grabbing commie
Avatar of Banjo Dubgail
Banjo Dubgail
everyone involved making this and movies alike are satanic scum
Avatar of David Post
David Post
This movie didn't make much sense. You should never give into something so stupid. This movie is offensive to god's intellect.
Avatar of Birdo
God damn. They are selfish af. I mean I’d agree. I’m not choosing anyone but that’s for an entirely different reason
Avatar of Dakii
Man, what a shit movie, but what did I expect of M. Night
Avatar of Red Wolfe
Red Wolfe
Vault 11
Avatar of Ecoli ESRein
Ecoli ESRein
This is a real movie. I thought it was a snl skit. Like is woke media that void of ideas then text to mane white gay men seem racist I don't think it's met to make sense. Its met to make money.
Avatar of sion evans
sion evans
Michael bublè put some timber
Avatar of John Acosta
John Acosta
Was pretty good movie
Avatar of Capn Coop
Capn Coop
How many lives do you think your life is worth?

I figure I'm a one to one, but they would probably have to say 10 before I chose.

7 billion would be ridiculous.
Avatar of HeavyThunder39
Eren Jaeger
Avatar of Italiandanish
His worst film besides avatar. What a hot pile of garbage
Avatar of Mr Potato
Mr Potato
This was such a shite movie, I will give it props for not taking too long tho
Avatar of T0101000 T000000
T0101000 T000000
The democrat party today in a nutshell
Avatar of Wild Horizon
Wild Horizon
“Never forget a hero would sacrifice you for the world, a villain would sacrifice the world for you.” Because I’m sure plenty of people think he’s a jerk for this decision but I’m ngl I wouldn’t sacrifice my loved ones for y’all, sorry.and I wouldn’t blame y’all for not doing it either.
Avatar of C Penner
C Penner
14.06.2023 the world idiot
Avatar of Nathan
Man people are so delusional. Sacrificing your family for the sake of the rest of the world? Shut up. May the man without sin cast the first stone and what not. Let the world burn. That's what I have to say when it comes to overpopulation and sacrificing loved ones. I won't give up anything for the planet. We owe nothing to the collective population of earth. The majority has controlled us for so long. They've somehow brain washed people into believing that sacrificing for the majority is the only way to go. Be an individual and say "No" for a change. If the world is fucked, that isn't our responsibility ultimately. It isn't any individuals problem to bare. People with power have more to do with what happened to the planet than us. It was our nature to populate, grow and survive. If the earth can't handle that, it's still the planet's fault. We are ultimately doing what we must because we can. But not for the good of all of us, and certainly not the ones that are dead. Since there's no point crying over every mistake, we just keep trying till we run out of cake. Well Anyway, there's science to be done and I've been gone for too long, but hey at least we are still alive.
Avatar of philip japitana
philip japitana
Even if u did sacrifice 1 person to save the world
How will you live and remember yourself?

Is the world worth the sacrifice of 1 innocent person?

I say let the world burn
And be judge and live anew
Avatar of alpo180
This movie was really good a great watch
Avatar of Oregon Weekend Warrior
Oregon Weekend Warrior
I mean my family is most likely going to die as well if there is nothing left in the world and the air is basically toxic, so yeah. I am making sure my wife and daughter or son have a place to go, they need to take me out, easy decision, no questions asked, absolutely no argument to be had. Its only a moral dilema in todays world because real men dont exist anymore.
Avatar of sean robey
sean robey
I heard this film was awesome
Avatar of Wizzard
Not even a fun movie to watch.
Avatar of ChefRed
Such a dumb movie concept
Avatar of Taschigawa Hades
Taschigawa Hades
What is happening to the World ........ im out
Avatar of MorkandGork
Should’ve said it to a Christian family they would do it in a heart beat
Avatar of Kyle Baxter
Kyle Baxter
Great acting. Terrible plot.

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