Knock at the Cabin ENDING EXPLAINED + Breakdown

Knock at the Cabin ENDING EXPLAINED + Breakdown

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Knock at the Cabin is M.Night Shyamalan’s latest bottle horror, with a non-twist ending that still needs explained. We break down the full movie, explain the horsemen, and what’s real.

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn ()
Hosted by Ryan Arey ()

#KnockAtTheCabin #EndingExplained

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Avatar of @Krillinish2
I finally watched this. It’s good.
Avatar of @tigtk421
As soon as they walked up to the cabin, I turned to my daughter and said, I bet that they're the four horseman of the apocalypse.
Avatar of @eldridgebrown3907
I just watched it and I really liked it. I was quite happy with Dave B's acting. I saw it similar to his character in Bladerunner 2049. Soft spoken, quiet, large and intimidating due to that size but really not wanting to hurt anyone. Like you I was waiting for the twist. And the twist was ... There is NO TWIST!!! Just Boogey Shoes. I felt everyone's acting was very good. Very good.
Avatar of @dogsigh
You can still drive a range rover with slashed tires.
Avatar of @rsz90182
You just narrated the film, you didn't really explain anything. Just like all these YouTubers are just copying each other and getting paid.
Avatar of @deliciamurugan2626
if this is truly biblical then m knight ... does not understand Christianity.. killing one to save many is not in line with what 10 commandments say - thou shall not kill! and the whole point of jesus sacrifice... sorry its piss poor, killing of a sacred dear far far better
Avatar of @juberel
I just saw the movie on streaming and i love it, the acting is superb
Avatar of @gardedog3902
People miss that daves character says their deaths (the invaders/4 horesman) bring on each plague... if they didnt die do the plagues happen?
Avatar of @wanda01141
I can't stand M Nights movies. They always make me so mad. They be so stupid and weak. Took me forever to try and watch this and not impressed as usual
Avatar of @undergroundsalmon2815
is it just me or has mid night shamalamadingdongs movies stopped having twists? this is like the third movie from him lately that doesnt have his usual twist to it
Avatar of @SconnerStudios
The majority of the film was really lame, but by the last third of the movie, it was really good. Glad I didn't stop watching it early on just because there was no super mega action. The ending was kind of sweet and sad too, both at the same time. And it was great that they gave representation to a gay couple without making it their personalities. We need more movies like this.
Avatar of @lightbear939
Why is no one pointing out the fact that they’re saying gays are the reason the world ended like sodom and Gomorrah. Baphomet os a Aphrodite or transsexual and that is whars being pushed on the world and innocent children. The movie isn’t about hero’s it’s about the problem…
Avatar of @heybrowhatup
Boy was this movie bad. This is on the bottom worst of M Knight's movies. An easy fix would've been to explain why these events were happening, why these 4 people were getting visions and why the gay guys were the chosen one's. There was a slight explanation by Leonard, but it wasn't enough.
Avatar of @joshuablalock8507
I cried so hard but it was a good movie
Avatar of @joshuablalock8507
I did not realize that was Rupert grint until you said that

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