Knock At The Cabin Ending Explained (Book vs. Movie)

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Knock At The Cabin ending explained: Knock At The Cabin book ending versus movie ending. They are quite different — but which is better?



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Avatar of @bamwrites42
The book sounds bad. MNS wrote a better story. Imo. Thanks for explaining the book ending. I only saw the movie after a review of reviewer of of Black Mirror episode Demon 79 wrote that the stories were very similar.
Avatar of Nicolas Bogado
Nicolas Bogado
Totally I’m whit bout ending… for the book cus is a book and of course for the movie was really good… the little girl play is outstanding and the director did a brilliant move to change the end for a movie 💫💫💫
Avatar of Sara MG Reads
Sara MG Reads
I tried to read the book, but I do not like this author’s writing. From what you’ve said, I think that I prefer the movie ending but of course I can’t be totally sure since I bailed on the book.
Avatar of RThomas470
I read the book, went to see the movie last night and was surprised how they changed the ending. I get why they did it but like you, I preferred the book ending because of the ambiguity. However, a lot of movie goers really don’t like those types of endings. So again, I see why they made the changes but would have preferred that they hadn’t. It would have definitely sparked a lot of conversations between those who saw it. Ultimately, I did enjoy the movie and would recommend. Cheers!
Avatar of Fredrick m Tv
Fredrick m Tv
How would you recommend it to me on scale of <>10
Avatar of The Brent Robinson Show
The Brent Robinson Show
Great review, can't wait to see the movie.
Avatar of Alfred Meneses
Alfred Meneses
Glad you made this follow up to your non-spoiler review! My main thought about the ending is that if it had ended with just Andrew and Wen embracing in the treehouse with no answer on if the apocalypse was real or not, that would’ve been the perfect ending. I thought Eric dying in the end completed the character arc of him going from sceptic to believer and how his sacrifice passes on a sense of hope to Andrew that’ll break him from his jadedness and pessimism. It just added an emotional weight to the film that the book didn’t provide me. The line Wen says to Andrew “Did daddy Eric save the world” hit me, and I think it would been a poignant way to close the film.
Avatar of Dunybrook
Ambiguous endings are almost always better. I don't know why so many films are made that leave nothing up to the imagination.
Avatar of The Powajr
The Powajr
Good video, I don't speak English but the youtube translator helped me understand. greetings from Mexico
Avatar of CRISCO KIDS #1
People dying.....yada yada yada😁😕
Avatar of biochem70
The acting was great BUT the 2nd trailer gave away so much (showing the tsunami and the plane falling out of the sky) that I never doubted the four visitors. For me, this removed all tension from the movie. My only hope was for the M. Night Shyalaman twist that never happened. I also agree that an ambiguous ending would have been better.
Avatar of Brian Ng
Brian Ng
I hate movies or books with ambiguous ending; I paid for a story; I deserve a complete story, not fill in the blank or open to interpretation. So, I like the movie much more than the book. The book is too grim, and you are not even sure the disasters are real? No thank you.
Avatar of Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson
It’s ok, I just saw the movie and I liked it. I’m not that interested in reading the book. Besides I’m glad the producers and director decided to spare the kid’s life.
Avatar of aaron smith
aaron smith
Kind of like the idea of the kid and one dad being left at then end to make the decision, it would make sense that they couldn't go through with it, no way he can make the kid shoot him and no way he's gonna shoot his kid, the book decision just seems spiteful on there part,"if we can't have our daughter none can live"
Avatar of The Cat
The Cat
Book ending is great compared to the dreck we got. He didn't seem to understand the story at all.
Avatar of BrianR
I thought the entire movie was intriguing and hated the ending. Now I'm online today to learn the differences. I agree with you that the book ending sounds a lot better. It felt to me like MNight was trying for some semblance of a "happy" ending - one dad died, but the world is saved, and these two get to go on... happy happy joy joy. But it's a horrific movie with horrific consequences and there can be no happy ending. I think what I would have liked more from an "alternate" ending (diverging form the book) would have been that they go through the whole thing, dad kills other dad to save everyone, and then they head out, thinking they had accomplished it, but it turns out either they took too long, or it never even stopped everything to begin with, so now just the two of them are stuck walking the earth alone, with the memory of the event, the devastation of the apocalypse AND guilt, knowledge, memory, and pain having killed other dad. A brutal ending to a brutal movie instead of trying to shoehorn in a happy ending.
Avatar of GODLESS101
They didn't have the balls to show a kid getting killed on camera. They played it safe and turned a movie that could have been amazing into a flat, predictable, and ultimate unfulfilling throw away film. That sucks.
Avatar of Roxanna Drake
Roxanna Drake
Question.....why did you not include the figure that appeared in the fire after the lightening strike? To be more specific, one partner saw a figure in white light behind redmond. After Leonard took his life, they show the other husband walking into the cabin in a bit of a daze; behind him lightening strikes and you can clearly see a figure in the fire....

Did this happen in the book and is there added significance if so?
Avatar of Robikin
Honestly the ambiguity would have drove my ocd ass crazy
Avatar of Sandra Gill
Sandra Gill
No dont like the book ending hate stories that keave you hanging
Avatar of Jay
I liked the movie
Avatar of schoolinJOO
glad i checked the difference. book sounds like shit tbh
Avatar of dzb
He's a homophobe, not a bigot.
Avatar of Darkanentertainment
1. Who has time for this, even if it’s a skit? 2.It wasn’t funny. 3.So, I’m guessing you don’t realize that other young men and boys will follow this behavior? SMDH.
Avatar of F. Miller
F. Miller
Game of thrones gotta be the only adaptation everyone hopes is diferent from the books.
Avatar of Kaitlin S
Kaitlin S
Hi! It’s Kaitlin from the old neighborhood! Just finished watching the movie and went to YouTube for an analysis and your video popped up! So cool! I didn’t read the book but the book sounds a lot better. With the movie I was honestly really hoping for either a jaw-dropping twist or that ambiguity. I feel like the movie validated crazy conspiracy people lol. It just made me think of all the crazy conspiracy theories and paranoia that goes on today and I was hoping that it would be more a critique of that somehow. Anyways….love your video and your energy!!! Subscribed!
Avatar of Black White
Black White
If you are gonna make a movie based on a book then let the movie play out like the book. I don't mind minor changes because sometimes some things can not be adapted to the big scree but I hate it when there are drastic changes to the plot. Such as in this case.... It was an okay movie simply because I didn't know the plot of the book. Now that I know the plot of the book I think the movie sucked
Avatar of robert punu
robert punu
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