Knock At The Cabin (2023) VS Book The Cabin at the End of the World

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00:00 Intro
The Endings
01:14 The Movie Ending
3:00 The Book Ending
06:01 Key Differences
13:45 Messages & Meanings
23:47 My Ending & Theories

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Avatar of @serenacelestine
Just a key thing to add about the Trolley Problem: the trolley is going to hit the group of people if the subject chooses not to act. So inaction is still technically an action, even if you feel more removed from the consequences. Similarly with the family here; they can choose to stand by until time has run out, but that is still a choice in itself.
Avatar of Patti Ray
Patti Ray
I just watched the film, having read the book some weeks ago. I must say I rather prefer the book. Obviously, books have infinite words and minutes to convey their stories, so they are always more fleshed out. But I was disappointed that M Night did not stick more closely to Tremblay’s story (yes, even Wen’s death). And the ending was far better in the book. It seemed to me much more formulaic that one of the dads would sacrifice himself to save the world for his partner and child, and much more deeply felt that said child died during the “trials” and that the dads would choose to face whatever was coming (real or imagined) together. And Emma you are absolutely correct when you said that the ending was quintessential Shyamalan! Well spotted. I could have done without that. I read a comment that said that Wen asking if “ …Daddy Eric had saved the world..” would have been a perfect way to end the film, and I totally agree. Much more poignant. I enjoyed the movie, don’t get me wrong. Dave Bautista continues to amaze me, and the other casting was excellent. Maybe because I was raised with Catholic mystique I recognized the four horsemen right away, as soon as the clothing was described in the book. Or maybe it’s because I’ve watched the TV show Suoernatural on repeat for so so many years 🤣 Either way, I appreciated the imagery. Book rating: 5/5 and film 6-7/10. Thanks for another great and insightful video! I’d rate it 10/10! ❤️
Avatar of catssayquack
I read the book while the film was already out (& before I saw the film). After I read that Eric saw the figure I was sure it was going to be about aliens manipulating humans like puppets, and I was thinking the whole time that this is right up M. Night's alley, a Signs moment -- but I was wrong of course. On a side note, I think it would've been awesome if the aliens were made of energy and with the performed rituals, the people who were offed would turn into this energy. The "god" people have been worshipping for centuries is an alien.
Avatar of M.
did no one else feel like there should've been more explanation about how they all met & their visions? i think that would've added a nice layer to the story overall. it felt kinda rushed. i wasn't really rooting for any of the characters besides Wen. i'm not gonna read the book so i that's why i watched this. but it's sad to know Wen died in the book.
Avatar of Sammey Phammey
Sammey Phammey
It wasn’t very clear to me. So the mnight movie twist was the the doomsdayer were actually right?
Avatar of Sammey Phammey
Sammey Phammey
Come to think of it. I would have acted like Andrew. But I would have changed my decision soon after seeing the doomsdayers’ sacrifices. Seeing how they’re so dedicated to their beliefs in their visions that they were willing to die for said beliefs
Avatar of Bonafidevixen10032
The book was very frustrating and hated the ending. Like it was a cop out. There are much better ambiguous endings than that one. I liked your suggestion a lot.
I read the book first, then watched it the day after. It's been a week and I still don't know how I feel about it. Weird.
Avatar of Clee4000
Just saw this movie it was just bad and terrible movie. That's not even the worst part it's made by the same guy who murder and butcher my favorite TV show with a bald headed airbender.
Avatar of Maggy Frog
Maggy Frog
haven't read the book, but i think that m. night probably chose to paint a better picture of religion / religious people in the movie, because the book could be viewed as a cynical or darker portrayal of people and that religion is basically just a man-made cult. again, i haven't read the book, but just basing this from the spoilers. the book could also be an f-u to the idea of human sacrifice to appease a god or gods. it could be a calculated risk assessment that shyamalan decided to NOT paint religion / religious people that way and not get accused of demonizing religion.

dave batista and the kid are the best thing about the movie. i thought it was kinda cheesy that the movie ended with a definitive "the apocalypse was real" and that they "stopped it". also, the ambiguity of the book allows for a more critical scrutiny of the characters.

all in all, this is still one of shyamalan's good movies. he's either a hit or miss kind of film maker, and this is still a hit even with the flaws. i enjoyed the movie and the casting is pretty good, particularly that of dave batista and the kid actress.
Avatar of Bryce Fryar
Bryce Fryar
I find it interesting that you're projecting your own world ideology onto how you wanted the story to end.

Art is subjective. This is why I don't like that they changed the ending tho. Personally a balance between the two would've been preferred.
Avatar of Barrett Keathley
Barrett Keathley
I read the book first, was so distraught when Wen was shot 😢 that it took me 3 or 4 months before I was able to finish, so I didn't want to see the same ending in the movie. I liked your idea for the ending with no diner scene
Avatar of Tina Brown
Tina Brown
I absolutely loved the books which I had read a while back. I was very anxious to see the movie and felt it was similar enough for me not to be disappointed. I often read a book after watching a movie I enjoy as it does add so much more depth. I liked the ending of the minister than the book. That might have to do with the fact that if felt that Wen's death wasn't considered a sacrifice. I also interpreted the ending of the book as the world ending. Read more Paul Trebley. I love his books
Avatar of cellar door
cellar door
This is one of the rare books that made my grandma cry, when Wen died it affected her so much she didn't want to watch the movie. She ended up liking the movie more than the book. While this is one of my favorite novels, and shocked me as well, the film is still solid even if it changed the ending in a way I didn't like. I still think it's one of M's best in his late career, but I wish he had stuck to the original ending. Still a solid 4/5 for me though, and just seeing a normal family that happens to have to fathers, it was kind of refreshing. But Bautista was amazing. I even spoke to the author, Tremblay after the film and said while it was good, he did it better. He said he had no input on the adaptation at all, he replied with an emphatic 'THANK YOU!'
Avatar of Truth
22:05 Stroger's cat? what?
Avatar of Carl Kenner
Carl Kenner
It was super Woke, which is a bad thing. But other than that it was OK. I liked that they gave it an unambiguous ending, but I would have preferred it to have all been fake.
Avatar of pen91un
I haven't read the book and I really enjoyed this movie. I would have liked it to end where...

The sacrifice is made and Wen and Eric drive home but everything seems normal. They only saw apocalyptic evidence on the TV, not in the real world. so it's leaning towards thinking these people were having a shared delusion, but there's still some ambiguity because what if the world being reset and no one remembering the tragedies is because they made the sacrifice? I thought it was kind of depressing in the movie how they eventually made the sacrifice, but lost so much along the way.
Avatar of Kerry Thomas
Kerry Thomas
This movie sounds homophobic to me, having to kill a gay man to save the world, which obviously turns out to be true, unlike thd book which implies its all a delusion. Even the author claims its a delusion and doesnt like the movie
Avatar of flicks & tease entertainment
flicks & tease entertainment
How about changing the fantastic title, Cabin at the End of the World, to the ridiculous sounding and boring, Knock at the Cabin.
Avatar of HalfCaffCrochet
I'm finally getting around to watching this because I finally got around to watching the movie! Despite it being M. Night, I was not excited about the subject matter so I delayed - and I was right, I did not enjoy the subject matter so much. So, I'm still thinking about everything but I really appreciate your extra insight from the book to add to my thoughts.
The only things I think I can say this early in my thought process is that I felt myself disappointed that I didn't get enough of an attempt at a reason why one of them had to be sacrificed. Now, I know sh*t happens and god's motives are ambiguous so that certainly all tracks, but that was the part that I found the most interesting so I was quite unsatisfied there. There's one statement about maybe their love being pure, but maybe I wanted a peek into god's mind. OR, I actually would have liked more supernatural content around the cabin, like the audience gets to see that this cabin - yes isolated, but is also some kind of supernatural place where if you happen to be unlucky to stay in it, then you are the 'random lottery loser' and that this happens cyclically.
As far as the ambiguous ending, I don't mind the ending and I really am not sure if I would prefer the ending to be different or not. What I would like to have been different is that I wanted to be convinced along the way that this was real and I didn't feel like the tv was convincing enough. I think that certainly was the point - we were on the same journey of questioning that the characters were on, but I didn't feel like I came around like the characters did by the end of it.
Anyway ... more thinking! Thank you so much for this - I love these kinds of videos. I do a little 31 days of horror thing for people every year and my theme last year was book to movie comparisons. I love to compare differences and think about why those differences were chosen, etc.
Avatar of David
"Wen has two daddies."

The social engineers in Hollyweird enlisted M Night Shyamalan this time to direct a thrilling cinematic celebration of gay marriage.

In this story, two queer men show the hetero normative class once and for all that they are not only as good as them but maybe even better.

And what is the surprise twist ending to the film that Shyamalan is known for?

Perhaps it's that those who cannot reproduce in order to perpetuate the species will at least rescue it for those who can with an act of super moral bravery and courageous self sacrifice.
Avatar of Don Dehetre
Don Dehetre
Yeah the only thing wrong with this movie is there's no such thing as two dads

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