Knock at the Cabin ENDING EXPLAINED + Breakdown

Knock at the Cabin ENDING EXPLAINED + Breakdown

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Knock at the Cabin is M.Night Shyamalan’s latest bottle horror, with a non-twist ending that still needs explained. We break down the full movie, explain the horsemen, and what’s real.

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn ()
Hosted by Ryan Arey ()

#KnockAtTheCabin #EndingExplained

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Avatar of @christophercrystal4449
Great review seems a typical Shamalayan film….pass tx for saving me the time
Avatar of @podcastpatty6468
Sabrina wasn’t killed on accident in the movie during a scuffle. Eric had already gained control of the situation and Sabrina was charging him from behind when he reached turned around and shot her.
Avatar of @sams1999able
Nah I definitely wondered the whole time if they were lying or not. I mean, Andrew was right to be skeptical. They from the homophobic man hiding his true identity, the fact that tsunamis are a natural phenomenon and could be detected in advance, the plague literally being a common occurrence in history and having been studied by andrew and the fact that this could all of been prerecorded to follow their narative. I realize that it was real only when they showed the planes, but even then I thought well maybe the theory about a huge cyber attack could hold up?? I wasn’t sure! I mean it’s not like we would see the literal fire pits of hell open up, all these things could plausibly happen, except the planes maybe that’s a bit far fetched. Still, it kept me thinking the whole time. I mean the figure Erric saw could also be explained by his concussion and trauma. A delusion caused a very traumatic event fueled by the kidnappers rethoric
Avatar of Steven Whiting
Steven Whiting
7:50 Amazing how that footage was capture, on what we assume is the person's phone, that magically survives salt water and uploaded after they drown.
Avatar of Squiz
I wanted to watch this video, but the horrible voice impression for the dog was such a turn off
Avatar of E Smith
E Smith
Did it ever occur to you to make it clear that you plan to basically tell everything that happens in the movie and spoil it for everyone who has not yet seen it? Then you spoil it for those who have not read the book yet. Then you waste time with the silly dog. You talk too damn fast and don’t care about anything but clicks. You get No subscription and a thumbs down.
Avatar of ROARY1999
I honestly feel like you could call the apocalypse the twist of the movie since I genuinely never believed it was true
Avatar of Youtube Garbage
Youtube Garbage
I am so glad there are videos to explain obvious and basic stories.
Avatar of Loch
How are they all happy in the future after that shit?
Avatar of Brian
Had vibes of The Mist movie.
Avatar of MadLilPony
the twist was that there was no twist it was real
Avatar of Thor Bartzi
Thor Bartzi
All the horsemen were inverted versions of themselves except War?
Avatar of James Dickens
James Dickens
A biblical reference that I noticed was when the cabin burned. After the “sacrifice” was made, then everything should have been over, but the lightning struck and burned the cabin. I think this is a reference to the burnt offerings made in the temple. The offerings were first sacrificed, then burned on the alter.
Avatar of Neb Munb_SullustFavSon
Neb Munb_SullustFavSon
Something something Sabrina stabbed Eric in the side like JEEESUSSS
Avatar of Neb Munb_SullustFavSon
Neb Munb_SullustFavSon
M night's best twist, no twist. That's the twist. He used expectation to sew the feeling of tension all the way to the end, because everyone was waiting for it. Well, maybe not everyone. I guessed the twist might not happen in this one, and i was right. I bought the 4 horsemen case the entire time. Great acting.
Avatar of NtheKnife18
Andrew was so self absorbed and high on his own perceived victim hood. He openly said he would kill everyone on earth to save his partner. His hubris was nauseating.
Avatar of aznpanda510x
I would’ve left the tv on. Don’t believe me? There one in China too, Russia? Oh Hawaii. Where you from? I think they hitting San Francisco….. oh you’re to late, it under water now.
Avatar of •Bry Silverman
•Bry Silverman
beautiful music during the credists
Avatar of •Bry Silverman
•Bry Silverman
the twist is that the apoc is real
Avatar of Акита Север
Акита Север
It’s not a movie. It’s waist of my time

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