Knock at the Cabin: Book vs Movie SPOILER-FREE thoughts! #knockatthecabin #mnightshyamalan

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Avatar of @BrandontheBeldam2993
I was definitely conflicted on the ending of the film as I left the theater. I liked the film fine, Dave Batista made it for me.
Avatar of @dtrtuscay826
The book hooked me at the beginning, and then (imo) descended into a disappointing, blood-soaked profanity laden mess. I guess it's just a matter of taste. About midway I skipped ahead to the end. I decided that I wasn't going to read the whole thing just to get to THAT. I might see the film though, because I like the director's works.
Avatar of DrDOOM931
Books are always better than the movie or shows. ALWAYS. The movie sucked also
Avatar of Violet L-A
Violet L-A
Book was def better!
Avatar of Kasha's Book Sematary
Kasha's Book Sematary
That movie ending was lazy AF XDD The book was a lot more disturbing in general and the movie also tried to over explain too much

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