Knock At The Cabin Door Trailer 2 // Reaction & Review

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The next film from M Night Shyamalan features a family who must make an unthinkable decision to avoid the apocalypse.
Watch the official 2nd trailer here:

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Avatar of @ericspearman2998
M. Knight always does interesting stuff. I adore Signs, Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense, and yes even Lady in the Water which I hold up as being an underrated and misunderstood minor gem. Knock at the Cabin looks very promising.
Avatar of Wrenn Einzbern
Wrenn Einzbern
I find it weird that one of the dads doesn't volunteer to save the other 2. There must be some bigger twist because if one of them doesn't that seems like an obvious solution. Honestly for me let this movie go dark and sacrifice the girl that would be a twist.
Avatar of sonicboom kj
sonicboom kj
I said on the trailer this seem like a M Night & Jordan Peele type of film.
Avatar of CaVaughn Grace
CaVaughn Grace
But natural disasters and hundreds of people die all the time! That's not proof that these people are legit with what they're saying about the apocalypse! C'mon now! Smh
Movie looks really good and the book it’s based on was pretty incredible
Avatar of Shawn Parker
Shawn Parker
They can’t hurt the little girl, she is precious. The movie gives off like SAW vibes. Where there could be weird consequences.
Avatar of Emotion Big Life
Emotion Big Life
Read the book
Avatar of Prathap Kutty
Prathap Kutty
Signs is my favorite m night movie. That movie legitimately creeped me out as a kid.
Avatar of BIRDY
Based on the Novel... SPOILERS!

The little girl does die, if I remember correctly from a mis-fire during a fight scene between the parents and Leonard (Bautista's Character). And it kind of just ends off where the two parents are left wandering and contemplating their lost and parent-hood (if I remember correctly been a min, so those who did read it also, lmk. lol).

This trailer is interesting because it kind of adds more to the book; in the sense that the novel itself only focuses on the risk and consequences that the family undergoes. We aren't given a truth that the world ends, or that humanity dies. It just a belief that is set up. So the book is very interpretative in that you kind of have have to decide yourself what you believe is real and what is not. Are these strangers that barged in really telling the truth, Or are they just cults, Is the apocalypse really happening. These are kind of questions you formulate during and at the end of your read. It's a good novel that intensely sets up interesting plot drive. One again about what it means to protect your kid in situations like this as well as throwing in some other themes as well. Its interesting!

Looks like from the trailer, they are changing it up quite a bit. Knowing M Night S. I'm excited to see what they actually go with! A lot of materials that can be played with this Novel. So I wouldn't be mad! LOL.
Avatar of Gerard Hynes
Gerard Hynes
I would have choose both dad's. And save the planet.
Avatar of Wesleech
Damn you M. you get me again. I need to see this now.
Avatar of KIillabytez (Hellraezer)
KIillabytez (Hellraezer)
I hope it's better than Split, The Visit, and Lady In The Water. They also had really great trailers, but really let me down when I saw the full movies. It looks good, but we'll see.
Avatar of Taylen S.
Taylen S.
I just finished reading the novel THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD based on the movie a few days ago and it was such a great book.

I am looking forward to seeing the film as well.
Avatar of Zach Sheffield
Zach Sheffield
“Stranger danger” Didn’t happen in the the US until 1979!!
Before than parents and their children talked to everyone!!

The numbers of kidnappings was majorly inflated!!

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