Knock At The Cabin Ending Explained

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Knock At The Cabin Ending Explained
#knockatthecabin #knockatthecabinendingexplained
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Avatar of @raulfuenzalida7152
I would have loved to realize some kind of connection to MNS other movie THE HAPPENING at the end of this apocalipse !
Avatar of Price Japanjapan11
Price Japanjapan11
I want to see this movie
Avatar of Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts
I'm personally glad they changed it from the book ending. The book ending wouldn't have translated well to screen, and I feel like audiences would feel super cheated.
Avatar of Juan wick
Juan wick
I probably would've sacrifice myself
Avatar of Travis Taylor
Travis Taylor
I just got out of the theatre. This movie was so incredibly disappointing. The acting (besides the Batista and the two who played the fathers) was awful. The plot was so dull and I had hoped there was some kind of cool twist at the end but you don’t get that. Just a bland story, no action, no surprises. Ending was so dull and lame. Save your money people. Wait till streaming.
Avatar of JMP.T28B
Another WOKE movie. Not for me.
Avatar of Kamen Rider Aliks
Kamen Rider Aliks
I really enjoyed this movie and this is another one of those that deserves a second watch like Sixth Sense. Definitely going to be looking for all the details from the information unveiled at the end of the movie when I watch it for the 2nd or 3rd time.
Avatar of Cat
We had so many questions as viewers and we would have had even more as hostages! The couple didn't ask enough and there's no way I'd believe what some psychos showed me on TV. Nope.
Avatar of DeclinedForCredit
I can say this without spoiling anything. But I knew they would not follow the book this is based on exactly. Not even close really. I can understand why.

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