Knock At The Cabin Ending Explained

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In this short, I’ll be doing an ending explained video on the new M. Night Shyamalan movie Knock At The Cabin 2023. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed the video consider liking and subscribing.

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Avatar of @puppysubdoll13
Just watched this movie. Throughtout the whole movie i kept agreeing with Andrew. Those 4 people who knocked at their cabin & barging with scary weapons seems and sounds like a lunatic whos having an episode.. this movie made me uncomfortable on some level 😂 great acting thoooo
Avatar of @reaca1081
Book ending the girl gets shot and is the actual sacrifice
Avatar of @BusyMEOW
I was hoping for a twist ending, like it was all a coma dream and they were the doctors. Good movie still
Avatar of @JR-ef7nm
2024 -2027
Avatar of @user-gs1fl3jn4b
This movie gives me confusion
Avatar of @mfcobb1
One of the stupidest movies ever.
Avatar of @mrgiggles5555
Really didn't explain anything... you just recounted the final minutes of the film.

If you're gonna talk about movies atleast try to add to the conversation.
Avatar of @frankwest7995
Avatar of @bobbysbreakdowns
Where do you get the clips of the movie?
Avatar of @MohammedSonGoKu
Homophobic shit
Avatar of @griponreality9716
Lenard is the horseman of guidance, or the horseman of conquest, not death. Sabrina, the nurse. was the horsemen of death.
Avatar of @carlweller1983
I feel like the horsemen helped bring on the apocalypse they all had to be sacrificed they weren’t humans they were demons. In disguise to convince a human to make the final sacrifice of the apocalypse
Avatar of @caramelchocolate09
@littleques0 this was a trash take and wrong information all together. Delete this 🚮🚮🚮
Avatar of @eddiegreenhill421
Yeah the books ending is way too dark so they had to change. In the boom one of the dads shoots their daughter by accident and they just let the apocalypse come cuz theirs started when they shot their own kid.
Avatar of @mitchkupietz
He is not the horseman of death lol
Avatar of @veggietrish
I thought it was a great movie but I tend to like films others think are weird.
Avatar of @danielmunguia8341
This film came off as homophobic or the film was made in order to portray the hate that queer people face in todays society. But it was really unsettling tbh
Avatar of @truly.zayzae2653
They’re so fucking dumb you wouldn’t sacrifice just one of you to save over 7 billion people? You sacrificing fucking kids man over one stupid bum ass gay man
Avatar of @johnmendez6324
Very good movie. Highly underrated.
Avatar of @thaddeuslacroix3573
They predicted the Chinese emp attack on U.S. soil on sept 23 2023
Avatar of @nathanmorrison2537
Didn't they explain they were Malice, Healing, Guidance and Nurturing?
Avatar of @avaleesdad
Leonard was conquest, the colors of their shirts matches the colors of the horses of the four horsemen. Sabrina was death, with a pale shirt on.
Avatar of @Louthas
Kind of a crappy movie considering how depressing it was, and their were no happy or humorous moments where I laughed or actually enjoyed it

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