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We’re diving deep behind the scenes into M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror movie, “Knock at the Cabin.” Starring Rupert Grint, Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, and Kristen Cui, this movie represents itself as a stellar, contained ensemble piece. You might have noticed that all the scenes shot in the cabin were like one long, drawn-out shot. They also used not one, but two cabins from the movie that were built completely from scratch. One was built on location in New Jersey and the other was built in a warehouse so they could control all the technical and visual elements. One of the craziest things we found out was that the actors used real weapons during their fight scenes. The only time they would switch to prop weapons were when it involved swinging at somebody’s head. Can you imagine that being part of your regular 9 to 5 work day? Now, we know Dave Bautista does a fantastic job in his role of Leonard, but it was his most challenging role to date. Because he’s an ex-wrestler he usually gets typecast as an action-hero type character who doesn’t speak much. He said he spoke more in this movie than he has in his entire career! It’s the role he’s been waiting for so he could prove himself as a serious actor. We really have a lot to unpack here, so make sure you stick around until the end of the video to find out everything we know!


00:00 Intro
00:17 Role of a Lifetime
00:54 Dave’s Demise
01:24 Insecurities
01:53 Tattoos
02:12 Party Bus
02:44 Fight Scene
03:09 Hanging Out
03:44 The Cabins
04:18 Special Effects
04:45 The Shots
05:27 Night’s Cameo
06:03 The Book
06:45 Outro

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Written by: Ace Louzon
Narrated by: Serena L
Edited by: Joaquin R. Carvalho

For copyright matters please contact us at:

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Avatar of @ryansalazaracosta2596
I loved the film. about this review: Normally I speed up the videos playback, but this time I had to slow down at 0.75... so take it easy guys!
Avatar of @christydadageorge5955
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Avatar of @leemack101
Avatar of @lordvenjix3757
Amazing video 👌
Avatar of @lordvenjix3757
The overall plot of the film is interesting but simple:
What if a group of strangers came knocking at your cabin and told you that the world is going to end, and you must sacrifice one of the lives of your family in order to stop the apocalypse.

What the film does so well and what Shyamalan deeply understands (Especially since he is known for his crazy twists!) is the art of the reveal…
Avatar of @EldurLeikir
Avatar of @thecunninlynguist
This was a solid flick. Better than old. It was weird hearing Rupert with an American accent
Avatar of @TheOfficialKatelovesgiraffes
I cant believe it tho

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