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Comics Corner #5 | The Eastrail 177 Trilogy | Unbreakable, Split, & Glass

Connor and Harry discuss M. Night Shyamalan’s deconstruction of American superhero comics, The Eastrail 177 Trilogy: Unbreakable (2000), Split (2016), & Glass (2019).

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Avatar of @angeliquemichael228
Someone did sacrifice himself to save the world. Jesus.
Avatar of jefferson hassan
jefferson hassan
What progressive messaging?
Avatar of Remya Tempest
Remya Tempest
Spoilers: This movie was actually pretty good, a solid 4 out of 5. Ppl so caught on dumb stuff, the point of the Harry Potter actor who attacked the gay dude in the bar, was to throw off the viewers to think it was something else. Also, they imply that there are "rules" which isnwhy they cant leave, I mean you dont have to spell everything out, its implied that aomething bad like the end of the world would happened if they didnt kill themselves. Hes been doing his thing lately, I enjoyed Old as well
Avatar of NPC HSN47364
NPC HSN47364
“Gay people are narcissists and only care about themselves.” -M. Night, probably
Avatar of Dark Zak
Dark Zak
This movie is a result of M. Knight putting the biggest progressive sausage in his mouth that he could come up with. The result is a terrible insipid wasteful uninspired pile of crap that is so far from what interesting and entertaining concepts that M. Knight used to be able to do
Avatar of Dollar Store Cacodemon
Dollar Store Cacodemon
Ending gets changed from the book so that the gays get to save the world. Unbearably woke. Film wasn't all that good really, felt mostly disappointed. Just happy I torrented it and didn't waste any money.
Avatar of Aegis of the Republic
Aegis of the Republic
“Why don’t you just not do that?” End of discussion.
Avatar of Feral Cyborg Gaming
Feral Cyborg Gaming
M. Knight is like if Neil Breen had a bigger budget and was slightly more competent.
Avatar of Lee
This is why conservative arts reviews are garbage. If it’s “woke”, it must bad.
Avatar of Gideon Horwitz
Gideon Horwitz
Avatar of Paul Duncan
Paul Duncan
I thought The Happening was crap but I've never understood why people use that talking-to-the-plant scene to bash it. The scene was clearly tongue in cheek and played for laughs.
Avatar of harbl99
I try to avoid this half-smart twist merchant's work since The Village . No, you don't get a second chance after that utter tripe.
Avatar of FlappyTurtleSnatch
I don't know how many of you read, or tried to read, the book it's based on but I quit halfway through. Every other page is used to remind you of how gay the characters are. I wish I was exaggerating but seriously, it's f'n bad
Avatar of VanityEvolved
One thing Harry didn't mention, in regards to the plot too, is the big reveal of why this all happened and it is just as cringy and progressive as you'd expect. One of the couple has huge homophobic, cliche parents. They were chosen to save the world because 'their love was the purest of all others in the world'

I barely made it 30mins into the film with the cringe acting, boring pace and how blatantly M. Night is just a way to push tickets. The Visit, Knock at the Cabin, all very confined locations (a single house through a found footage angle, a bunch of people standing in a cabin talking for an hour) are all VERY cheap to produce, and his name still gets people in seats, meaning even if they don't get THAT many people in, the film still makes a decent profit.
Avatar of Strategic Gaming with AacornSoup
Strategic Gaming with AacornSoup
Jonathan Pageau also noted how a lot of Leftist movies are overtly using motifs and imagery of Pagan Human Sacrifice as necessary to prevent the Apocalypse.
Avatar of BigBroTejano
I still find it funny that M. Night tired to claim the reason why people didn’t like his ATLA movie was because as a Indian his brain didn’t think of stories the same as westerners… which is really odd given he’s spent decades of his life in the west making movies for primarily western audiences…
Avatar of psyxypher
The twist being that there was no twist is actually fucking hilarious for an M. Night Shyamalan movie.
Avatar of MightyPorkinPlowaStranger
No, He's lost his touch. If he's gonna let jack holes dictate how he does his movies I'm not bothering watching them anymore. Like lol if you are trying to make money, why would you make them the main characters? He knows 98% of the population doesn't believe they actually behave this way...but he made this any way. No.
Avatar of specimen larry
specimen larry
Avatar of Son of Angron
Son of Angron
Gay couple: “We’re such good, progressive and considerate people.”

Dave Batista: “Unless one of you willingly sacrifices yourself, hundreds of millions of men, women and children die every few hours, including us. Please make the hard choice for the sake of all humanity.”

Gay guy: “Fuck the world! They can all die! Aren’t we such good and moral people! 😊”
Avatar of Edward Hannah
Edward Hannah
Remember when there was a magazine saying M. Night is "The next Spielberg" lol

The Sixth Sense is his best film. Probably because he had a lot of people telling him what to do and what not to do.
Avatar of Thomas Arnold Coe
Thomas Arnold Coe
Book is dumb
Film is dumb
Avatar of Chu Morgan
Chu Morgan
My biggest problem was : it's a " is it supernatural or not?" movie made by the person who always has a supernatural otherworldly element in his movies.
Avatar of Pablo H
Pablo H
The Happening is one of the greatest movies ever put to film......And that there is a fact
Avatar of augmenautus rex
augmenautus rex
Shyamalan movies are really like flipping a coin. Heads they suck tails they're pretty good.
Avatar of MikeGranby
This was a case where having a gay couple actually made sense. If you’d had a regular mom and dad, you’d have a strong expectation that the dad would sacrifice himself for his family. Here, having two guys made it easier to string things out. As you point out, the bigger issue was that the potential for it all being revenge on the gay couple was blown by the potential bad guy being the first to die…
Avatar of noelie noelie
noelie noelie
Sacrificing people to avert perceived disaster is woke too. Tbh I just presumed it was the latest elitest attempt to normalise killing us again.
Give us your children and we can avert climate disaster. (Pulls the heart out then chops the head)
Avatar of Wide Awake! Not Woke!
Wide Awake! Not Woke!
Avatar of shishoka
I watched a better version of this on daytime television. I think it was an episode of the new outer limits. Four teenagers are on a hike in the woods. They find a cave with a chest that has a chalice filled with blood. They accidentally spill the chalice and immediately the sun goes out, the world is dark, and it starts getting colder. Entire episode is the four of them in the cave, trying not to freeze. Ultimately they come to terms with the fact that they have to commit human sacrifice and fill the chalice (I think there were cave paintings explaining it, it was long ago). They draw straws or something, kill one of the girls, fill the chalice, sun comes back up... then the radio says the earth passed through a cloud of solar dust or something and they and the audience are left to wonder if the sacrifice was necessary and the event was supetnatural.
Avatar of Brad Stone
Brad Stone
Cabin is definately about "conspiracy theories" and Old is about the Lockdowns.
Avatar of The Android
The Android
Shymalan has always been massively overrated. I switched off after the first five minutes of The Sixth Sense because it was way too obvious.
Avatar of Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle
It was bad. The Village and Signs were great though!
Avatar of Guus van Voorst
Guus van Voorst
good lord, what a garbage story...
Avatar of danbit
'Devil' is great: it's about repentance and reconciliation, about taking responsibility and healing in the milieu of a sometimes creepy, bottle/chamber play horror movie.
Avatar of AlbertaStrength
Split glass
Avatar of AlbertaStrength
The village
Avatar of Silas Speaks
Silas Speaks
It is absolutely rubbish.
Avatar of Joel Macha
Joel Macha
This is actually a premise that works with a gay couple more than a straight one (not necessarily in the execution, but concept). A straight couple with a biological child would have an obvious choice (the father).

But there really should have been at least one person questioning why the intruders have to kill each other. It should have been a Final Destination thing where some freak accident kills them as a sign or something. Then they could ask more questions.

A big problem was that there wasn't a mystery. It was obvious that the destruction was real. I was hoping the intruders would show the drawings they mentioned to show that was was happening was predicted ("It's just like my dreams!").

There's just a bunch of little bad decisions from a writing standpoint.
Avatar of Dante's Hollowed Grounds
Dante's Hollowed Grounds
I'm not gonnna lie, watching the Happening back then in theaters made me a bit paranoid about the world for a bit at some time but then it went away.

I mean kind of like those killer mirror movies where you look in the mirror and whatnot etc.
Avatar of Guciom
2:40 The four horsemen of the Apocalypse represent the four stages of the destruction of civilization. First comes Conflict which escalates to full blown War that consumes all recources and brings Famine that eventually leads to Death.

There is no Pestilence Horseman. That is a product of popculture.
Avatar of FlashRebel
! Warning: pedantic comment !

There wasn't originally a Horseman of Pestilence among the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, it's a misinterpretation of old pictures of the Horseman of Conquest. The basic idea is "War leads to conquest, conquest leads to famine, famine leads to death".
Avatar of Robby Tominson
Robby Tominson
Who the hell is still funding M. Night Shyamalan's terrible movies?
Avatar of Matthew Rowe
Matthew Rowe
To be fair you cannot spoil it the director did that already
Avatar of Cymes
Unpopular opinion: Split wasn't a good movie nor was it intended as an Unbreakable sequel. It was advertised as such to drum up interest in M. Night's movies after the couple of duds he manufactured.
Avatar of Cymes
Harry: "Switch off the audio for two minutes to avoid spoilers"

Two minutes later

Harry: "Rupert Grint's character dies"
Avatar of RaverDude00
Simple answer as to why the four "horsemen" can't simply "not allow" the apocalypse is because they are messengers of God. I have not watched the movie, as I am not a fan of Mr. Shyamalan. IMO his only good movies were "The Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable" (although some may argue the other two parts "Split" and "Glass" were well done too). But basically the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" represent methods of death and destruction via God's will. Apparently in this movie if they can convince one to show self-sacrifice, that will save humanity. This is an old trope in movies.
Avatar of EMOalpha
I really liked the movie despite the horrible messaging. About the story about the gay couple making ** with their son and i got kind of disgusted.
Avatar of evan thesquirrel
evan thesquirrel
I didn't get that impression at all. Frankly I was happy to see two gay men portrayed as rich self centered assholes who's selfishness bring about the apocalypse. Their unwillingness to sacrifice ANYTHING is the heart of the homosexual agenda. My wife and I thought it was a biting critique of the modern gay man.
Avatar of Nigl Harr
Nigl Harr

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