Knock at the Cabin Alternate Ending and Book Changes | Spoilers | #Shorts

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This YouTube #Short covers the alternate ending from The Cabin at the end of the World book, which was adapted into the Knock at the Cabin movie. We also cover some of the other major changes from the book to the film. There are spoilers for Knock at the Cabin in this video.


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Avatar of @BSapproved
Book sounds better than the movie for sure
Avatar of @puppysubdoll13
Just watched this movie. Throughtout the whole movie i kept agreeing with Andrew. Those 4 people who knocked at their cabin & barging with scary weapons seems and sounds like a lunatic whos having an episode.. this movie made me uncomfortable on some level 😂 great acting thoooo but the storyline is very boring & slow.
Avatar of @David_Phoenix23
Who cares? Dumb movie
Avatar of @frankievalentine6112
Why some bald dudes got a wrinkle head?
Avatar of @swiftwars2134
Honestly would’ve really preferred they had a sort of “The Cabin In The Woods” sort of ending with the family surviving but choosing to see what happens.
Avatar of NoName
This is the one time I accept that having an ambiguous ending makes sense because to the topic, it represents the point of the movie which is, how do you know for sure? Or simply 'Faith'. But still definitely no Ari Aster or Robert Eggers
Avatar of Aussie Random Videos
Aussie Random Videos
Omg it’s got one of those sopranos ending has it geezus
Avatar of Merc Molto
Merc Molto
sounded like the book sucked 😅
Avatar of Andie Allison
Andie Allison
The ambiguous ending is much better.
Avatar of Fajar Setiawan
Fajar Setiawan
The change is bad
Avatar of number one
number one
Is Andrew and Eric’s characterization in the novel the same as their movie counterparts? I really like them
Avatar of Fiery Euro Chick
Fiery Euro Chick
The movie was better. The author of this book wrote it during the 2016 primaries abs after the election. Which means he was dumb enough to believe the MSM as well.
Avatar of Carlos Martínez
Carlos Martínez
The movie had a cheesy and cliché ending. The book sounds way more interesting and darker.
Avatar of Antonio Soto
Antonio Soto
Never read the book, hearing about it’s ending makes me prefer the movies ending better
Avatar of Man Behind Winkie’s
Man Behind Winkie’s
Looked like an Illuminati tattoo on Bautista's chest, with the all-seeing eye.
Avatar of Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez
I think the book sounds interesting but I think if you cared about those characters you’d be happy with the movie thinking about it as another timeline where they got a semi happy ending after a traumatic event. It makes sense after so much trauma a family who had to deal with so much hate was able to get through it and continue although it makes u wonder how they were able to cope with the ptsd after all that

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